My Fear Shall Laugh!

By Chuck D. Pierce

We are living in interesting times. These days seem like dangerous times, when, actually, they are times when the Lord is developing His men and women of faith who will rule and take dominion. Recently I heard the Lord say the following: “Do not be afraid to walk that high wire that I have put you on. I have stretched the wire tight and it will not lag. If you will walk across the place that seems too high and deep, I will extend My Hand, steady your walk, and get you to the other side. Not only should you walk on the high wire, but dance, and you will begin to overthrow that which has been ruling you in the heavens. Do not be afraid to dance in the high place. Dance across that place that looks deep and ominous and this will be known as your ‘leap of faith.’ You will enter into a realm of boldness and confidence that you have never known. Do not look down and do not look back. Keep your head up for your redemption is drawing nigh. Look forward. I am calling you to stand on a new platform and in a new place. There is a sound of drawing and there is a sound of purifying, for this is a time when I am drawing My people to Me. I am preparing you for that place where you will stand, and stand uncompromisingly. You will begin to move near Me. Feel and sense My fragrance in a way you’ve never sensed Me before. You will become a fragrance in the earth realm, and where death is working, you will begin to create a new smell. Come forth! In the midst of the decay of your past, I will cause fallow ground to be broken up and flowers to bloom. Draw near and you will blossom this hour.”

While I was speaking this word, my thought was, “So many are afraid of heights; being on a tightrope, or connecting and walking through a narrow place, creates anxiety”. Linda Heidler shared the following after I released the word:“When I used to go to Pioneer Girls camp with Lindy, they had a high ropes course. It went about 40 feet up into the trees. Before you started up, they strapped you into a harness so that you could not fall. The first part of the course was to climb a giant web of rope up to the first platform. From there you walked across a series of tightropes, each one taking you higher. Each level had a different kind of support rope for you to hold onto. There were small platforms between the levels of ropes. If you kept your focus on the next platform, it was very easy to walk across the rope. If you looked at your feet or the ground, you would lose your balance. If you looked back, your feet would miss the rope as you tried to take your next step forward.There were people to assist you at each platform who would give you instructions, and encourage you to just keep moving and to not look down. If you kept focused on them and followed their instructions, it was really fun to keep going higher.”

Fear is an interesting emotion. One of the greatest fears that is known to man is fear of the dark. When the time came for the Lord to liberate His people and press them out of bondage and into their promise, He sent a plague of darkness upon those holding them in bondage. In the plague of darkness, God demonstrated His power over the sun. The sun was Egypt’s greatest symbol of worship. Pharaoh was considered the incarnate of the Sun-god Ra. Therefore, this plague showed that the One True God, Jehovah, had power over Light and was Himself — Light! This demonstration of the Lord’s power brought great confusion to the world system of that day. However, those who trusted in God were secure. But this brought great fear to those aligned with darkness.

This is a year that the Lord is sending a heavenly sword to us in the midst of the confusion of the world around us! This Sword of His word gives us confidence and equips us to “cut through” into the next stage of our life. As God’s people, we need to be filled with new strength and joy. We need to learn to laugh at our enemies and the confusion around us. As we experience a sense of laughter, abounding joy, and the power of barrenness and drought being broken from our spheres of authority, we should wear a garment of praise for the principalities and powers to see. These structures should be like the Canaanites were, when they awaited the Israelites’ taking of the Promised Land. In Joshua 2: 9-12, Rahab told the spies, “As soon as we heard of these things (the testimony of the Red Sea crossing 40 years prior) our hearts melted and neither did there remain any more courage in anyone….” We are dangerous creatures with great authority in the earth realm. When we are filled with God we should not fear, but proceed with confidence into the destiny that He planned for us before the foundation of the earth. This is a time that we need to exercise boldness.

There is a great advantage that Light has over darkness. The Holy Spirit is a witness to the Light and gives revelation on breaking the power of darkness around us. Therefore we do not need to be afraid of the dark! Decree any curse that has been spoken and set against you will be overturned. Declare the bitter will become sweet. Shout, “My Fear shall Laugh!” This is a month to celebrate! Declare deliverance from any deep hidden grief. Ask the Lord for joy and laughter to arise in your emotions. Declare your emotions are healed and restored.

Throughout the Word of God, we find these two words: “FEAR NOT!” Fear is a powerful, unpleasant feeling associated with risk or danger. This emotion can be real or imagined. The emotion of fear is a defensive response to a stimulus that has entered the atmosphere around us. This emotion serves as a motivation to escape to a place of safety. Fear is a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence of danger. Fear can become a way of life if we anxiously anticipate all kinds of dangers that could overtake us. Fear that is integrated into our reasoning faculties can produce great confusion in our lives. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.” Fear can torment an individual and make them feel powerless, paralyzed and alone. Fear comes in many shapes and forms. Fear causes an alertness to arise with in our soul. This a wonderful emotion if it is under the control of Holy Spirit. If not, the spirit of fear begins to control us and vex our spirit man, with a resulting loss in power as well as demonic infiltration.

Fear is based on something that we think may happen in the future. When we create scenarios in our mind that are not from hearing the voice of God, the grinding mental process that occurs within us causes a friction in our soul that eventually results in many physical weaknesses and infirmities. Prophecy prepares us for the future, because the voice of God produces faith. Fear is the opposite of love and negates the working of faith. Fear is a projection of our mind and reasoning that brings us into enmity with the God who created us, sent His son to redeem us, and gave us eternal victory over death. The greatest of fears seems to be the fear of death. Hebrews 2:14-15 says that when our love is pure, all spirits of fear are bound from operating within our soul.

