2nd No Gay

Part 2 The Truth about Homosexuality

By Apostle John Eckhardt

(Transcribed from a Message Preached at Crusaders Church)

Romans 12:1 How many have this verse memorized? If you were raised in Holiness it’s a scripture that required memorization. In 1978, almost 30 years ago, I became a member of this church and our Pastor had us memorize scriptures. This was and is an important verse to memorize because it shows us the importance of what to do with our bodies. Some people feel they can do what they want with their bodies, that it is their business. This verse tells us the importance of the body. The verse says, “I beseech ye therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service. This verse tells us that you give your body as a living sacrifice, that God accepts it as a sacrifice. This connects your body with worship.

Unfortunately we have an agenda in America. I call it the homosexual agenda that in 1972 the platform of the Gay rights movement states alerted the American people of where this issue was headed. The agenda included a program of sweeping changes to virtually all the basic institutions of society. The following objectives were included in the list of demands announced by the Gay and Lesbian task force during their march in Washington in 1993.

1. Implementation of homosexual, bisexual and transgender curriculum at all levels of education. In other words they want this to be taught to all school children.

2. Lowering the age of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex.

3. The legalization of homosexual marriages.

4. Custody of children, adoption and foster care rights for homosexuals, lesbians and transsexual persons.

5. The redefinition of family to include the full diversity of all structured families.

6. Access to all programs of the Boy Scouts of America.

7. Affirmative action for homosexuals.

8. The inclusion of sex change operations under a universal health care plan.

In other words they want the taxpayers to pay for transsexual operations. This is taken from the agenda by Lewis P. Sheldon. I quote another section of this book. When writer and researcher, Tony Marco analyzed the scope of the homosexual assault on American culture, he prepared a list of things that parents can expect if Gay activist get their request

1. Schools will be forced to hire openly homosexual teachers and teach children in all subject areas that homosexuality is a normal and attractive behavior.

2. Employees will be forced to value homosexual behavior or they will lose their jobs.

3. College students will be forced to value homosexual behavior or be suspended from their schools.

4. Landlords will be forced to rent to homosexuals, therefore subsidizing and protecting behaviors that the landlord and other renters may consider unhealthy and perverse.

5. Churches and religious ministries will be forced against their strongly held beliefs to hire practicing homosexuals to staff positions. Furthermore, they can be threatened by criminal action and loss of their tax exempt status for preaching against homosexual behavior. In other words if a preacher states that homosexual behavior is immoral and is a sin, that preacher can be charged with a hate crime.

6. Taxpayers and consumers will be forced to take responsibility for the bill for spousal benefits for homosexual domestic partners, including such things as lower tax rates and comprehensive insurance coverage not only for illnesses but for elective sex change operations.

I want to talk about the homosexual agenda because our nation is under attack from individual that not only want to cause all of us to accept homosexuality but to also to force their belief upon society and to make you feel that if you disagree with homosexual behavior that you are homophobic, that you are intolerant and a bigot. If you have a strong conviction from the Word of God concerning sexual sin, I am not implying that homosexuality is the only sexual sin in the Bible. Fornication and adultery which are heterosexual sins are just as condemned by God as Homosexuality. We are talking about homosexuality, but not to focus on homosexuals and condemn them. We believe that homosexuals can be saved and delivered. I mentioned last week, in the book by Peter Gnomes, many theology schools are teaching that if you are a homosexual that God made you that way and that if God made you that way you cannot change and that God will not condemn the homosexual behavior. They have even come up with a homosexual gene to say that homosexuality is a genetic problem. That if you are a homosexual, you can not change, that you don’t need to change. They teach that homosexual activity is ordained and condoned by God. Any preacher or any theology school that would teach that is a church or school that has a form of Godliness but denies the power thereof. Everyone here had to be delivered from something. I am a former drug addict, so I know how drugs can hold your life, but I got delivered. I didn’t say I was born a drug addict, I didn’t say I couldn’t change. I got delivered and for almost thirty years I have not touched another drug. God’s power can set you free. We believe in the power of God.

