Receive My Voice

“Many have cried out: ‘Lord, I long for the new, I long to go through. However, I don’t have the strength to advance because the season has pulled the plug on my strength, and I feel I cannot stand and advance.’ But hear Me! I will energize your blood and cause My Spirit to touch you and go into places in your heart that have not been touched. I will cause the joints in your body to begin to have new energy and cause them to move in ways they have not moved. Do not despair because by My Spirit and new energy will come upon you.

The warfare that you’ve been contending in, the conflict that you’ve been standing in, will not overtake you. Stand still! In the midst of your stillness, I am beginning to release new mantles; you will stand face to face with Me, and then your enemy will see My reflection in your face. I AM rising up within you a sound that will come through you and cause the enemy to shake. Where the enemy has held your gate closed–the gate will come open. You will say, ‘A new day has broken.’

Some of you are saying, ‘I hate this storm that I am in the midst of riding out.’ But hear Me again! Because you won’t spread your wings and catch the wind of this storm, you are having trouble coming above its fury. Catch the wind! Catch the wind! My Spirit is blowing. Do not fear this economic strategy and structure that the enemy is voicing in the nations. Catch My wind in this economic storm! The dips and the lows will cause you to soar high. Throw your chest into the adverse winds and allow the wind to catapult you to a high place.

There are things that have been chasing you. Turn now and face that adverse wind. I will come with grace in the adversity and catapult you to a new level. You will see every movement in the field–the snakes, the rodents, and the treasures. Soar, see, and be catapulted into an enlarged place.

The Potter’s wheel that you have been on has been a necessary season for you. I AM doing a chiseling work to give you a new identity. Receive what I am creating. I AM placing My mark, My design, on your next season. One smooth blow will release the diamond that has been hidden in the rough. Look at the design that I have laid for your future. Look at the Craftsman’s hand because as I come down upon the chisel, you will see the breaking away, and what’s been hidden will be seen. Do not be afraid of that blow to come! I AM sending forth a sound into your inner being that will break up the dams that have held back your waters of Life. These waters will aid Me in your forming.

I am causing new languages to arise in My people. This will thwart the enemy’s plan to defile My purposes in you. If you will trust Me to do this one thing in you that has stopped you from being transformed into a mind of prosperity, you will succeed and failure will leave you. One small hit will change the course of your life and your direction. Your compassions have grown hardened. I must release this blow. I must cause the very depths of you to roar and to roar again. I AM creating a movement within you so you can digest what I will be doing in the four months ahead. Let the depths of your being roar with My sound. This sound will create the ability for you to absorb what occurs in the next four months.

Your inward being must embrace My THUNDER! This is a season that you shall hear thunder in the Heavens. As I thunder from the Heavens, know it is the voice of the Lord that is coming to you. For the thunder would create fear in the hearts of many. But for those of who fear the Lord, you will hear this thunder as a new sound from Heaven. This sound will cause you to come into the new place! My voice is coming to break you from all that would hold you in an old place. The thunder of the Lord is My manifest sound in the Heavens!

Do not fear what the enemy would do. For I Am thundering a new place for you and a new protection for you! Many would even run and hide in the day of storm. But you shall run into the storm and have victory over the storm! Let My thunder roll and break every place of fear from you. This will cause you to come into the new season where My light and My sun shall break forth out of the storm, out of the thunder. A new day is arising and the sun shall come and rest upon you. Do not fear this season of storm. This is your season to break through. Overcome the storm and rise up in a whole new place.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries


Take dominion through worship!

I love the teaching and revelation that is brought forth in each of the Issachar School classes. Robert Heidler and I just completed a course on “New Weapons for New Warfare.” As we approach the end of a seven-year war season and prepare to begin a new war season with new levels of contention and resistance, we taught on the spiritual weapons we are given as well as the issues that we will face in the years ahead. During the class, I asked LeAnn Squier to share the following dream she had early on Monday morning:

“In my dream, a group of us were gathered in the living room of a house. A man dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans came through the front double doors with a black sniper’s rifle which included a high-powered scope. He first pointed the rifle threateningly at the group, and then pointed it at me. In a quiet manner, I asked him if it would be okay if we worshipped. He nodded yes. As we worshipped, we entered into a different realm. We became totally aware of God’s presence in the room and totally unaware of the man’s presence among us. The presence of God in our midst eclipsed everything else in the room.