Fear has a progression that leads to a downward spiral. Once one fear begins, that fear connects with countless scenarios that lead us into captivity – producing a lack of joy and a loss of peace. Here is an example:

The fear of falling causes us to constantly be unsure of the steps we are taking. If we begin to fall, another fear of injury comes upon us. The fear abandonment is initiated because we are never sure anyone will be there to catch us. In our fear of injury, we develop anxiety over how and who will take of us. We then have a fear of the future, over how our supply and provision will come. Fear leads to despair and desolation, and eventually our faith is completely overcome and undone.

Fear can be one of the most addicting of all emotions because of the release of the adrenaline rush and chemical flood that occurs in our body. However, in welcoming repeated adrenaline rushes we grow unaware of the stress that this spirit produces on our organs. Eventually, fear can be like a drug that we must have to live and cope with the changing society around us.

Fear can have benefits. The reverential fear that there is Someone greater than us, whom we can worship and adore, leads to wisdom and action. When we receive warnings by Holy Spirit, we become alert in dangerous situations. This causes us to walk even through minefields with confidence. As we rely upon the power of God and His revealed purpose in our lives, we will receive grace to overcome any strategy of hell that has entered our atmosphere. To develop our true identity, we must overcome fear (Is. 41). Your identity in the Lord gives you authority. Guard yourself from idolatry. Begin to change your wardrobe – both spiritually and physically!

This is a time to laugh! (Eccl. 3:4) Enjoy a time of recreation in the midst of the war you are facing! Rejoice, be amused, and laugh at your enemies. Leap like a deer on the mountains of your resistance. Many of you are being positioned to uncover the plan of the enemy. Others of you are being positioned to be the connecting point to overthrow the enemy. I am praying that any plot of the enemy to try and stop the covenant blessings of your inheritance from coming forth in your life would be revealed. Find your divine connections and overthrow the enemy’s plan! Don’t look down, don’t look back, keep your head up, keep moving forward, and dance on the tightrope (have fun). Set your face like a flint and move forward. May your communication be clear and precise. May you be filled with courage and boldness. One of the best verses to shout is, “The Lord will make my feet like hinds’ feet.” I declare that you will skip and jump on the mountains of the circumstances in our lives. Decree that your fortunes can increase and become strong. This is the time that joy must increase so we are propelled into a season of deliverance. Isaac, Abraham’s son of promise, was a son of laughter that brought great joy and fulfillment. Isaac prospered, continued prospering, and greatly prospered (Gen 26:13). I declare that your promises will come forth and you will rejoice.

This is a time for decrees that have been set against you to be broken. At the beginning of the year when we were worshipping at Starting the Year Off Right in Denton, I heard the Spirit of God say: “There is an intense period of prayer and fasting coming to the Body. Ten days of travail will come upon my people in March. This period will be your shifting time for the season of revival that is now upon you. This will be a period of removal. This will be a period of restoration. This will be a period of preparing the way and setting the course for the future. This will be a time to go through narrow, confining places in your life. By pressing through the confining places, I will begin to define your future. I will remove weakness, infirmity, and that which has bent you over and kept you from advancing in the past. This will open the door for spiritual BREAKTHROUGH – even doors that have been sealed tight. Do not fear the intensity of this time in your life but receive My strengthening. I will remove religious spirits that are stopping My Kingdom from advancing. This is a time for your enemies to be fully defined, and strategy developed for their exposure and overthrow.”

This is a time for faith to arise in the midst of the curses that would try to rob your future. Know that your deliverance is forming. In Exodus 1 we find the Pharaoh had an anti-Semitic heart. His goal was to destroy all of Israel by removing the male children that would be the future leaders of Israel. His decree that every newborn son be cast into the river resulted in a death curse on the wombs of the Hebrew mothers. The astrologers of Egypt thought that the deliverer of the Jewish people would suffer misfortune through water (The Book of Our Heritage, Volume Two: Adar – Nisan, Feldheim Publishers, 1996, p 358). That is why, I believe, Pharaoh decided to have all the newborn boys thrown into the water. Moses was God’s prophetic choice to redeem Israel. His mother redeemed this death curse by trusting God and placing her son in the water. Distrust is projected fear. Trusting in God is one way that you overthrow a curse. A key to Moses’ life was that he was ordained as a prophet from birth. Even though his insecurity would tell him he could not speak, God had ordained him as a prophet. The faith of Moses’ mother and father that worked through love for their son would eventually result in delivering all of Israel. This faith would also give Moses authority to split the sea for the escape of God’s people. Moses would also receive the Law that would set the commandments and boundaries for mankind. There are new boundaries for you to obtain this season. Let the prophetic gift arise in you. Let a new level of deliverance begin.

Now is a time to:
• Declare that any root of depression and despair break. I suggest a fruit and vegetable diet for 3 days.
• Bind any confused communication or miscommunication. Declare your words and expressions will be clear.
• Ask the Lord to remove your worry and anxiety over supply. This is the month to overturn worry through the release of supply. Declare that you will find your supply in “hidden” dimensions.

This is a time to laugh! Mount up and be at your strongest peak. Declare anything that is robbing your joy will be detected and removed. Declare that you will be stronger by mid-March than you were at the beginning of the month. Read Exodus 23 and Isaiah 40. Wait for the Lord’s saving grace to be released in a new way, and divine judgment to work against your enemies.



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