In some of the books I’ve read, the question comes up “Do you believe that homosexuals are demon possessed?” In a book by Peter Hobson called Sex, Demons and Morality. It’s a very good book. Peter Hobson has a deliverance ministry in Australia. He maintains that homosexuals are no more demonized than people who are demonized heterosexuals. It’s just a matter of having demons in your life. Some books say that all homosexuals do not have demons. Being in deliverance, we understand that if you are engaged in any sexual immorality, whether it’s fornication or adultery, homosexuality or lesbianism there are demons in your life. There is no way that you can practice sin and not open the doors for demons in come into your life.

We believe in the power of deliverance and that every person who has lived a lifestyle of homosexuality or lesbianism does need deliverance. We believe that these are spirits in people that cause them to act out in perverse ways. I like what this author says, let me read to you concerning demons in individuals that are practicing homosexuality or practicing lesbianism. He says this; a homosexual may be no more demonized than others with problems of heterosexual lust, gluttony, anger, fear, greed, violence, depression, self pity, drugs, alcohol etc, etc, therefore should be approached with the same Love of Christ as any other sinner. If a person comes and says they are homosexual and I need deliverance, they should be looked at differently. This is a person who needs deliverance like any other individual. You should love them. Obviously, he continues, for a man to have female characteristics to the point where he is sexually attracted to other men suggests that an invasion of his soul by a controlling female style spirit has taken place. Similarly, when a woman is sexually attracted to other women in the manner of a male, it is safe to assume that her soul, instincts and emotions has been invaded by a controlling male type spirit. These are the basic principles but of course things could get much more complicated. I will recommend a book by John Duncan called Deliverance of Homosexuality; he is a former homosexual who was delivered and set free. One thing that I have learned is that homosexuals live in a culture of homosexuality. They live in their own world so when they come to the house of God, it may take some time for them to get free from all the cultural bondages, because homosexuality is not just a sin it can be a lifestyle.

When you’re in the World and in sin you are in a culture. Every group of sinners has a certain culture. If you’re in a gang, there’s a gang culture. The way they talk and dress, live and act. There are many sub cultures, if you are involved in a Gay lifestyle if you are around homosexuals, Gay and lesbian people you live in a world or culture. When you come into the Church, you must learn a new culture, the culture of the Kingdom of God. What we have in this Church is a culture, when you get saved and come into the church you begin to learn a new culture. We have a certain way we talk, we worship, we sing, we prophesy, we cast out devils. We dance and shout and we just have a certain culture. When you live in this kind of culture and you get around unsaved people they don’t understand you. They don’t understand our culture and they don’t understand your language. We use Biblical words, we live a certain kind of way, there’s a church culture a Kingdom culture that you get used to. There is a drug culture. If you involved with drugs you will find yourself with other people who use drugs. They have their own culture, they talk a certain way, they dress a certain way, they live a certain way and have a lifestyle.

Sin can become so rooted in your life until it becomes cultural. One of the hardest things to do is to break people free, not only from sin but from a culture of sin. All of us have a certain culture. We are raised a certain way, your background, whether you are a Hispanic, African American, African, Indian, whether you are European or Arabic. All of these different groups of people have a certain culture. If a person is Islamic they have a way they dress they have way they pray and talk. When you come of that lifestyle or culture and you come into the church, you must learn an entire new culture. It takes time to do that. They walk you talk and live and things you do and places you go, they places you don’t go, it’s a culture. Often we don’t understand that the difficulty of the homosexual getting delivered is that sometimes it takes time. They are not only coming out of a certain sin, but they are coming out of a culture. When they come into the church there’s a culture of holiness. There’s a culture that says you can’t do whatever you want to do with your body. There’s a culture that says you can’t sleep with anybody. There’s a culture that says you walk a certain way and talk a certain way. You carry yourself a certain way. Many homosexuals have feminine traits and characteristics and sometimes it’s so ingrained in them that they can get saved and still has these characteristics. If we’re not careful we’ll judge them and say you are still a homosexual because you have feminine attributes. Sometimes they have to learn how to fall out of agreement with those attributes. When we deal with homosexuals, we point out, you can’t walk like that, you can’t hold your hand like a certain way you can’t wear that kind of clothing. We are not judging you but we are telling you that’s a lifestyle that have spirits associated with it. What demon don’t just into people, demons affect an entire lifestyle. You can have demons so long in your life that you begin to act and think like the demon spirit that is in you. It can affect the way you talk and even the way you look. You can begin to change in your physical appearance because of demon spirits in your life.

