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The Lord is Realigning and Developing Our Faith in the Next THREE MONTHS”

Recently, I sent out the first portion of a prophetic word the Lord brought to us during one of our Tuesday Morning Prayers. The word encourages us to “wait for His Presence, hear the heartbeat and get in synch with His best for you.” Much response came from this prophetic word. I now feel it is time for the remainder of the word to be released. The second part of the word is below. This encourages us to understand that the faith window is changing and the Lord is “realigning and developing our faith in the next three months.” Read and pray this word over yourself.

“You might ask yourself, ‘Why have I been positioned here in this mundane job when all I want to do is worship You?’ I would say, You are there because of timing. Otherwise, you would get out of time, and touch the ark, rather than follow behind or carry the ark. Enjoy and celebrate the mundane assignments and then you will see your ark move.”

“This is a season that I am teaching My people how to enter into My presence. You must have My Presence to secure your future. Without you being where I have placed you NOW, you could never understand My presence for your future. I am developing a testimony in you. Because of this testimony, you truly will enter into the new beginning and be repositioned in days ahead. Allow Me to develop and create the image for your future. If you will stand and allow Me to prosper everything you put your hand to, no matter how mundane and insignificant it seems to you, then you will prosper.”

“O afflicted one, tossed and thrown, I am coming to comfort you. My Voice will call you up in a new way. Do not try to come up in the same way you have come up in the past, for this is a day of new beginnings. In this new beginning, I am bringing a renewal of covenant to My people. I am breathing on the way that I am agreeing with My people. You are in agreement with some things that you must let go of. I am not in agreement with those things. Break agreement, that I might renew My covenant with you. You are in agreement with the way you see yourself, and that is not the way I see you. Unless you get My image, you cannot be transformed for your future. You must see yourself the way I see You.”

“It is the sure mercies of David that I am calling forth. They come through Me and agree as ONE. I have taken you through the caves and the wilderness, but now I am ready to bring you to a new beginning. The only thing that can stop this new beginning is you not yielding to Me or not receiving instruction from those I position in your path to help you find the new way. If you agree with Me, then My sure mercies that I poured out on My servant David, I will pour out on you. It was the witness that I was forming in him that enabled him to lead. Many of you are wanting to be out front without My witness. Wait for Me to witness in your spirit before you go forward.”

“This is a day of rearranging leadership and preparing you with enhanced skills. I AM causing talents that have lain dormant within you to come forth. This is My new beginning, so you must let Me go before you to prepare that new beginning for you and bring you fully into it. Seek Me, while I may be found, for this is a month of seeking. There will be three months to develop faith in a new way in you. My word will become strong and you will be called forth into that place. You will find yourself establishing and breaking the ground I have given you, but you must allow Me to prepare you to stand on new ground.”

“My people do not have the mind for super-abundance nor do they have the strength to carry extra baskets. This is a season that extra baskets must be carried by My people and you must carry them together. Some of you would love to grab your baskets and run, but that will not get you into the fullness of the place where I would establish you.”

“Find what I have given you, but know that I can cause it to multiply. Where you did not have anything but a sack, I can multiply it into 12 baskets, but there is no way you can carry the 12 baskets by yourself. You must get realigned and find those to work with you. Know that it is the delight of My heart to bring My people into this new place.”

“The new beginning has begun. I am teaching My presence in a new way. Do not look at ministry in the way that others have, for this is a time of developing witness and not a time of causing My people to be seen as ministers. My word does not return to Me void, but it produces a fullness. Watch for the fullness of My word to manifest. My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. You are limiting My high ways to your thought processes. I have other ‘highways’ for you to travel and other ways for you to step in. You have gotten caught in the midst of a machine and it is not what I am doing in your life. It is producing a blueprint that is NOT what I long for others to see in your life.”

“In your gleaning, be very satisfied, for I am very near to you in the midst of the gleaning fields. Listen to My word and listen to My way, for others are watching you in a way that you have never been watched before. You are longing to gain audience with one and it is someone else that I am causing to see you. Even now, there are Pharaohs who are watching and observing you, and it is those that will favor you, My people.”

“This is a day of transference of wealth, but you must be connected with those who have amassed it for My Kingdom plan. I know who can release it. I can realign it. This word will not return void. If you will wait for your heart to realign, then instead of void and chaos being on your path, there will be baskets full of My blessings. Wait and watch, for My presence has now realigned with you, and you will be aware of My presence at every turn.”

I would encourage you to read Isaiah 55. Verse 2 says, “Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. Let your soul delight in abundance.” Tell your soul to rise up and delight in abundance. The desires of your heart must be in alignment with the delight of God to experience His abundance. I am asking for the hearts of God’s people all over the globe to delight in His abundance. If you are striving over supply, stop, until you can delight in abundance.

The Lord is saying, “Incline your ear and come to Me.” I decree that you are going to hear how to come forth. You will not come forth in the same way as you did in the past because the Lord is not calling you forth in the same way.

By Prophet Chuck D. Pierce


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