When we finished worshipping, the presence of God lifted and I could again see the room, the surroundings, and the man with the rifle still pointed at me. I had literally forgotten he was there while the presence of God was manifest; this man had been completely eclipsed by God’s presence. I got up from the couch where I was sitting and walked gently over to talk to the man. I engaged him in a friendly conversation, and one of the other people with us joined in to talk to him. I looked down and noticed that he had laid his rifle down, and as I looked back up at him, a wide, relaxed smile had come across his face. I realized it had been a hostage situation and he was now, in a sense, disarmed.” –End of Dream

Through this dream I hear the Lord saying, “Many enemies are in your midst and are even entering into the boundaries that I have given you. But I am calling you to come into this new place with Me so My presence fills the domain that I have given you. If you will begin to worship Me and allow your domain to be filled with My presence, then even the enemies that are targeting you will let go of their hostilities. They will be repositioned in your place of authority. This is a time when I am repositioning your enemies in your sphere of authority. If you will worship, then My presence will disarm the enemy’s plan and that which the enemy had intent on doing, he will no longer be able to accomplish. Worship is key to My Harvest plan. Many of the enemies that I bring into your path will be converted and become subservient in your domain. This is an hour of DOMINION! Take dominion through worship!”

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

8-Day Prayer Focus

“A Time to Evaluate the END of One Season and the New Beginning of the NEXT: An 8-Day Prayer Focus”

Blessings to you as you progress into the new! The Lord impressed me to send an “8-Day Prayer Focus” each month of this calendar year. From a prophetic perspective, this is a Feast of Tabernacles Year. In this year of “8”, the Feast represented by 8 is the Feast linked with Rosh Hashanah–the Feast of Tabernacles. This is the point in time when we enter the new season each year. This past year, the Feast of Tabernacles was from September 26-October 4. I think you should look back to see what was happening and stirring in your life at that intersection in time. You will probably find that the Lord was initiating or preparing you for some sort of ending and beginning at that time.

Each month of every year is linked with a blessing. The blessings of each month this year should be evaluated from the concept of “New Beginnings.” In the Feast of Tabernacles we are called to rejoice and remember our wilderness deliverances. After seven days of celebration, on the Eighth (8) day, we “Rest.”

This Eight (8) Day Pray Focus will assist you in entering into a new place with the Lord, or “going beyond” the place you have been halted or stopped in the past. All 8’s are linked with GOING BEYOND into a new level of GRACE!

Enter Into Your NEW!

The word NEW is an interesting word. All Eights (8’s) are linked with some “new” beginning. I love Isaiah 43:18-19 which says: “Stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by! I am doing something NEW! It’s springing up–can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.”

A new thing can be happening, but in the midst of a beginning, we can fail to perceive the change. In this year of Eight (8), 5768 and 2008, we must remember and contextualize everything within the understanding that we are entering a “New Beginning.” Remember, an END always precedes a Beginning. Therefore, the question becomes this: “How are you reacting when an END comes and a NEW BEGINNING starts?”

I love the story of Lazarus’ death. This account is a perfect example of how to perceive an END and a NEW BEGINNING. Jesus is notified of Lazarus’ sickness and decides to not rush to meet the need. As a matter of fact, He chooses to go to Judea rather than Bethany, the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus! His disciples have a very hard time grasping the reality of the situation. When He arrives in Bethany four days later, you find Martha standing and questioning the Lord over why He was not there when they needed Him. The Lord tells her, “Martha, if you would believe you would see the GLORY of God!” (paraphrased).

Mary then approaches the Lord with the same question, but her posture is one of falling at His feet as a sign of respect, honor and submission. Mary’s appeal to the Lord touched the core of His emotions, the very heart of God. This caused Him to groan deeply and release great compassion that led to resurrection power. This was a catalyst that created a chain of events that escalated the need for Him to complete His mission and get to Jerusalem and accomplish the redemptive plan of the Father for you and me.

All 8’s are linked with RESURRECTION POWER. The series of events that we see Mary creating is key to our lives this year. In all of your situations, circumstances, and endings, let a worship posture be exhibited. This will move the heart of God and release a catalytic change in the earth realm and atmosphere around you. “When it’s time for the NEW, your FOCUS should be: Am I PREPARED to wait until a full manifestation occurs?

To EVALUATE all new beginnings, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the situation or circumstance you find yourself in causing you to question God’s heart and love toward you and making you RESIST your new beginning?

