Global Leader

“I have found My servant David…” (Psalm 89:20a)
From generation to generation, God continuously searches for people whom He can use to carry out His plans. As it was in David’s generation, God was also searching for someone He can use. Before David emerged, Saul, for a certain period of time, appeared to be the perfect candidate to execute God’s plans and will. Nevertheless, for one and other reasons, Saul had a tendency to ‘edit’ each command God gave him; he never did exactly as what God has required. As a result, God rejected Saul and sent Samuel in search of Saul’s substitute. He specifically said to Samuel, “I am sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I have provided Myself a king among his sons” (1 Sam. 16:1). In a secret way and a time unknown by anyone, the hands of the Lord had formed the life of David, so that when the perfect time to promote David came, He did not have to tarry to find the perfect man for the perfect job.

In eternity, in every generation, in every situation/circumstance, in every community, city and nation, God is looking for people whom He can use. As you continue to give yourself in God’s hands for the process and preparation to take place in your lives, when the perfect time comes and the need for the right man emerges, He will find you as the right person because He has said: “I have found David.”  

The Bible says that David built his intimate fellowship with God while taking care of his father’s sheep – that was why he was never a stranger in God’s presence.

The reason why David had such confident when fighting his enemies (first was Goliath) was because the Spirit of the Lord was upon him. 

As long as we get used to being in God’s presence and we are open for His impartation to come into our lives and change us, though people may not be able to see our potentials but God will because of the work He has done in our live. 

The next verses of Psalm 89 are promises and blessings that God has made available for David:
“…with whom My hand shall be established; also My arm shall strengthen him” (v. 21)  The Lord’s hand speaks of the authority/power that goes with a person, while arm always speaks of God’s protection and defense. 
“The enemy shall not outwit him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague those who hate him” (v. 22-23)  when we penetrate into the market place as God’s ambassadors, His protection and defense will be so real that the wicked will be wiped out. 
It has been God’s very desire to raise every believer to become a Global Leader. The characteristic that a global leader has is the true and intimate relationship with the God and at the same time is the respect, influence and power to impact the market place. 

For so long, many Christians are only great in spiritual things and church activities, yet they are nobody in the market place. Or, on the contrary, they might already have a bit of influence in the market place, yet they are ‘strangers’ in God’s presence. This is the time where God will bring forth the global leaders – people of influence in the market place and at the same time are closely connected to heaven.

“But My faithfulness and My mercy shall be with him, and in My name his horn shall be exalted. Also I will set his hand over the sea, and his right hand over the rivers” (v. 24-25)  God will enlarge our territories. At this present we may only have charge over one territory but He wants to enlarge it so that we can produce a greater impact. 
“He shall cry to Me, ‘You are my Father, My God, and the rock of my salvation.’ Also I will make him My firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth” (v. 26-27)  we will be set as a pattern where many people will learn from us.  
My mercy I will keep for him forever, and My covenant shall stand firm with him. His seed also will make to endure forever, and his throne as the days of heaven” (v 28-29)  the work that God has begun in our lives will not cease just because of our death but the next generation will continue to live in the same pattern of life.
Therefore, it is time for us to allow God to mold and reshape our lives because it is His desire indeed to raise us as global leaders. Before we can see the fulfillment of His promises in Psalm 89:21-29, we need to make sure that we first fulfill verse 21, because that is where it all begins. 
How God deals with us and reshapes our lives will determine the work that He will do through our lives. Before God can raise us as global leaders, He must first take us through a process of preparation that is different from what other people – those who are influential but only in the Christian or secular arena – have gone through. It is God’s desire to position us are His ambassador on this earth, therefore He will continually mold us, such that we will be transformed into His image more and more. 

God will never send a man to represent Him before He finds godly materials in that person’s life. Without any mark of God’s hands in our hands, the recognition from heaven will never come upon our lives. That is why we should never runaway when God’s hand is taking us through the process, because without staying through to the end, promotion will never come to our lives. 