We have to be very careful that we love homosexuals when they come to Christ. When we work with them and pray for them and they begin to fall out of agreement with those spirits and come into a Kingdom culture and they good news is there is hope. There is deliverance for any person, no matter what they’ve been involved in. They can be set free by the power of God.

Any of you who have been in the church three to five years will have a culture. You talk a certain way, praise the Lord, Hallelujah, God bless you and thank you Jesus. You speak in tongues. That’s a culture. Not everybody raises their hands and worship God or speak in tongues. Everybody doesn’t prophesy and cast out devils and bind devils when they see them. That’s just the way we talk other people may look at us as if we were crazy. Because they don’t understand you, it’s difficult to understand cultures that are not like yours. As you travel the nations and go to different places and different parts of the world there are different cultures. People think and act differently. For instance when you go to India and get off the plane there is a big group of people there to meet you. In America when we have a guest speaker we send our driver to pick you up. In India there is a whole big group to meet you. They do a ceremony, they are a ceremonial people. So put all these garlands on you. I will never forget getting off the plane in Southern India and it was hot and there I am, hot and they have a whole committee greeting you when you come to the airport. They put about a hundred garlands on me. I was so warm, they were wearing me down and in my mind, I was saying please end this ceremony, I was ready to go the hotel, I was tired I wanted to get some rest before I preach. But that’s their culture, they are very ceremonial people. When I went to India the last time they were setting off fireworks. First time anyone ever set off fireworks for me. They were shooting rockets in the air. I was so amazed that they would do all that for me. Because they are ceremonial people, that’s their culture.

So, homosexuals have a culture. One of the things we need to understand about homosexuality, let’s look at Proverbs 6:12, this is a very interesting verse of Scripture. We need to deal with homosexuality not just outside the church but in the church. One of the reasons homosexuality is a problem is some churches is because if a church does not practice deliverance and doesn’t believe in the power of God, they won’t know what to do with a person who has homosexual tendencies. So they allow them to practice in the church, hoping they will change. When the problem is demonic, we need supernatural deliverance. Let’s read this verse. Verse 12, a naughty person, a wicked man, walks with a forward mouth. Verse 13, he winks with his eyes, he speaks with his feet, he teaches with his fingers. Perversity is in his heart, he devises mischief continually and he sows discord.

This is a testimony of John Duncan, concerning this verse, he is a former homosexual that received deliverance and was set free. He said the homosexual talks with his feet, his hands and with his eyes. This is how homosexuals identify one another on the streets, in a crowd or wherever they may be. Two homosexuals in a room full of people can silently proposition one another and walk out together without others suspecting that they are about to have a relationship. In other words, homosexuals have a way of identifying each other. You can be in a crowd and two homosexuals can locate each other. It is demonic because there are certain things that they do and certain signs that they have to identify each other. That’s why if you are a homosexual and you come into a church and there are homosexuals in that church it won’t be long until you find out who they are. Don’t be quiet on me. I may not be talking to you I may be talking with someone sitting right next to you.