2. Is the enemy using your reaction to stop you from moving into God’s best?

3. Are you kicking against the pricks and attempting to move in a way that Holy Spirit is developing checks in your spirit? Are situations or circumstances creating roadblocks to STOP you from entering into a WRONG “new” beginning?

4. Is the situation or circumstance that is happening in your life initiating a chain of events leading to a new beginning? Sometimes one event in your life is a catalyst for many other things. Perhaps you have not seen the end of the thing that has begun to get you to your new place!

5. Is your situation or circumstance creating an offense that keeps you from advancing?

Prayer Focus

Here is an “8 Day Prayer Focus” to assist you as you press into the NEW this year. This focus is built around the Hebrew month of Shevat, the month of Asher. Remember, you can repeat this as many times as you wish. Also, you do not have to complete this Prayer Focus in only 8 days. The purpose is to help you become NEW!

DAY 1: Read and memorize John 14:12-13, “…ask anything in MY NAME and I will do it!” Stop and celebrate over these verses. This is a season of going beyond! We must see a manifestation of the Lord and His Glory in our midst so we can see our future. To manifest means to “reveal or cause something to shine or illuminate.” The Lord is saying “I will cause your way to shine!”

Rejoice each day as you speak this word forth into your atmosphere. Read these verses three times a day. STAY AVAILABLE TO THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE WORD! Don’t stop at your last blessing, but keep looking for new manifestations of God’s blessings in your life. Break any mindset that says, “This is all there is…I cannot see the Lord blessing me in new ways!” Also, don’t think that you are the source to produce your more! This is actually “a works” mentality that is rooted in poverty.

DAY 2: Read Matthew 24:32-36. Watch the NEW BUD that is coming forth! See what the fig tree teaches! How will what has dried up and not blossomed in the past begin to bear new fruit in your life? This month, press into the blossoming that will produce the fruit and the oil for your future. List on a sheet of paper what you wish to see blossom in your life. Review what has dried up and ask the Lord to show you a new “bud.” Also read Isaiah 35 and Haggai 2. Be willing to be shaken and pressed so the latter glory will be greater than the former. Feel the weight and pressing of His glory that will produce the oil for your future.

Finally, read Psalm 92. Declare that a new anointing will begin to manifest in you in the next several months. A nine month process is necessary for the olive tree to blossom, for its harvest to mature, and to be harvested for the production of oil. Decree that this month your blossoming begins. Expect the pressing and pouring out of your new anointing. Rejoice over the Latter Glory.

DAY 3: Read Genesis 22 and Isaiah 59. This is a season to connect generationally! This will produce a sustaining inheritance in the Lord. Our generations possess the gates. Ask the Lord to roll up all the blessings of your generational bloodline that have never manifested and cause those blessings to begin to manifest. This is a year of manifestation! In many of the first chapters of each book of the Bible, there is either a death or a birth.

DAY 4: Read Genesis 1, Exodus 1, Joshua 1, 1 Samuel 1, Matthew 1, and Acts 1. Certain things need to end so you can see your beginning. Let go of things in your bloodline that God exposes. Certain people will die and it will end a season for you. Others will be born. Honor those who have gone before you. Honor your father and mother so that you might live long and prosper. Receive the next amount of revelation to “possess the gates of your enemy.”

DAY 5: Read Genesis 15, Psalms 9 & 11, Isaiah 11, and 2 Corinthians 5-6. Memorize and meditate on Matthew 3:15. Ask the Lord what “one thing” you need to do to unlock your next phase. Jesus had to be baptized by John. Let your right standing come forth! The Lord is longing to crown you with righteousness. If we refuse to wear this crown, then the accuser will begin to attack and condemn you later in the year. Dominion comes when we wear this crown (Psalm 9). We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, but you must wear the crown of that righteousness. Our righteousness must become experiential.

Stand in your righteousness. Set your face to obey and to do what will keep you in right standing so the enemy can’t accuse you later for not doing something you should have done. Ask the Lord to reform the foundation for our standing. Some of you are having to make shifts because the foundations you stood on in the past seasons are too shaky for you to stand on in the next season. Some of you made great shifts back in July and September. Now allow the Lord to solidify your stance so you walk in the fullness of what He will cause to blossom.