Different areas that God will reshape in our lives:
a. God will reshape us in the way we should respond. 
All this while we may be used to respond according to our emotions; God wants to teach us to begin to respond in a different way – with a godly response. At times, He would purposely allow negative events to happen in our lives because it is through those moments He would train us to respond differently. Remember, no matter how bad our experience is, we are the ones who determine whether it will be a stumbling stone or a stepping stone for us. 
b. God will teach us to have strong conviction on the truth He has taught us.
Besides re-training us in the way we should respond, God will also teach us to have a strong conviction when facing confrontation for the truth we believe in. When everything is good and challenge is absent, everyone can claim themselves Christians and that they live for the cause, but when challenge comes, those who live without a strong conviction will easily choose to compromise their faith and the truth they have been holding onto. We need to understand this principle: there will always be pressure and challenge for every truth that we believe in, but that pressure and challenge is only a test for us to develop our strong conviction and integrity. To live in the truth there will always be a price to pay and a risk to take, but if you endure, truth will always prevail. 
c. God will teach us to do the things that are totally different from what we are used to or things that we have never done before.
All this time we may be used to do spiritual activities only, but now He wants to train us to make decisions that will impact the lives of many people.  In business world, a businessman’s decision is very crucial in determining whether his business will go up or down. As God teaches us in decision- making, He will also let us walk through the impact of our decision making. If we make the right decision, victory will be ours. On the contrary, if we make the wrong decision, He will let us go through the negative consequences as the result of that mistake we make. Nevertheless, no matter what the consequences that we have to bear, just remember that He is always on our side and will always be with us.  Therefore, never put yourself in a box but learn to step out of your comfort zone you have been dwelling in all this time. 
d. God will teach us to only do the right things.
Oftentimes, it takes different decisions in different situations, which is why God will train us to have the ability to make the right decision in all kinds of situations. 
If God has given you the Word that He will raise you to be a global leader, then do not ever attempt on your own strength to promote yourself. Rather, let God’s hand elevate you and position you where He wants you to be, in due time. Our fleshly attempt to promote ourselves will only bring us many unnecessary troubles. As you let His Holy Spirit guide you one step at a time and you faithfully do whatever He has told you to do, then greater capacity He will give you and greater things He will assign to you.

By Ps Steven Agustinus


Supernatural Business

The SUPERNATURAL should be NATURAL in the market place.

I stood in the frozen winter’s night of Valley Forge outside of a Military Academy barracks and breathed a half-audible prayer with one of two young Campus Crusade evangelists who boldly shared their faith. I was aware that my cadet classmates were watching and might criticize me, but I also knew there was an audience from another dimension that was watching as well. Snowballs started to fly and pummel the other young witness. I self-consciously prayed the last words, “Make me into the man you want me to be,” and something unexpected happened.

A wave of warmth and light hit me in my mid section and radiated upward through my chest as something entered me. I was not expecting anything like this. The young evangelist, who to this day is unknown by me, knowingly said, “Jesus just came into your heart.” I’ve been changed ever since!

It was also a revolutionary experience when I received the Holy Spirit. I did not know what to expect as I sat in the middle of the living room in Manheim Pennsylvania with ten enthusiastic believers surrounding me with hands upon my shoulders, chest and head. I came to that living room to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and this was my moment. A voice in my head kept saying, “You’re not going to get anything.” Then as my tongue got thick, I heard unusual words rolling around in my mind. The leader of the group was praying for me as a surge of life started rolling up out of my belly. The thought came to me, “You are not receiving anything” as my tongue spoke out a surge of clearly articulated words in another tongue! I continued on in a flood of utterance, which struck me as amazing since I had flunked Spanish in summer school. Life was exploding through me as I stopped and opened my eyes. At that time a voice spoke again, “You have not received anything,” but it was too late. My spiritual perception was entirely shifted. Color seemed clearer, sound crisper and I began to realize that my spiritual perception had just received a turbo boost. In fact, as I returned to my college dorm, I met Satan. While I was getting prayed for my roommate decorated the wall over my bed with a poster from rock artist Carlos Santana. It was a poster of a lion with a voodoo witch formed out of its open jaws. Positioned at eye level as I opened the door, I stared into the eyes of the poster and it glared back at me. I had not believed in a personal devil up until that moment, but now knew that evil has a personality. Good for me I discovered the Holy Spirit has a personality, also!

