Hollywood Anointing

By Shawn Bolz

A New Reformation

During the great reformation in the church in the 1500’s, God’s intention was that all society be transformed and so he began to inspire big dreams in peoples hearts. One man, Martin Luther, was a young priest who had a spirit of revolution burning in his bones. He did many things wrong, but just like David of the Bible, we can remember him for what God did through him, not the weakness of the human vessel.

In Martin Luther’s day, he believed that every believer should be able to read the Bible. This was extremely controversial because the church held ultimate power in not allowing people to formulate their own ideas about the Word. Martin Luther believed that each man, woman, and child was justified by their own faith in the Word of God, not someone else’s interpretation so he began to translate the Bible into its first common tongue translation. It was a translation that everyone could read and an amazing thing happened at the same time.

God released an invention that went along with the burning dream of Martin Luther. For the first time in history, there was a machine that could mass produce a book, but it wasn’t just created for just any book. It is no coincidence that it was created during the same period that this refomationist was translating the very word of God. God gave Luther an invincible heart to see radical reformation and change in society, but it wasn’t just a hope or a wish. No, God birthed the printing press in complete orchestration to what he was doing in His Kingdom in that time period.

A Modern Printing Press

So today, God has been burning dreams into the hearts and imaginations of the spirits of Christian all over the world in regards to the new tools He has released onto the earth. Many people in our generation have a revolutionary mindset where they can not rest without manifesting something that would stay trapped only in their dreams if not for the release of the great technology of film, television, music industry, and the Internet (amongst other mass communication devices). This time its not just a few, but a company of new breed thinkers. They are not radical idealists, because their philosophical truths are not going to just stay hovering in thought. Instead, God is beginning to unveil a plan to equip and activate them to birth creative projects that show truth through all of the greatest platforms known to man. Much of the church looks down upon any desire to impact through these tools unless it is a direct specific Christian effort of filming a Bible story, or an escitological story. There has been such a misunderstanding of the tools because of their misuse that people have all but thrown them away in the church. So here is our problem: God has given the world the most incredible visual and story telling tools to spread mass information and the church is the furthest behind in the whole race to use them. Not only does most of the church shy away from them, but they make those in the Kingdom who pursue to use them feel like they are immoral or worldly.

God is Ordaining People for The Entertainment Industry

There is such a gap right now between a secular job and a ministry calling in the church and it is undermining true spiritual authority. The perception or felt reality of most of the church seems to be that people who do a secular job are a second class citizen in the church and that because their job is not spiritual in nature that it can not function as a spiritual device to bring God His glory. In other words, its a support role.

Especially jobs in industries that have so much corruptness or immorality in them, these are especially blacklisted as undesirable ways to serve the Kingdom.

Jesus gave a commission though that most churches are completely ignoring because they are so preoccupied with their archaic programs and structure. The commission in Matthew was to go into ALL the world and preach the Gospel of Salvation. God was looking throughout history knowing where He could get glory and preparing those industries for people like you and I to infiltrate with the Gospel of love and peace. Sure there are places in the world that we are not called to work in or associate with because their very root is immorality. You can not tell me as a Christian that you are called to man a camera on a porn set, work in a strip club, in an illegal drug operation, etc. But we are not talking about these places which are inherently immoral. We are talking about going as one who is sent into the entertainment industry to use it as a tool of war.

In Joel 3, Joel saw people farming with pruning hooks and plowshares. Then he saw something amazing-The people heard the sound of a trumpet. Not just any sound, but a war call, they began to beat their plowshares into swords and their pruning hooks into spears.

This was an end time picture of what God is calling for now. He is having people go into the entertainment industry not to just get provision by farming it, but to actually use it as a tool of war that reveals the Kingdom all over society.

Society is about to Embrace Kingdom Principles through Story Telling Jesus was so amazing in His ability to impart the very culture of the kingdom to society through story telling. He couldn’t just teach people in a seminar style way. He had to tell them what the Kingdom was like by telling them all kinds of scenarios and stories. These parables are still relevant today, and they condition the Spirit to open up to deep truths.

Jesus was not just interested in imparting knowledge, He was imparting Kingdom. This is the first time in history that there is a tool where millions in society go to just watch stories. These stories are imparting culture, and this culture has warped our political and social economic cultures. What would happen though, if Christians who were filled with the culture of the Kingdom started to just tell the stories that did the same thing: condition society to receive this Kingdom? What would happen if someone would shoot a movie that was just a love story that showed the spiritual and natural effects of a young girl throughout her life who had an abortion? But not a preachy message, just a real life story that could not help but be palatable to its viewers? Not just moral issues, but what if someone began to make movies that were love stories that showed the complete real value of love in relationships through showing the struggles of romance but from a Kingdom perspective? There is so much room to just show a life that is right but struggling living out right before the viewer.

The Value of A Picture

There is a famous old saying that says “A Picture is worth a thousand words. “One day while sitting with the Lord He showed me the entertainment industry and its value to the Kingdom. He said, “One movie can be worth a thousand Sunday services in its impact on the heart.” So why is the church running last in the race to pursue these incredible resources? Why are Christians just making a Christian version of what the world has already done better? Because we don’t understand how to send anointed people into the world to express the fullness of their Spiritual calling to create without limiting them to religious expectations. The church has put such a pressure on their people who are using these tools to just make Bible stories, and yet Jesus rarely told Bible stories. He told heart stories, spiritual stories, that imparted a culture. He told relevant stories to society that challenged the way the Jewish people were thinking. If someone would grab hold of the tools in the entertainment industry and beat the plowshare into a sword with a desire to impart Kingdom culture, we just might have a revolution!


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