DAY 6: Read Genesis 24-26. This is a time the Lord desires to remove stones from our wells, create new wells, and bring us into an enlarged place. He longs to water the roots of our future. The Spirit of God has been taking us through a process of pulling out old root systems that will not produce the necessary fruit for the next season. This month there is a new watering and refreshing which goes down deep into root systems that have not been watered. Look for those you are aligned with this month that can fill your pitchers for the future.

Let revelation and supply strategies be poured into you. At times, even that old religious structure can be your supply. This is a month that water will be poured out and turned to wine. Read John 2. Jesus had pots of water that were used for the purification ritual brought to Him and then He shifted everything. Look at all your alignments this month. New energy will arise in you. Your identity can be shifted and reformed suddenly! Also meditate on John 4.

DAY 7: This is a day of celebration. Meditate on your favorite Psalm. Spend this day celebrating. Do not let “joy robbers” stop you from experiencing God’s best. The Spirit of God will see to it that you celebrate. If you feel like your celebration is dwindling, just ask Him to release an anointing of gladness for three more days. This will sanctify you and cause you to press past that old season. This month the trees clap their hands. The wind blows in the mulberry trees. Read 2 Samuel 5.

Ask that your root system would be reformed and that the roots deep in you would be watered and flourish. Watch the trees. Watch some blossom prematurely. Watch others go into their place of nourishment. Watch how the winds blow through the trees this month. Watch the direction of the winds. Watch where the winds blow! Catch the wind that will allow you to come from behind–you can catch up quickly. Your bills will not overtake you this month. The strategy to catch up will overtake you, and you will move into that new place of victory. You will surprise the enemy this month! The Lord is saying, “I will give you cautions well in advance so you can shift the direction of your path.” Read Psalm 16!

DAY 8: The tribe of Asher is associated with the month of Shevat. Asher was linked with pleasure and happiness and with words like delicious and fat. His mother was Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid. Read Genesis 30:13 and Genesis 49. During movement and war, Asher was positioned between Dan and Naphtali (Numbers 2:27). The boundaries of the inheritance given to Asher (which contained some of the richest soil in Palestine) and the names of its towns are recorded in Joshua 19:24-31 and Judges 1:31-32. The wealth offered to this tribe could have been its downfall.

Pray for the economy this year. Great fluctuations and shakings will occur in the earth. One of the promises to Asher was that he would dip his heel in oil. Watch the oil structures this month and every nation aligned with oil, every state aligned with oil, and every place that is an oil reservoir. If you understand the effects of oil, how it effects the commodities, and know how to operate financially in that, you can do well! The automobile industry must begin to make a shift this month because of oil. We need to see new inventions this month, so watch for their announcement. They actually mean something this month.

Your anointing begins to be produced in a new way this month. Beware of falling into religious structures; trust for an anointing to come forth that will overthrow all old structures that have stopped you in the past. Memorize and meditate on Isaiah 10:27.

Anna, the prophetess, was of the tribe of Asher (Luke 2:36) and recognized the Christ child. Therefore, ask the Lord for a new dimension of discernment. Read Hebrews 4 and 5. Ask the Lord to bring us past milk. Let us digest the protein the Lord is giving us this month. Declare that we will step through the gate of life into a new type of nourishment. Go out with joy, delight and happiness!

Read Daniel 1. Remember Daniel and his friends ate vegetables. They were healthy and their faces radiated! Watch what you eat these next three months. Many fast at this time of year. There are many ways to fast. Let the Lord choose your fast at times (Isaiah 58). You must shift in certain patterns or else these patterns will remain with you the rest of the season ahead. Be willing to change so you are not captured in an old, familiar place. Let God tell you the one thing you need to do.

I was with one of my children’s friends and noticed that he had lost weight. He said that he lost 30 pounds by not drinking soft drinks or eating fast foods for the last three months. Don’t get in bondage in any ways this year–just ask the Lord to shift your appetite. It’s not really about eating, but about appetite and faith! Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you! Lay your hands on your esophagus and stomach and decree healing for the esophagus, stomach and digestive system of your body. Also, declare the Body of Christ will be able to digest new revelation. Ask the Lord to allow you to spiritually digest what you could not in the past season.

2008 is a Year of Gates! In this year of going through the gates, seek the Lord for His blessing each month. Find the places where the revelation of Heaven intersects with a gate in the earth realm. Revelation creates the entry way for your next opportunity. May the Word of God come alive in you in a new way. Receive a spirit of revelation. I decree that this is just a beginning of new manifestations in your life. You will see many things happen. May you see new prosperity, digest new revelation and receive a new anointing. May you create new inventions.