This is what John Duncan says, I’m going to read from the top, the homosexual world has coded hidden language all its own. Homosexuals communicate with signs. What are those signs? How can they be learned and recognized? I am convinced that the devil desires and encourages this hidden language because even when the signs change, homosexuals are aware of the changes. The tragedy is that every sign that the homosexual community has adopted in dress, the heterosexual world subsequently has picked up as a fashionable dress code. That’s why I tell people you have to be careful what you adopt from the world. As a matter of fact most designers of women’s and men’s clothing are either homosexuals or lesbians. Some people will say it doesn’t make any difference what you wear. The way you dress is a signal. Most young people today, the rappers when they don’t wear belts and their pants hang down here (mid thigh). Many don’t know that it comes from the prison system because prisoners could not wear belts. So then they are adopting a prison culture and walking around with your pants falling down. Now it’s fashionable for your underwear to show. I tell my children to put a belt on. They won’t walk around looking like they are in prison because they saw something on a rap video. Put your pants up, no one wants to see your pants hanging down to their knees and some can hardly walk. That’s not cool, that’s dumb and it’s stupid. We can’t just embrace everything that comes along as a fashion statement. Not knowing that it carries a certain spirit. The last you need to have is your pants falling down. You need to do your best to keep your pants up and keep it zipped up. Let me say that again to the young men, keep your pants up and keep them zipped up before you’re on the Maury show taking a blood test.

Duncan continues, one example of dress code is that in the 1950’s homosexuals wore white socks, that was a sign. Then the straight world started to wear white socks, so the homosexual was forced to change that particular style. Duncan continues in his book the homosexual talks with his hands, feet and his eyes. This is how homosexuals identify each other on streets in crowds or wherever they may be. Two homosexuals may be in a room full of people can silently proposition one another and walk out together without anyone suspecting they are about to engage in a relationship. When I began to search for truth, the Lord brought this passage in Proverbs to my attention and I saw that my deceptive ways were known to God. During the years that I was active in the homosexual community another common sign of identification among us was the way we wore keys on our belts. The male would wear his keys on the left side and the female would wear his keys on the right side. Check your keys. Listen to this one, when earrings became popular. A homosexual would broadcast his lifestyle by wearing an earring in his right ear. Again, the straight would pick up the vogue of earrings so the homosexuals dropped that particular sign. Yet another sign was the wearing of a bandana handkerchief, this sign was mad useless when it was taken up by the straight world. Since I am out of the homosexual world for years, I am no longer aware of the signs now in use among homosexuals. I chose not to even know their signs. That’s from the book, “Deliverance from Homosexuality, by John Duncan.”

The point is that if you are a homosexual another homosexual will find you because it is demonic. It can be seen and identified by other homosexuals. What happens is demons people can actually locate the demons in other people. There is a demonic attraction. It’s the same thing that happens with molesters they can look at a crowd of children and pick out the ones that are the most vulnerable. They can even spot the children that have homosexual tendencies. It’s like a demonic mark that is on people that can be seen and we need to protect ourselves from the spirit of homosexuality it is a very perverse, unclean spirit. Most homosexuals suffer from rejection. Any lifestyle that is rejected by God you will automatically have a spirit of rejection in your life.

Number one, God rejects homosexuality he rejects it in His Word. A homosexual has a spirit of rejection and when you have a spirit of rejection you’re always looking for someone to accept you. You have to somehow prove that you are acceptable. This is the whole motive behind the homosexual movement. Because many people reject that lifestyle and when you become a homosexual not only are you rejected by God but society will begin to reject it as well because most societies understand that this is not normal behavior and there’s nothing worse than the feeling of rejection. Every one of us needs to be accepted and loved. When you feel rejected, you’re full of hurt and pain and you are full of pride and get involved in bitterness and anger. So the whole homosexual movement today is a movement that wants America and the church to accept their behavior as normal. The behavior has to be rejected. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love the person. The root of rejection is a strong root. When you feel rejected you look for sexual love to feel accepted. Most people who get involved in sexual perversion whether it’s fornication, adultery or homosexuality are really trying to overcome rejection. They are trying to get love to ease the rejection and the problem is that no matter how many times or how many partners you have sex with, it doesn’t cure rejection because rejection is a demon.

