Ola guys … This an interview with Akiane the child artist by Shawn and Paula. See how amazing the chemistry when God enthrone in Art.

Paula: It’s so good to be with you here

Akiane: Thank you!

Shawn: Tell us about what you are working on and what it is like painting these amazing pictures.

Akiane: When I start painting God is working through me, its just such an amazing feeling and new ideas come every minute, so I try to capture as many as I can on the canvas.

Shawn: How you get your paintings most of the time is that you have a vision like a movie playing before you and during the vision one single frame that you are supposed to paint comes to the front and you paint it.
Then you have visions that show you how to paint it, and when the visions begin to decrease you know you are almost done, is that how it works?

Akiane: Yes.

Paula: Do you remember the whole vision or just parts?

Akiane: Some of the things he shows me in the first vision I do remember but I am not allowed to tell. It is a secret between me and Him, but probably later in life I’ll tell.

Paula: Can you tell us the first encounter you had with Jesus?

Akiane: Of course! It all started when I was four years old and my mother was an atheist. In my home we didn’t do anything with God or the church. Then one day I had a vision of God where He started telling me about my life, my future events, and my family. I didn’t know who he was but I knew he was special. When I started talking to him he was so full of love and kindness. When I told my parents about it (the encounters) they were confused, but I started to tell them future events and then when they happened slowly by slowly they began to believe in me. He gave me an extreme gift of painting. At that time I started drawing faces, and then I drew my angel, then my mother. Then they started encouraging me (about the encounters and painting) and here I am today!

Shawn: How much time was it from the first time you were having visions to the first time your parents believed you?

Akiane: A few months before they got into it and began) believing me. At six I started using pastels and then oil and acrylics. I drew on walls, coffee cups, all over the place. My mom said “Stop it I will give you paper!”

Shawn: At the same time God gave you art He gave you poetry as well. You are recognized internationally as binary genius in Art and Poetry. When I read the poetry my mind went ‘tilt’ like a pinball machine and I had to read it over and over.

Akiane: Yes, some of the poetry goes with my painting like an inscription so people can understand them. Some poems I can’t understand yet. They are so big, such big meaning, I have to look up the words he gives me in the dictionary.

Shawn: So you are getting revelation for poems that even you don’t always understand yet?

Akiane: Yes, sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes a month, it just comes to me when God wants to talk to me.

Shawn: Is it same for the meaning of some of your paintings too?

Akiane: [giggles] yes

Paula: When we were in your art gallery with you and I stood in front of one your pictures, it was like layers of the anointing hit me. There was one painting that I just could have gone into and just get lost in so to speak. Can you tell us a heavenly encounter or one of your favorite encounters?

Akiane: All I can say is heaven is soooooo beautiful. It’s so huge and there are many different colors there. There is so much nature, so many flowers, animals, it’s so beautiful.

Shawn: So there are animals in heaven?

Akiane: OF COURSE!

Shawn: Like our pets?

Akiane: OF COURSE! Why do you think he gave them to you in the first place! They are part of your family!

Paula: At first you just so wanted to spend time with Jesus. What time would you wake up because you hardly slept right?

Akiane: Each time I go up to heaven it feels like an eternity there but it’s only a few hours down here. One story when I was around five years old I was literally missing, no one could find me. I was physically taken up to heaven. In Rolla Missouri the police were looking everywhere for me. I was there for around six hours. Then I appeared right in the middle of the room where they were with my family.

Shawn: You appeared in the room?

Akiane: Yes. The feeling that God took me up was so beautiful and so enormous. When I came down on earth and started talking to my parents about it that’s when they started to believe more and more.

Paula: Is that the time that Jesus and you first talked?

Akiane: Yes, we talked about my life and my future, you know just talk.

Shawn: Your mom said that she believes God had that dramatic of an experience because he wanted them as parents to know that He loves you and He are in control. She said that it was like laying Isaac on the alter. It was so dramatic talking to her about this experience! Onto another subject, these encounters have given you such a heart for the poor, tell us about that!

Akiane: One day I picked up a national geographic magazine and I saw these children and I asked my mom “What’s going on here?” Because I thought everyone was living in peace and love. She started to tell me about what is happening. Then I had a heart to help them. Now my paintings and books have a lot of proceeds that go to children around the world.

Shawn: That is so powerful. You told us that now many of your visions and encounters are about the poor and abandoned children.

Paula: Didn’t you give a picture recently for orphans?

Akiane: Yeah it is called Hope. Its a little girl on the hill of hope surrounded by cherry blossoms. I donated to Christy’s auction and that money goes to 200 charities around the world.

Paula: A child feeding children. This is so beautiful!

Akiane: Thank you [smiles]

Shawn: Tell us about your new book! It’s a book of poetry from what ages of your life?

Akiane: Seven to eleven years old, I didn’t get that far yet. I am publishing my third book actually but this is the newest one.

Shawn: It has your self portrait on it and you called it “My dream is bigger than I.”

Akiane: This is my book to put all my poems together, without it my poems would be all over my room and all over my house (looks and Shawn and Paula) you know how I am! I just decided to put it all in one book. The first time I wrote poetry started was I was assigned poetry for home schooling. It started out taking me like a week to do one sentence but now it takes just like three minutes to do like two pages. It comes effortlessly without me even trying. When I look back on it I say “Wow did I write that? God is really working through me now!” [laugh]

Paula: Tell us about your self portrait on the cover. I love this! (Paula looks at the cover).

Akiane: This is a self portrait of me and I blended myself in the universe and am painting and co creating with God. This is how I envision me and God creating together. Like when he creates a star, I take the color from that star and we work together. You can see the pallet is in the background. I am creating with God.

Shawn: This is one of the most meaningful paintings for me that you have done. You know me, I love all your paintings especially the space ones and creation ones. But I loved the theme that we don’t just help God create but we get to be co creators. You opened something up that not many people even think

Akiane: Thank you.

Shawn: I love that you love the Bible and have read it many times. What is your favorite scripture right now?

Akiane: All of them because there is too many that mean something to me right now.

Shawn: Almost every morning you spend hours with God until around nine AM and it has nothing to do with art or poetry. Tell us about that?

Akiane: Yes, each time feels like twenty years in just an hour or two. That’s what I love about it it makes me want to spend more time down there.

Paula: How often does he take you up to heaven?

Akiane: I can’t count it

Paula: Is it more then once a week?

Akiane: A lot, almost every day
Shawn and Paula: [gasp]

Paula: Our time is up, we don’t ever want to end this interview, but we thank you for this gift of time you’ve given us. We loved it!

Akiane: Thank you! [They all hug]•

Wowww, yeah! common guys praise the Lord!!! Get ready 3X He is coming to art, and He can use U …

At below u can read Akiane poem …

While clocks ignore eternity
tumbled by stones we tighten up zeros—
Impatient endurance is not growth

If we want to judge the world—
every thought and message
needs to be heard

Each light wave contains an unopened life
with a choice—
between today’s reality or eternity

Let us not tamper with eternity
by ruining the only sample of life
given for our happiness
Eons of knowledge
remember our each breath
for the soul is the priceless treasure

We do not live for death
But neither does an eternity live just for us—
The eternal terms never waiver

Maybe the only reason
and the only way for us
to know God’s mind is time

– Akiane Kramarik

© 2006 Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik
An internationally recognized 12-year-old prodigy, considered the only known child binary
genius, in both realist painting and poetry.
She is the author of two books “Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry” and the newly
published “My Dream is Bigger than I – Memories of Tomorrow” a collection of her poetry.


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