I later went to a FGBMFI meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. A prophet walked up to me from Israel and said, “God is going to use you to reach your people!,” assuming that I knew I had a Jewish background. At which point, I did not know of my Jewish background. I had grown up in the Episcopal Church, so I thought I was going to be reaching Episcopalians. He said, “No, Jewish people. Go home and ask your father.” It was a word of knowledge he received. I stepped out into the lobby and I called my father, who is an attorney in Philadelphia. I said, “So, Dad, I just got a word from a missionary from Israel who says that I should talk to you about my Jewish background.” There was an awkward silence on the other end of the phone. He said to me, “Why don’t you come home and we’ll talk about that.” I went home. He shut the door, so right away, I knew it was a serious meeting. “Yes, it’s true.” He pulls out an old “family tree”. He shows me the columns, how the family emigrated from Germany to Philadelphia. It was his grandparents that produced his Jewish lineage. He decided to break away from the Jewish persecution.

Being raised in the South, he saw the business disadvantages with Jews, so he changed his name. On the one hand, he was surprised that there are people who are actually enthusiastic about Jewish believers in Jesus, however, he cautioned me to temper my enthusiasm because prejudice can be found anywhere, including the Christian community. He ended with these words, “Never forget this. For the rest of your life, you will have an instinctive rapport with Jewish people. It’s in your DNA. It’s in your bones. It is in your identity. You’ll know it because you will feel it.” Sixteen years ago, I visited Israel and while I was at the swimming pool with the kids I suddenly felt the Lords presence. I said to the Lord, “Lord, what about the Israel harvest? Are You going to move in Israel?” I turned my head and saw a child, 3-6 years old, playing, and the Lord spoke to me very clearly, “When that generation becomes the generation that is adult in Israel, I am going to move in a great move of my Spirit.” I believe He was saying the greatest move of the Spirit was going to happen with that generation in Israel. So I sat back and just looked at that and thought, “Wow.”

My wife was pregnant on that trip with a son who was born right after that event. He is now 17 and I can literally watch the era of that generation growing and growing and growing, to the point where they are becoming teenagers getting drivers’ licenses right now. The age is now! The greatest move of God that is going to happen in history is going to happen in Israel.

On September 10, the day before 9-11, I was in an international management seminar in Hawaii. I went to lay out by the pool of the Hilton Hotel. A violent ominous wind suddenly swept past the island. It seemed like a demonic hoard passed over my head toward the United States. As I laid out on a lounge, the Spirit of the Lord, intuitively, just prompted me, to sit up. Suddenly, a 50-pound branch fell right behind my head and smashed. People thought I was killed, but I had sat up just instantly before the branch came down. And a wind blew past me that was ominous in its presence. I sensed, “What is this? Is this a warning? Should I not be in Hawaii?” Right away however, the Lord spoke to me. I went from panic to elation when I realized that this was his deliverance and not a warning of displeasure. In a moment, instead of being anxious and fearful about what almost happened, I went into joy, instantly. Ironically, The subject of the management seminar that day was- “Emotional Mastery.” I listened to the world’s authorities talk about how to deal with crises, as 9-11 news came in that their office at the World Trade Center was just obliterated. We had people listen to the cell phone messages that were live from that morning. That was when the Lord spoke to me and said, “This is an hour when the spirit of terror and fear is loosed on the earth. Choose your focus wisely. Taking what you hear and how you hear, and you will move at an extraordinary level of accuracy in Spirit, if you choose what gets your attention.”

I believe the supernatural should be the natural in the marketplace; in every arena of life. God is releasing the power to do business supernaturally. The way you define the situation is the way the situation will end up defining you! If you don’t choose what gets your attention, the culture will choose it for you. Jesus words in the last days were, “Possess ye your souls.” You prosper as your soul prospers and you will never make money and hold it with happiness beyond the degree of Emotional Intelligence that you possess. There is a transfer of wealth and a transfer of resource. At this very moment in history, the greatest financial transition any generation has ever seen is about to take place to the tune of trillions of dollars. God plans on releasing phenomenal breakthroughs to His people, just as He did with the children of Israel. This breakthrough will cause us to do what we have been called to do in these last days.