How do young men become homosexuals? I am talking primarily about homosexuals now. Most often people will say it’s because of a Jezebel spirit in the mother. There is some truth to that. One of the major reasons why young men grow up to be homosexuals is because of the father. Fathers who don’t love their sons, who don’t show them affection or hug their sons and don’t tell their sons “I love you”, can position their sons for homosexuality. God has put the father as the male image in that young boys’ life. The reason we have so many homosexuals today is because the break up of the family. God ordained for a man and a woman to be married and to have children. God ordained for both the father and mother to love that child. Every child needs the feminine love of a mother and the masculine love of a father. It brings balance in your life. That means when you get married, you will know how to treat a woman because you had a mother who loves you and when you get married you know how to be a man because you had a man that loved you. All of us need both male and female love in our lives. That doesn’t mean that if your father wasn’t there that you become a homosexual and I’m not saying that if your father didn’t hug you that you are automatically a homosexual. I believe homosexuality is a choice. I believe you can be tempted at a young age. If you yield to that it can become a lifestyle and it becomes demonic and you can find yourself involved in that lifestyle. Many young men do become homosexuals, because fathers, we have to learn to hug our sons. There is nothing wrong with hugging your son. That is not being a sissy; it is not being homosexual if you hug your son. I love and hug my sons today and they are taller than I am. I grab my boys and hug them and kiss them. Sometimes they don’t want me to kiss them and they push away but I bind the devil and loose love on them. I love and hug them any way and I do it because they are my sons. Young men need the love of a father. The problem today is that we don’t have enough fathers.

I am going to read this from the book by “Alton Williams, titled The Closet Door has Swung Open”. The role of the American pulpit, church can not approve or condone the Gay lifestyle. Nor should the church encourage their involvement in Christian service and ministry as unrepented sinners in the life of the church. Also the church can not act like the homosexual problem does not exist. The problem should be addressed in an honest, realistic, loving and understanding manner. God does not desire to see anyone held captive by this sin. His Power, Grace and anointing is sufficient to bring victory to individuals who are willing to humble themselves to Him in this area. The church must take the initiative demonstrating this message of love to the homosexual. We must speak the truth in love according to Ephesians 4:15. When the acceptance of homosexuality begins to increase in a society, this is a sign that a nation is beginning to deviate from the knowledge of God. Homosexuality is beginning to be viewed as an accepted lifestyle from some Christians that are Biblically ignorant. People wink at it with attitudes and statements such as “he is just like that, he can’t help it”, “Girl, get a Gay man and he can be your best friend”. Let me say this about homosexuality, one of the problems is that if you are a homosexual and have homosexual spirits in your life and you don’t get deliverance and you think that marrying a woman it’s going to go away, I’m here to tell you it will not go away.

There are many homosexual men who feel that if I can just get a female and marry her maybe this problem will go away. So they marry a female they may remain faithful for a few years or months, then they find themselves back into homosexuality. Now you have two problems, not only are you engaging in sin but you’re hurting the person you married. There are many females today who marry men that have homosexual spirits. Sometimes the female knows that the man has homosexual spirits but she feels that once I get him, he won’t want anyone else. I’m going to lay it on him brother. Women don’t be fooled. That’s why it’s important that you marry a man whose been delivered from homosexual spirits. Many problems can arise; he can bring home a disease that can infect you. Then both of you get sick and what can happen is you get angry at God and you become bitter and you ask God , why did You let this happen? God allowed you to make your choice. The fact is you need deliverance. That’s why it’s important to get deliverance before you get into a relationship. You don’t want this to come up years down the road.

