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“I have found My servant David…” (Psalm 89:20a)
From generation to generation, God continuously searches for people whom He can use to carry out His plans. As it was in David’s generation, God was also searching for someone He can use. Before David emerged, Saul, for a certain period of time, appeared to be the perfect candidate to execute God’s plans and will. Nevertheless, for one and other reasons, Saul had a tendency to ‘edit’ each command God gave him; he never did exactly as what God has required. As a result, God rejected Saul and sent Samuel in search of Saul’s substitute. He specifically said to Samuel, “I am sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I have provided Myself a king among his sons” (1 Sam. 16:1). In a secret way and a time unknown by anyone, the hands of the Lord had formed the life of David, so that when the perfect time to promote David came, He did not have to tarry to find the perfect man for the perfect job.

In eternity, in every generation, in every situation/circumstance, in every community, city and nation, God is looking for people whom He can use. As you continue to give yourself in God’s hands for the process and preparation to take place in your lives, when the perfect time comes and the need for the right man emerges, He will find you as the right person because He has said: “I have found David.”  

The Bible says that David built his intimate fellowship with God while taking care of his father’s sheep – that was why he was never a stranger in God’s presence.

The reason why David had such confident when fighting his enemies (first was Goliath) was because the Spirit of the Lord was upon him. 

As long as we get used to being in God’s presence and we are open for His impartation to come into our lives and change us, though people may not be able to see our potentials but God will because of the work He has done in our live. 

The next verses of Psalm 89 are promises and blessings that God has made available for David:
“…with whom My hand shall be established; also My arm shall strengthen him” (v. 21)  The Lord’s hand speaks of the authority/power that goes with a person, while arm always speaks of God’s protection and defense. 
“The enemy shall not outwit him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague those who hate him” (v. 22-23)  when we penetrate into the market place as God’s ambassadors, His protection and defense will be so real that the wicked will be wiped out. 
It has been God’s very desire to raise every believer to become a Global Leader. The characteristic that a global leader has is the true and intimate relationship with the God and at the same time is the respect, influence and power to impact the market place. 

For so long, many Christians are only great in spiritual things and church activities, yet they are nobody in the market place. Or, on the contrary, they might already have a bit of influence in the market place, yet they are ‘strangers’ in God’s presence. This is the time where God will bring forth the global leaders – people of influence in the market place and at the same time are closely connected to heaven.

“But My faithfulness and My mercy shall be with him, and in My name his horn shall be exalted. Also I will set his hand over the sea, and his right hand over the rivers” (v. 24-25)  God will enlarge our territories. At this present we may only have charge over one territory but He wants to enlarge it so that we can produce a greater impact. 
“He shall cry to Me, ‘You are my Father, My God, and the rock of my salvation.’ Also I will make him My firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth” (v. 26-27)  we will be set as a pattern where many people will learn from us.  
My mercy I will keep for him forever, and My covenant shall stand firm with him. His seed also will make to endure forever, and his throne as the days of heaven” (v 28-29)  the work that God has begun in our lives will not cease just because of our death but the next generation will continue to live in the same pattern of life.
Therefore, it is time for us to allow God to mold and reshape our lives because it is His desire indeed to raise us as global leaders. Before we can see the fulfillment of His promises in Psalm 89:21-29, we need to make sure that we first fulfill verse 21, because that is where it all begins. 
How God deals with us and reshapes our lives will determine the work that He will do through our lives. Before God can raise us as global leaders, He must first take us through a process of preparation that is different from what other people – those who are influential but only in the Christian or secular arena – have gone through. It is God’s desire to position us are His ambassador on this earth, therefore He will continually mold us, such that we will be transformed into His image more and more. 

God will never send a man to represent Him before He finds godly materials in that person’s life. Without any mark of God’s hands in our hands, the recognition from heaven will never come upon our lives. That is why we should never runaway when God’s hand is taking us through the process, because without staying through to the end, promotion will never come to our lives. 

Different areas that God will reshape in our lives:
a. God will reshape us in the way we should respond. 
All this while we may be used to respond according to our emotions; God wants to teach us to begin to respond in a different way – with a godly response. At times, He would purposely allow negative events to happen in our lives because it is through those moments He would train us to respond differently. Remember, no matter how bad our experience is, we are the ones who determine whether it will be a stumbling stone or a stepping stone for us. 
b. God will teach us to have strong conviction on the truth He has taught us.
Besides re-training us in the way we should respond, God will also teach us to have a strong conviction when facing confrontation for the truth we believe in. When everything is good and challenge is absent, everyone can claim themselves Christians and that they live for the cause, but when challenge comes, those who live without a strong conviction will easily choose to compromise their faith and the truth they have been holding onto. We need to understand this principle: there will always be pressure and challenge for every truth that we believe in, but that pressure and challenge is only a test for us to develop our strong conviction and integrity. To live in the truth there will always be a price to pay and a risk to take, but if you endure, truth will always prevail. 
c. God will teach us to do the things that are totally different from what we are used to or things that we have never done before.
All this time we may be used to do spiritual activities only, but now He wants to train us to make decisions that will impact the lives of many people.  In business world, a businessman’s decision is very crucial in determining whether his business will go up or down. As God teaches us in decision- making, He will also let us walk through the impact of our decision making. If we make the right decision, victory will be ours. On the contrary, if we make the wrong decision, He will let us go through the negative consequences as the result of that mistake we make. Nevertheless, no matter what the consequences that we have to bear, just remember that He is always on our side and will always be with us.  Therefore, never put yourself in a box but learn to step out of your comfort zone you have been dwelling in all this time. 
d. God will teach us to only do the right things.
Oftentimes, it takes different decisions in different situations, which is why God will train us to have the ability to make the right decision in all kinds of situations. 
If God has given you the Word that He will raise you to be a global leader, then do not ever attempt on your own strength to promote yourself. Rather, let God’s hand elevate you and position you where He wants you to be, in due time. Our fleshly attempt to promote ourselves will only bring us many unnecessary troubles. As you let His Holy Spirit guide you one step at a time and you faithfully do whatever He has told you to do, then greater capacity He will give you and greater things He will assign to you.

By Ps Steven Agustinus


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  1. Dear Ps Steven Agustinus,

    Many thanks for allowing God to speak through you.


  2. Oh kingthunder,
    Do help me pass the message to him. Thanks.


  3. OK, Gabriel hopefully I can pass to Ps Steven.

    God Bless Malaysia.

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