The Bible says to go into all the world, teaching the nations. Why? Because we have something relevant to family, education, arts, media, business, government, law, and finance. This works in every area of life! Jesus said that his teaching will cause nations to become disciples. While the United States may not be popular in Europe and the Middle East right now, the teachings of Jesus are taking ground daily. Every world religion, including Islam, honors Jesus. There is an anointing for great commission business coming upon a new generation of followers of Jesus who are willing to prosper by doing business in other nations. Recently, a leading Latin American nation in private meetings with myself, and a core team of businessmen and were invited to train the entire military- 300,000 strong- in our leadership principles. We took these principles from the Bible and call them “success principles.” Don’t let anyone fool you- the word of God works in every nation. You just have to know how to go through the door. God wants to release massive influence into people’s lives, because He wants you to be people that can touch, shift, and shake nations in your lifetime. There is coming together a release of resources right now.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I found great favor with God. Favor is the attraction of God to you, that releases an influence through you, so that other people are inclined to like you, trust you, or cooperate with you in the assignment God gave you. Favor is not on people only. Its highest form is on assignments. When you get the assignment, it is because you were faithful in the warfare of the previous level. Favor is about to increase because you have been faithful. Favor is a magnet to the blessing and promotion of God. God is seeking to set apart a people into whom He can birth, by the Spirit, the initiatives and the desires of the counsel of heaven. At this same time, fallen and foul principalities seek to birth their foul desires in the womb of the disobedient. Jesus taught that the tares would increase and grow at the same time as the wheat (Matthew 13:26). The tares are the children of the devil and the wheat are the children of God. Both harvests multiply at the same time. If you will open your womb (heart) to the seed of the word of God you will see the manifestation of the works of God! To have an open womb toward God requires that you keep your spiritual womb closed off to every other spirit. Resist the defilement of compromise and watch God fill you with heaven’s desires, dreams and blueprints. It’s the most exciting life imaginable!

By Dr. Lance Wallnau

The Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance: A New Encounter

Last night I had a dream that redirected me in what I was going to write this month. In my dream, I saw a man who looked familiar but I couldn’t make out his features. He came and handed me a large heavy book that I had also seen before but I couldn’t make out the cover. I looked at the back of the book and recognized it. It was my book, “Keys to Heaven’s Economy, an Angelic Visitation from The Minister of Finance,” but in this copy there were more chapters.

My eyes were then opened and I recognized this man; I was again seeing the Minister of Finance of the Kingdom. “Read,” he commanded, and so I did.

I began to read about the future as if it had already happened. The projects in people’s hearts that are in seed form now, were fully birthed and written about in this expanded version of my book. It was as though I had interviewed people on the details of how God had given them direction in their projects. It filled me full of faith as I saw thousands of names and their projects in the book.

In the book I had written the same phrase over and over: “And the Angel of the Lord directed Him/Her to….”

I knew the Angel of the Lord had been assigned to direct people very specifically, according to the pattern of heaven concerning the stewardship of the projects and resources that will bring Jesus His reward.

Lights Over Broadway, Nashville, and Hollywood

Then, I was lifted up in the dream and I saw lights over the entertainment industry capitals in America. The lights were the angels of the Lord who were piercing through the heavenlies, bringing messages, wisdom, instruction and RESOURCES for people’s anointed projects with the creative arts.

As I was looking over the map of America it expanded to a worldwide view and I saw activity in India as angels began to gather over the Hollywood industry. I saw them in Singapore, especially on animation. They flew to Toronto for film and drama. There were even more in France, as God touched some of the key artistic minds with redemption and expression.

These lights formed a net in the Spirit over the globe. I realized that there would be arts touching almost the entire world in a very short time. There really is going to be resources to release a new renaissance in the Arts, so that the Word can be seen and heard in a way that will impart the greatest faith realm since the early church. In these times of darkness we need to see such a great and marvelous light.

Dream of 50

Then the dream changed. The Minister of Finance handed me a briefcase that was full of $50’s and He said, “You will need what was deposited in the 1950’s in corporate America, and in the anointed Kingdom ministries, to experience the break through of resources that are coming.”

I only have limited understanding of this but as he spoke it, I was again taken above the earth. I could see mines in mountains all over the world. They were being tapped into and gold, silver, precious metals, gemstones, and minerals were being mined at an exponential rate. It was amazing because many Christians were given keys to these resources. (I even believe there are some people who have been prophetically directed to buy land that will have these resources discovered on them).

Israel’s Dark Night Will Lead to a Bright Day

Then as I hovered above looking at these mines opening up, I saw Israel. It was so dark, I could barely see through the thickness of black. Then a hand came and parted the blackness. As this happened, the heavens opened up and this Minister of Finance angel and thousands more angels stormed into Israel to bring a restoration to them as a nation.