I had a young lady in this church that married a young man that was a former homosexual. He was saved, she was married and four or five children and then he was finally honest and said, I just can’t do it anymore and left her for a man. Left her with the children and your heart breaks because when you try to tell the female not to do it, they are convince that God told them or they received a prophetic word. They think you are trying to stop them from getting married. I wish everyone could have all the desires of their hearts and to marry. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m married. Thank God I’m married, but the fact is that if you’re not careful you can set yourself up for a lot of heartache and hurt. That’s why it’s important for you to have discerning of spirits because sometimes these demons can hide. But when you discern you can look in the eye and see that there is something here. I don’t care how much they shout and dance and speak in tongues. You need discernment so you won’t become attached with a person that may end up hurting you. Often, it’s not that the person purposefully marries you to hurt you. They may really feel that if they marry they can overcome this. I’m not saying the person is wicked or evil, often they are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and love God but they don’t get delivered and walk through this and get purged out so those tendencies are still there. Then when you get married they end up hurting you. Not because they want to but because of the fact that they were not delivered and there is such a demonic pull that brings them back into that lifestyle. That’s why we need deliverance and the Power of God.

We need more today than ever before. Churches that do not have deliverance are not going to be able to affectively minister in the twenty first century. We are dealing with too many people who come out of homosexuality and drug addiction lifestyles. Lesbian lifestyles and violent lifestyles and have so much baggage when they come into the church. You need to have deliverance teams. I don’t care how many times you baptize them or lay hands on them or if they come to Sunday school or Bible class and listen to preaching, if you don’t have the ministry of casting out demons, then these devils can destroy their lives. We need deliverance for the testimony of the church. This is what has happened our churches have lost their testimony. The world looks at us and they say, you talk about homosexuality but you have just as many in your church so how can you say anything to us? The reason they know they are in the church is because they go out with some of them that are in the church. They go to nightclubs with the ones’ that are in the church. Here we are trying to preach salvation to the world and tell them to repent. They are looking at us thinking, look at you, you have homosexuals in the choir, preaching from the pulpit and you have homosexuals in the church and you can say that I need to repent? No, unless we get some deliverance and some holiness in the church there is no way we can tell the world to repent of anything. Then you have churches that believe that people do not have demons. You don’t believe in the Power of God. You don’t cast out devils, you have preachers that preach and don’t cast out demons. What kind of preacher are you? Jesus preached, healed the sick and cast out devils. The twelve disciples preached, healed the sick and cast out devils. The 70 disciples preached and healed the sick and cast out devils. Before Jesus went to heaven He said he that believes and is baptized shall be saved, he that believes not shall be damned. These signs shallow follow them that believe in my Name shall they cast out devils, these shall speak with new tongues they shall lay hands on the sick they shall pick up serpents. We need the Power of God today more than ever before.

We need to love homosexuals but we need to provide deliverance for them. We will pray for you and work with you and minister to you, we’ll cast the demons out of you, the spirits of guilt and shame and rejection and fear, lust and perversion and homosexuality and lesbianism and anger and bitterness and every other thing that operates in your life. We will put you on this alter and cast these things out of you and you can be set free. When you get free you can set others free. There is hope for the homosexuality there is hope for the lesbian. If you struggle with these spirits, come to this alter, tell God to help you. The Bible says that whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be delivered, shall be saved. Call upon Him, His Name is Powerful enough to set you free.