In Jesus’ name I send you into this Year of the Gates, the Year of New Beginnings and into all your blessings that will manifest and blossom.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

Wait !

The Lord is Realigning and Developing Our Faith in the Next THREE MONTHS”

Recently, I sent out the first portion of a prophetic word the Lord brought to us during one of our Tuesday Morning Prayers. The word encourages us to “wait for His Presence, hear the heartbeat and get in synch with His best for you.” Much response came from this prophetic word. I now feel it is time for the remainder of the word to be released. The second part of the word is below. This encourages us to understand that the faith window is changing and the Lord is “realigning and developing our faith in the next three months.” Read and pray this word over yourself.

“You might ask yourself, ‘Why have I been positioned here in this mundane job when all I want to do is worship You?’ I would say, You are there because of timing. Otherwise, you would get out of time, and touch the ark, rather than follow behind or carry the ark. Enjoy and celebrate the mundane assignments and then you will see your ark move.”

“This is a season that I am teaching My people how to enter into My presence. You must have My Presence to secure your future. Without you being where I have placed you NOW, you could never understand My presence for your future. I am developing a testimony in you. Because of this testimony, you truly will enter into the new beginning and be repositioned in days ahead. Allow Me to develop and create the image for your future. If you will stand and allow Me to prosper everything you put your hand to, no matter how mundane and insignificant it seems to you, then you will prosper.”

“O afflicted one, tossed and thrown, I am coming to comfort you. My Voice will call you up in a new way. Do not try to come up in the same way you have come up in the past, for this is a day of new beginnings. In this new beginning, I am bringing a renewal of covenant to My people. I am breathing on the way that I am agreeing with My people. You are in agreement with some things that you must let go of. I am not in agreement with those things. Break agreement, that I might renew My covenant with you. You are in agreement with the way you see yourself, and that is not the way I see you. Unless you get My image, you cannot be transformed for your future. You must see yourself the way I see You.”

“It is the sure mercies of David that I am calling forth. They come through Me and agree as ONE. I have taken you through the caves and the wilderness, but now I am ready to bring you to a new beginning. The only thing that can stop this new beginning is you not yielding to Me or not receiving instruction from those I position in your path to help you find the new way. If you agree with Me, then My sure mercies that I poured out on My servant David, I will pour out on you. It was the witness that I was forming in him that enabled him to lead. Many of you are wanting to be out front without My witness. Wait for Me to witness in your spirit before you go forward.”

“This is a day of rearranging leadership and preparing you with enhanced skills. I AM causing talents that have lain dormant within you to come forth. This is My new beginning, so you must let Me go before you to prepare that new beginning for you and bring you fully into it. Seek Me, while I may be found, for this is a month of seeking. There will be three months to develop faith in a new way in you. My word will become strong and you will be called forth into that place. You will find yourself establishing and breaking the ground I have given you, but you must allow Me to prepare you to stand on new ground.”

“My people do not have the mind for super-abundance nor do they have the strength to carry extra baskets. This is a season that extra baskets must be carried by My people and you must carry them together. Some of you would love to grab your baskets and run, but that will not get you into the fullness of the place where I would establish you.”

“Find what I have given you, but know that I can cause it to multiply. Where you did not have anything but a sack, I can multiply it into 12 baskets, but there is no way you can carry the 12 baskets by yourself. You must get realigned and find those to work with you. Know that it is the delight of My heart to bring My people into this new place.”

“The new beginning has begun. I am teaching My presence in a new way. Do not look at ministry in the way that others have, for this is a time of developing witness and not a time of causing My people to be seen as ministers. My word does not return to Me void, but it produces a fullness. Watch for the fullness of My word to manifest. My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. You are limiting My high ways to your thought processes. I have other ‘highways’ for you to travel and other ways for you to step in. You have gotten caught in the midst of a machine and it is not what I am doing in your life. It is producing a blueprint that is NOT what I long for others to see in your life.”

“In your gleaning, be very satisfied, for I am very near to you in the midst of the gleaning fields. Listen to My word and listen to My way, for others are watching you in a way that you have never been watched before. You are longing to gain audience with one and it is someone else that I am causing to see you. Even now, there are Pharaohs who are watching and observing you, and it is those that will favor you, My people.”