In the dream I could see millions of pilgrims who had previously visited the Holy Lands as if they were all in one big group. Their hearts were being touched by the golden finger of the Minister of Finance. When he touched them, their hearts would begin to burn for Israel. The Holy Spirit\’s presence would fall on them and open their eyes to Israel. There was a great pouring out of their personal resources for this restoration in Israel.

I believe from this part of the dream that the Holy Spirit is about to awaken people to something that needs to take place in Israel, in our generation, by people resourcing the Kingdom works there. I believe God is laying out specific strategies through many ministries. They have been prepared to go in and distribute Kingdom resources, specifically for the purpose of restoration or recreating resource in Israel.

I believe what Israel has gone through in the past and present is preparing the way for a very bright day for Kingdom purpose. This is a very broad statement but God is going to do one of the most strategic historical moves in Israel since they became a nation in 1948.

The Promise Will Make Way For the Purpose

In the very last part of the dream I looked back at the Minister of Finance and saw Him with a group of people from different nations. They were all on the verge of purchasing properties for Kingdom purpose. Many of them didn’t have full resources to purchase the properties and they were talking amongst each other when the angel spoke above all of them and said “The promise will make way for the purpose.”

This sentence was spoken by God to a dear friend of mine and when the angel said this it overwhelmed me. I will forever remember this sentence in this context. I then awoke.

Heaven’s resources are being poured upon those who will unselfishly give Jesus His reward!

by Shawn Bolz

The Gatekeepers


Whatever God Can Get Through You,
He Will Get To You

Guys I presented to you, one of the greatest progressive revelation that God speak in 21st century for us. Nathanael Wolf is the author of this awesome book.

Are you longing to find greater significance in the business arena? In this book, you’ll learn how Gatekeepers have a special ability to both create a wealth and properly distribute it. Gatekeepers are on the cutting edge of a coming wealth shift. They are the portals of provision, a bridge from one realm to another. The world’s resources are going to come through Gatekeepers and help finance God’s work in the earth. Gatekeepers are God’s front line forces in business, and the business world is never going to be the same again!

As you read The Gatekeepers, you’ll discover …

The principal assignment of business leaders in God’s Kingdom

Why the richest man who ever lived valued people more than money

How to choose an exceptional mentor

How to discover profit in the middle of uncertainty and adversity.

I challenge you all to buy this book. I brought this book in 2005. This is one of the tools that God put in my hand to prepare me to make critical decision in March 2007. Maybe you are one of the Gatekeeper that God looking for.

Below is the last chapter taken from the book, “The Gatekeepers.”

Chapter Twelve

A Gatekeeper’s Call to Action

If God is asking you to dare to be a Gatekeeper, you must decide that you want it more deeply than any alternative.

Richard Petty has made more money than any other stock car drive in history. However, listen to the story when he reported the results of his first race to his mother. Young Richard Petty rushed into the house shouting, “Mama, there were thirty-five cars the started, and I come in second place in the race.” His mother replied, “You lost.”

“But mama, don’t you think it’s pretty good to come in second place in my first race-especially with so many starters?” She said, “Richards, you don’t have to run second place to anybody!” For the next twenty years Richard Petty dominated the world of stock car racing. The words, “Richard, you don’t have to run second place to anybody!” rang in his mind all those years.

You must make decision that being a gatekeeper isn’t going to come second place to other business goals. Being Gatekeeper is your greatest business success. You don’t have to run second place to anybody.

It’s never to late to start. Bill Walsh, former head of the San Francisco 49ers, is considered to be an offensive master. So why did Bill Walsh have to have gray hair before the NFL recognized his ability? Walsh said, “I was forty-five years old before I even had an interview for a head coaching job in the NFL.” And then he didn’t get it. He was turned down.

He was interviewed by the Bengals. Rejected.

He was interviewed by the Jets. Rejected.

He was interviewed by the Rams. Rejected.

The pros labeled Bill Walsh, “Not a head coach.” But after he was accepted in his first NFL head coaching position and three Super Bowl victories later, Bill Walsh proved the it’s never to late to start.