How can the church with the homosexual problem in America? They are no longer in the closet. The high-school my sons go to have a Gay day. This is in public high school. A day where they can wear t- shirts they read, “If you’re Gay, it’s O.K with me”. In my day this was hidden, now it’s open. There’s no hiding, they are proud to tell you that they are Gay. They let you know upfront. They get on television and promote it. We have Rosie O’Donnell who promotes this lifestyle. They are not just after adults they are after your children. Because the problem is as a homosexuality is they can’t reproduce, so the way to reproduce is to recruit. They want our sons and daughters to believe it’s an acceptable lifestyle. My daughter who is at DePaul, a catholic school. She is taking a course on human sexuality where two transgender people came to the class and talked with them. Men who have had sex changes and are now women. One was Caucasian and the other was African American, my daughter is one of the only African Americans in the class when they came into the class and spoke of their lifestyle. My daughter was stunned and could not believe how they were allowed to promote this lifestyle. The African American person addressed my daughter who was evidently shocked and said to her, this is not usually accepted in our communities as it is in the Caucasian communities and I can see my sister is having a hard time with this and he asked her what she thought. My daughter said, “Girl, you don’t want to know what I think about this”. The teacher became upset because my daughter called him girl, but that’s what he wants to be. This is a catholic school that is promoting transgender lifestyles. They think we need to be open and tolerant, this is a catholic school. A school that is supposed to believe in the Bible, but now has courses where they promote homosexual and transgender lifestyles. I told my daughter to ask the professor to invite me to the class. She said no daddy, you’ll talk about demons and they will look at you like you’re crazy. This is being promoted to our children. So if a child has any homosexual tendencies, homosexuals can influence them to yield to it and that it is o.k. Instead of resisting they permit this lifestyle. You have to resist some things, because you feel like killing some one does not mean we yield to it. You resist because you can reason and see yourself with a prison ministry and determine that’s not what you want. You can’t just do whatever comes to your mind. You have to resist some things. We all have to resist things. If someone gives you extra change, you give a ten dollar bill and they give you change for a hundred, you don’t walk away and say money cometh. The homosexual lifestyle is unnatural against nature. It’s against God’s created order. When you begin to rebel against the created order, the created order will begin to rebel against you. You can not rebel against the laws of creation and expect creation to bless you. God put this earth together to be a blessing to us. He put the water and gold and silver and oil he put the riches he put the plants and crops He put everything on the Earth to be a blessing to man. When you begin to rebel against God created order, god’s created order will begin to rebel against you. What was meant as a blessing for you will end up being a curse to you. You can not rebel against God’s created order and expect that creation to bless you when you are rebelling. Then you wonder why everything is going wrong.

God made man to have dominion over every living thing, let them be fruitful and multiply but when you rebel against God’s created order, God’s created order will not be a blessing to you. You end up living under a curse. I am on this Earth and as long as I am on this Earth I want the Earth to respond to me. I want the ground to bring forth fruit for me. I want the sun and the moon to be a blessing to me. I don’t want to be under the full moon at midnight howling. I don’t want the moon to smite me. The sun will not smite me by day or the moon by night. It will be a blessing to me. The Earth was created to be a blessing to us. But you have to walk in God’s order. God has an order. He created the Earth with an order. Summer, spring, Winter and Fall every year. The Sun, moon and stars every year its order. Crops, wind, snow and rain every year is order. Then when men rebel against God’s order and get involved in homosexuality and perversion then wonder why there are droughts and famines and earthquakes and all of creation and storms and hurricanes. You wonder why hurricanes hit New Orleans, there is so much perversion in New Orleans and so many ungodly acts and finally when Hurricane Katrina arrives then everyone wonders what is happening.

All of creation will rebel against you when you deviate from God’s order. That’s why America is in trouble. We are going to have droughts and bad summers and bad winters and hurricanes and floods the rivers overflow, the volcanoes erupt, earthquakes takes place and all kinds of crop failures. Even this year in California it was so cold that all the oranges died. Now we have to pay $2.50 for a glass of orange juice. That’s why I hate the devil, I don’t want to pay $2.50 for a glass of juice, and I want to pay $1.50.

When perversion is promoted which unnatural and against nature, nature will rebel against you. But I pray that there will be a revival in this country and I pray that homosexuals and lesbians by the thousands will come and fall on the alter and say, what must I do to be saved? I pray that churches will be so full and that the Power of God will fall on them so strong, I pray that we won’t judge them or condemn them, I pray that we will love them and get them set free. If you believe that give God a shout of Glory and Praise.


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