Receive My Voice

“Many have cried out: ‘Lord, I long for the new, I long to go through. However, I don’t have the strength to advance because the season has pulled the plug on my strength, and I feel I cannot stand and advance.’ But hear Me! I will energize your blood and cause My Spirit to touch you and go into places in your heart that have not been touched. I will cause the joints in your body to begin to have new energy and cause them to move in ways they have not moved. Do not despair because by My Spirit and new energy will come upon you.

The warfare that you’ve been contending in, the conflict that you’ve been standing in, will not overtake you. Stand still! In the midst of your stillness, I am beginning to release new mantles; you will stand face to face with Me, and then your enemy will see My reflection in your face. I AM rising up within you a sound that will come through you and cause the enemy to shake. Where the enemy has held your gate closed–the gate will come open. You will say, ‘A new day has broken.’

Some of you are saying, ‘I hate this storm that I am in the midst of riding out.’ But hear Me again! Because you won’t spread your wings and catch the wind of this storm, you are having trouble coming above its fury. Catch the wind! Catch the wind! My Spirit is blowing. Do not fear this economic strategy and structure that the enemy is voicing in the nations. Catch My wind in this economic storm! The dips and the lows will cause you to soar high. Throw your chest into the adverse winds and allow the wind to catapult you to a high place.

There are things that have been chasing you. Turn now and face that adverse wind. I will come with grace in the adversity and catapult you to a new level. You will see every movement in the field–the snakes, the rodents, and the treasures. Soar, see, and be catapulted into an enlarged place.

The Potter’s wheel that you have been on has been a necessary season for you. I AM doing a chiseling work to give you a new identity. Receive what I am creating. I AM placing My mark, My design, on your next season. One smooth blow will release the diamond that has been hidden in the rough. Look at the design that I have laid for your future. Look at the Craftsman’s hand because as I come down upon the chisel, you will see the breaking away, and what’s been hidden will be seen. Do not be afraid of that blow to come! I AM sending forth a sound into your inner being that will break up the dams that have held back your waters of Life. These waters will aid Me in your forming.

I am causing new languages to arise in My people. This will thwart the enemy’s plan to defile My purposes in you. If you will trust Me to do this one thing in you that has stopped you from being transformed into a mind of prosperity, you will succeed and failure will leave you. One small hit will change the course of your life and your direction. Your compassions have grown hardened. I must release this blow. I must cause the very depths of you to roar and to roar again. I AM creating a movement within you so you can digest what I will be doing in the four months ahead. Let the depths of your being roar with My sound. This sound will create the ability for you to absorb what occurs in the next four months.

Your inward being must embrace My THUNDER! This is a season that you shall hear thunder in the Heavens. As I thunder from the Heavens, know it is the voice of the Lord that is coming to you. For the thunder would create fear in the hearts of many. But for those of who fear the Lord, you will hear this thunder as a new sound from Heaven. This sound will cause you to come into the new place! My voice is coming to break you from all that would hold you in an old place. The thunder of the Lord is My manifest sound in the Heavens!

Do not fear what the enemy would do. For I Am thundering a new place for you and a new protection for you! Many would even run and hide in the day of storm. But you shall run into the storm and have victory over the storm! Let My thunder roll and break every place of fear from you. This will cause you to come into the new season where My light and My sun shall break forth out of the storm, out of the thunder. A new day is arising and the sun shall come and rest upon you. Do not fear this season of storm. This is your season to break through. Overcome the storm and rise up in a whole new place.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries


2 Responses

  1. I can only see articles from 2008, do you also have prophecies for 2009?
    Receive my voice (18 March 2008) was definately for me!!
    Kind regards from Cape Town, South Africa

  2. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

    I’m Out! 🙂

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