You must have the will to win at being a Gatekeeper. Knute Rockne said, “ Some say the will to win is a bad thing. In what way? Success in life goes to the person who competes and wins. A successful lawyer is the one who goes and wins. A successful physician is the ones who goes and wins by saving lives. A successful sales manager is someone who goes and wins by making sales. There no rewards for losing. So that leaves living life only one way-with the will to win!”

Gatekeeper must go out and win, Your enemy is not going to hand you wealth on a silver platter with an apple in it’s mouth, although he may try to roast you and serve dinner. As George Ade said, “Anyone can win-unless there happens to second entry.” God needs you to go into the city gates and contend for resources to flow into the Kingdom of God.

Theodore Roosevelt said,

The credit belong to the man who is actually in arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, …who know the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, who spends himself in worthy causes; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so the his place shall never with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

It’s time for Gatekeepers recognize their ability and do something. It’s time for Gatekeepers to think big, as Abraham did.

To serve others nobly, as Joseph did.

To value deeply, as Solomon did.

To sit at feet of mentor, as the Queen of Sheba did.

To be cunning and creative, as Jacob was.

To endure pain and overcome, as Job did.

To not miss opportunity to be a Gatekeeper, as the rich young ruler did.

It’s time to act.

A Prayer for Gatekeepers

Dear God, thank You for Yours marvelous grace. Thank You that the Body of Christ is so diverse and each member functions differently. Thank You that You give each member the ability to function correctly.


I ask You to help me function in my ability as a Gatekeeper. I’m going to the marketplace today and I need to find Your wisdom there. I’ll be searching for resources that will help Your work in the earth be accomplished. Please lead me to them today,


Help me to think big and solve other’s problem. Help me to value people and be creative. Help to endure suffering and be patient. Lord, show me the right mentors to listen to.


Lord most of all, help me not to miss any opportunity to be a Gatekeeper. I want to give something to Your work today. I trust You to be the Source for my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Copyright Ó 2005 RHEMA Bible Church

7 Mountains


What are the Seven Mountains?

The seven mountains are seven spheres of influence that make up the mind molders that control Nations. He who occupies these mountains controls the harvest. As Satan gains power over these mountains he increases his capacity for “Mind Control.” That’s the spiritual force that inclines whole people groups to think along the same pathway. It is the phenomenon that explains sudden trends in fashion or music. It works to turn whole continents against each other and will be used to facilitate global wars. Mind Control will increase as the Last Days speeds toward a conclusion.

Here are the Seven Mountains or Mind Molders:

1. Spirituality and Church
2. Family
3. Education
4. Government and Law
5. Media and Communication
6. Arts and Entertainment
7. Business and Finance

World Rulers of Darkness operate through people. Their goal is to penetrate key strategic positions at the tops of the mountains, and to populate these positions with people who will become gatekeepers to their foul agendas. A small group in control of Media with a homosexual bias can put on programs that make the Gay lifestyle appealing and entertaining. This media pummeling has the effect of softening minds to the issues of morality and creates intolerance for moral absolutes regarding sexual purity and a false tolerance for perversion.

Mind Molders work together in order to accomplish the strategies of the devil. This year alone, the family (Family Mountain) has come under assault by government legislatures (Government Mountain) in the State of Massachusetts to recognize that the union of a man and a woman is a thing of the past. Men now marry men and woman marry woman. Simultaneous with this, education (another mountain) chartered a school in New York to honor those students with a homosexual preference.

Abortion and Pornography are coming through this same gate at a rate that is barely keeping up with the number of marriages falling apart and the number of men and youth who are becoming addicted to sex on the internet.

The same strategy to leverage the power of mind molders is now being worked out by the spirit of Anti Christ in Europe. “Anti” means against or “instead of” – and “Christ” means “anointing”. Therefore it is the name of a spirit that opposes Christians and seeks an alternative anointing. The World Ruler of Islam has so successfully joined with the spirit of Anti Christ in Europe that America is now the most hated country and George Bush in particular is now the number one most hated leader in Europe.

This, less than one generation after young Americans spilled blood to liberate our friends from the tyranny of Hitler’s war machine. How can this happen? Again, it’s called end time mind control. The manipulation and infection of the hearts and minds of people in mass through the mind molders. By the way, what is the number one thing Europeans most dislike about the President? His piety, they don’t like the fact that he is a praying Christian!

