The Processes that Lead to High Places

When God develops your character He takes you through several processes. He loves you too much to let you stagnate at any one stage of development. As my friend Mark Chironna says, “don’t settle for less when your heart is crying for more.” Every new level with God requires you to meet Him in a new way, and every new way exposes you to a manifestation that is different than what you have seen previously. On a personal level, this expands and enlarges our view of who He is and what He does in our lives.

The story of David exemplifies what God is advancing now in many of our lives. There are three areas of development that the Lord took David through. His ultimate goal is to make you a leader who fits this description:

David “fed them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of hands” (Ps. 78:72)
The first area is located in the heart, and deals with the issues of integrity and motivation. Motivation reveals the reason why you do something. When it comes to divine assignments a divided heart tries, but a unified heart does.

The second area is knowledge; this measures your understanding of your assignment, yourself, life and most importantly, Gods ways. It represents your insight into what a person is going to do.

The third area involves an individual’s skill, which determines how well one can execute a task. Your gifts, talents and acquired skill reveal how you will accomplish your assignment.

Initially, David warred with the house of Saul. This is the drama of two competing systems. One exemplified commitment to a future that God wanted to manifest through David, and the other, a commitment to a past that Saul did not want to let go of. David was promoted to authority supernaturally through divine appointments and the favor of God.

The processes through which God took David, enabled him to receive three anointings. David’s first anointing came when Samuel anointed him. Saul fell out of favor with God because he was unfaithful; thus, the favor went to David to carry out the Lord’s assignment.

Consider some of Gods unique ways:
1. When the King couldn’t sleep at night he called for David to play music, and the anointing that was upon David caused the demons to flee the king’s chamber.
2. God used the natural talent that David had with both a harp and sling shot, anointed him and then used him to carry out his Mission.
3. God used the arrogance of Goliath in a national crisis to promote David to national influence. There are national problems that God has set up that can only be solved by a person He anoints with a solution. This is the way He takes His chosen people into a place of power to influence nations. When that giant came down and David beheaded him with his own Philistine sword, the strongman and all of the demon forces that were over the Philistines were cut off as well.

The first anointing from Samuel provided divine enablement, but it was God’s processing of David in circumstances that developed his integrity.

God allowed David to be driven from the King’s circle into a cave. This time of immense discomfort and stretching became necessary for the formation of the great man that God needed David to be. In order to do this and stay sane, young David needed a comforter – the Holy Spirit. He built this extraordinary relationship by worshiping God during his ordeals. In essence, God enlarged David when he was in distress:

“Thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress”

His second anointing came from the tribe of Judah when he graduated from the school of divine stretching!

The third anointing was released when all of Israel came to Hebron. Curiously, the people declared that they knew he was king all along. This anointing of recognition becomes active when the body of Christ sees what gift God has given you and activates what has been dormant in your life by simply recognizing the gift. This third anointing moved David to the next level, the high places of Jerusalem and Mt Zion. Their agreement released him to lead all of Israel to possess the high places as well.

Dr. Bobby Clinton, a celebrated Professor from Fuller Theological Seminary has spent thirty years documenting the journey of Christians. He says, “Eighty percent of believers do not consider themselves to have succeeded in fulfilling their ultimate calling.”

God provides revelation and anointing for people, but not all choose to step into their greatness. In order to get there one must have to go through deep processing, just like David did. Most, however, give up one third of the way through the journey!

In spite of difficult processing, it is critically important for God’s people to never lose heart! There is not one vessel who was significantly used by God who was not acquainted with chapters of great conflict and contradiction. You must continue to climb to the high places, because the ones who are going to advance the kingdom can only do so when they overturn Hell’s counsel in high places. These noble warriors see a clear vision of the future God is seeking to make manifest. They carry the future with them and they bring the future into the present. As David saw our day of unhindered access to Gods throne, he was able to bring David’s Tabernacle it into his own. Current day David’s see Christ’s future glory revealed in the nations and actually begin to bring that glory into the realm they stand in today. God allows them to taste the powers of the age to come so the nations might see and know the gospel of the kingdom demonstrated before their eyes as a witness.

David time-traveled out of the limitations of the old covenant by entering the presence of God through his worship. He prophetically saw the future of our coming into the presence of God with unveiled access to his glory, by traveling out of the limitations of the old covenant and entering into the presence of God himself.

With your new covenant, take action and call upon the Lord for the increase of His anointing! Expect great process events, but equally great rewards! Now, more than ever, the earth needs Christians who are willing to tread through the valleys before conquering the great mountains. Accept your mission, embrace your anointing, and take your mountain!

By Dr. Lance Wallnau


2 Responses

  1. Amen! Thank you for this exhorting article, I feel encouraged and determined to press on… God is faithful to complete the work He started in us .. Great is the reward for those who persevere !

  2. Thank you. Your article provided confirmation for where The Lord has been guiding me personally. May this be even so for our nation.

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