This article specially for my brother in Christ that struggle fighting Alzheimer’s. Prophet Kim Clement speak prophecy below on October 10. 2007 concerning Alzheimer:

The victory and the freedom, the prosperity, the scientific breakthroughs, Alzheimer’s rapidly cured: God says do you understand the rapidity, the acceleration of the Spirit of God to heal, but also bring a cure for autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and certain rare forms of cancer are already in the making. They are already in the making. God says you know this year was the year of acceleration. It will show in the New Year what you have already stepped into.

Now is on the news:
This is London UK: Drug ‘can reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms in minute – Click Here
Fox News: Arthritis Drug Shows Promise in Reversing Symptoms of Alzheimer’s – Click Here 

I also pray for God supernatural healing power manifest right now in Jesus Name. I decree life take place and disease get out in Jesus Name.


2 Responses

  1. Udah lama ndak mampir sini mas Rio 😀

    He he, saya percaya “God supernatural healing power” kok mas. Saya pernah bertemu orang yang disembuhkan Tuhan dari leukimia.

    Tidak ada yang tidak mungkin bagi Dia …..

  2. Amen, so pasti tuh. Thx, buat testimonynya.

    God Bless …

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