Remember, Anti Christ is anti anointing. Europeans aren’t against all prayer. They don’t mind Muslims praying three times a day toward Mecca. This explains why a land where churches once dominated the landscape is now laced with golden domed Mosques dotting the horizon. This and the sudden rise of the European economy as their currency surpasses the U.S. dollar make all those who are afraid of being “Left Behind” nervous. But God has a plan- “Go into the entire world, all its systems, its mind molders and its Nations and infiltrate the world with My power and teaching. Don’t run and don’t hide.

Go through the door of globalization- world economics- and while it is yet day, while opportunity exists, penetrate these nations and systems with a demonstration of a belief system that has superior power and results. This is what Daniel did in Babylon and what Joseph did in Egypt. This is a large part of the reason why God is blowing on the marketplace message in this hour. This is a day where third world nations are asking for help, and developing nations are seeking to trade. The window is wide open to the church to impact the world. Opportunity is everywhere.

The anointing and the spirit of wisdom will give you access to people and places that will be altered by the covert and overt application of these commands. That’s right- you can be covert! One friend of mine is transforming entire schools and businesses by applying certain key commandments to his client’s lives and systems. They are not even aware of the degree to which their organizations are being aligned with the teachings of Christ. All they know is that it’s working. In schools the students are getting better grades and discipline problems are on the decline. In business the people are starting to work like real teams and treating each other with respect. Companies are prospering. It works!

The 50 Commandments of Christ are the key to transforming your home, community and business. Memorize them. Meditate upon them. Ask the Holy Spirit for illumination on how to apply them to your life. Expect God to put His divine favor upon you. Favor takes you to the top of the mountains. Be full of the Holy Spirit and you will break the power of Mind Control off of every system you invade.

Here are the 50 commands of Christ:

1. Repent – Mt 4:17
2. Follow me – Mt 4:19
3. Rejoice – Mt 5:11-12
4. Let your light shine before men – Mt 5:16
5. Honor God’s Law – Mt 5:17-18
6. Be Reconciled – Mt 5:24-25
7. Do Not Commit Adultery – Mt 5:29-30
8. Keep Your Word – Mt 5:37
9. Go the Second Mile – Mt 5:39-41
10. Love Your Enemies Mt 5:44
11. Be Perfect – Mt 5:46-48
12. Practice Secret Disciplines – Mt 6:1-18
13. Lay Up Treasures – Mt 6:19-21
14. Seek First Gods Kingdom – Mt 6:35
15. Judge Not – Mt 7:1-2
16. Do Not Cast Pearls – Mt 7:6
17. Ask, Seek, Knock – Mt 7:7-8
18. Do Unto Others – Mt 7:12
19. Choose the Narrow Way – Mt 7:13-14
20. Beware of False Prophets – Mt 7:15
21. Pray for Laborers – Mt 9:37-38
22. Be Wise as Serpents – Mt 10:16
23. Fear Not – Mt 10:28
24. Hear Gods Voice – Mt 11:15
25. Take My Yoke – Mt 11:29
26. Honor Your Parents – Mt 15:4
27. Beware of Leaven – Mt 16:6
28. Deny Yourself – Lk 9:23
29. Despise Not Little Ones – Mt 18:10
30. Go to Offenders – Mt 18:15
31. Beware of Covetousness – Lk 12:15
32. Forgive Offenders – Mt 18:21-22
33. Honor Marriage – Mt 19:6
34. Be a Servant – Mt 20:26-27
35. Be a House of Prayer – Mt 21:13
36. Ask in Faith – Mt 21:21-22
37. Bring in the Poor – Lk 14:12-14
38. Render to Caesar – Mt 22:19-21
39. Love the Lord – Mt 27:37
40. Love Your Neighbor – Mt 22:39
41. Await My Return – Mt 24:42-44
42. Take, Eat And Drink – Mt 26:26-27
43. Be Born Again – John 3:7
44. Keep My Commandments – John 14:15
45. Watch and Pray – Mt 26:41
46. Feed My Sheep – John 221:15-16
47. Baptize My Disciples – Mt 28:19
48. Receive The Endowment of Power – Lk 24:49
49. Make Disciples of all Nations – Mt 28:20
50. Demonstrate God’s Power – Mk 16:17

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