California Wildfire

Special Word From Kim Clement Regarding the California Wildfires

God revealed the very events that are presently happening in Southern California at our Secrets meetings in Pasadena, and in our gathering in Beverly Hills. Over the past year, I have informed my constituents that God will speak to us during the Secrets meetings as promised when He sent myself, my wife Jane, our family, and our team to California. Over the past weeks, our support and our crowds in California have diminished, and sadly so. However, the spiritual momentum and expression is even stronger than ever.

It seems that unless there is a catastrophe, the prophetic voice is ignored or disregarded. However, during seemingly peaceful times, God uses the prophet to reveal future events. After all, that is what God has gifted a prophet to do. People are hard of hearing when things are still and seemingly at peace, and so, we noticed this with our Secrets meetings. During two of these meetings, God spoke about an “evacuation” and “terrible winds” and a “huge tornado.”

CNN and others have named our present crisis as a “firenado.” This is exactly what God was speaking about in these prophetic utterances. As you know, prophecy is the unfolding of a future event through a human tongue and therefore, cannot always be clearly understood. But God does provide us with spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

This Sunday night, October 28th, I urge you to attend our Gathering in Pasadena. Believe me, God will speak.

Below is the synopsis of prophetic words regarding the present winds and fires in California. Read and understand where God is taking us and rejoice.

Prophetic Words Over California

Prophesied on August 5th, 2007–Beverly Hills, CA:

“Awaken; rise up, for this Beverly Hills is but nothing. Who would take occupation of this territory? This is time for an evacuation. This is a time for an evacuation of every controlling force and principality that would dare to utter that, ‘Yeshua has been expelled from the streets of Beverly Hills.’ No! Yeshua is about to take to the streets of Beverly Hills,” says the Lord.

“Is this necessary in some of your minds for us to shout out the name of the One that will raise the dead, the name of the One that will heal the sick, the name of the One that will bring the truth, the name of the One that will bring them down, and the name of the Holy Son of God?” –End of word.

Oftentimes, God speaks about a spiritual event taking place by using words that connect with the elements–wind, fire, rain, etc. On that night in Beverly Hills, we broadcasted live on GodTV and during the night, God spoke about an evacuation. This is a word that I had never used in prophetic communication before. When I said it, I remember wondering why God impressed that word on my heart.

During my prayer time in the afternoon, I wrote these words in my notes: “It’s time for an evacuation–an evacuation in Los Angeles and the regions that will need a discharge of waste material that is poisoning the body. There will be an expulsion of the heads of dead religious establishments.”

When I stood on the platform and made this announcement, I clearly connected the “spiritual purpose” to the evacuation. For a prophet to predict such a thing and use the word “Evacuate” without a significant “spiritual purpose” behind it, would be dishonoring the true nature and character of the prophet. God doesn’t simply shake the earth, or allow reactions from the elements without making a significant statement.

God loves California and therefore–a purging is taking place. The earth also has a voice and reacts to violent abuse.

I have noticed when God gives me a word, it continues and progresses as I travel–very much like a puzzle being put together with the pieces in various places. After the Beverly Hills event, we were meeting in Pasadena on August 19th, 2007, and again God spoke these words with a little more detail:

Prophesied on August 19th, 2007–Pasadena, CA:

“There is an evacuation,” says the Spirit of God. “There will be an evacuation of every lie, every past memory, and every traditional force that has tried to hold back the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

I have expectancy that Jesus is not finished with California. “God is not finished with California,” as many would say. God says to you California, “I’ve listened to your cry; I’ve listened to your words of fear. I love you, as I always have. In My hands, in My feet, you will see the marks of love.” God says, “I’m shaking the powers of hell, so that you can understand freedom has come to California.” –End of word.

A very important key was given in this prophetic word regarding the wind in the form of a tornado coming to California and then affecting the entire nation. Please note that God gave directives regarding this present catastrophe in California:

Prophesied on October 6th, 2007–Seattle, WA:

A tornado–which will be a sign to this nation. I see a huge tornado. God said, “It comes and it cleans, and men say, ‘it is destructive.'” But it is a sign, for God said, “Something shall be carried into the atmosphere by this tornado.” But God said, “It’s starting as a whirlwind in this place, but shall become a great tornado in this nation,” says the Lord. –End of word.

Finally, during the month of July of this year, while I was in Harrisburg, PA, God gave me a strong prophetic word regarding the fires, and I believe He was preparing us for what was about to happen:

Prophesied on July 27th, 2007–Harrisburg, PA:

Rejoice, please, for God said, “You shall see fires through this Nation, but holy fires. You will see an intervention and Me going into the media and taking the streets of this Nation.” Why? God said, “You have prophesied the wind and now you shall reap great, great, great rain,” says the Lord. “You will reap great whirlwinds and they will come.”

One more thing, the Spirit of God said, “Rejoice in this that you hear tonight. For even as you understand that the fires I speak about will burn out dross and put in the White House a man who will then be transformed into a righteous believer.” God said, “Do not fear, for I will Not allow this Nation to fall on their knees in unnecessary humility, but in humbleness of mind. And I will take the fire and destroy your enemies. Your time of peace has come, but more than this–your time of prosperity has come, America,” says the Spirit of the Living God!

By Prophet Kim Clement


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