“This is a day of transference of wealth, but you must be connected with those who have amassed it for My Kingdom plan. I know who can release it. I can realign it. This word will not return void. If you will wait for your heart to realign, then instead of void and chaos being on your path, there will be baskets full of My blessings. Wait and watch, for My presence has now realigned with you, and you will be aware of My presence at every turn.”

I would encourage you to read Isaiah 55. Verse 2 says, “Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good. Let your soul delight in abundance.” Tell your soul to rise up and delight in abundance. The desires of your heart must be in alignment with the delight of God to experience His abundance. I am asking for the hearts of God’s people all over the globe to delight in His abundance. If you are striving over supply, stop, until you can delight in abundance.

The Lord is saying, “Incline your ear and come to Me.” I decree that you are going to hear how to come forth. You will not come forth in the same way as you did in the past because the Lord is not calling you forth in the same way.

By Prophet Chuck D. Pierce

Women Arising Now

Guys, I believe that the Spirit of God now is moving among the women all over the world. Like Mary, the Holy Spirit descending to impregnate vision to birthing something that shaping the nations and bring God’s Kingdom move forward in such away that transform the whole nations. “There’s never been a better time in history to be a girl.” So in his book “The Future War of the Church”, Prophet Chuck Pierce speaks the plan of God for all the women. Please buy the book; this is a very important book for our generation.

Chapter Nine of his book, The Future War of the Church


Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel,
Until I, Deborah, arose,
Arose a mother in Israel.
Judges 5:7

Women are called to be a great power in the future.
Josephine Butler, 1828-1906

Thus far we have seen that the Church is in a real spiritual war. There is much oppression and conflict ahead, but if we will step up into the authority God has given us for this season, we will see great victory. One of the areas of oppression most commonly linked with the antichrist system worldwide concerns the oppression of women.

Recently I read the following in the Dallas Morning News:

A woman in Afghanistan was recently beaten for eating ice cream in public after buying it from a street vendor. Among the thousands of reports on human rights [concerning] abuse of Afghan women, this is certainly not the worst, according to Eleanor Smeal [president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, a research and advocacy group]. But she says it is emblematic of the human tragedy occurring in the rugged mountain recesses of central Asia. Now feminists are joining arms with Hollywood celebrities to step up a three-year campaign against the ruling Muslim fundamentalists now ruling most of Afghanistan. The goal is to connect Americans with underground schools for Afghan girls, and to make the plight of Afghan women the human rights focus of the new millennium.1


Not only will there be increasing oppression of women in the coming days but there will also be a seduction of the world’s women to lead them away from their God-ordained direction.

In World magazine, Bob Jones IV wrote that the long-standing debate over gender equality is broadening in scope. No longer are education and equal-pay-for-equal-work the only issues. In addition to their liberal stand on reproductive rights, the United Nations is promoting “the right to free choice of profession and employment,” including the legalization of prostitution. The Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is one avenue by which the UN is redefining global opinion and acceptance of prostitution as an inherent freedom.2

This seduction of the female is nothing new. There is a wonderful book called Bad Girls of the Bible by Christian author Liz Curtis Higgs. In this book, Higgs takes from Scripture each key woman who deviated from God’s perfect plan for her life and analyzes her mistakes. She discusses Eve, Potiphar’s wife, Lot’s wife, Jezebel, Rahab, Michal and others. Higgs shows how several of these deviated from and never returned to God’s perfect plan, perhaps even setting a poor pattern for others to follow. Other biblical women, such as the woman at the well, are shown to have recognized their true identity and turned from a horrible season of life toward a new destiny.

The enemy will oppress and attempt to stop women from becoming all that God has created them to be. And if he is able, Satan will enslave them to accomplish his will on Earth. But despite the enemy’s efforts to oppress and seduce women, we are about to see women of the Church arise and influence the world in a way they have never done before!


In a recent article in SpiritLed Woman, Judy Jacobs examines how “the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12). She writes:

“The violent take it by force” means that an energetic force takes for itself what is rightfully its own. . . . This is a season where violence is required to get things accomplished in the supernatural that could never be done in the natural. . . . This requires a new level of courage, determination, perseverance and unwavering faith. Women who have never felt violent will now arise in faith and believe God for the impossible.3

We are about to see faith-filled women arise and change the course of history.

With the apostolic Church rising and the apostolic gift being restored in the Body of Christ to produce a new order, the question of how women fit into God’s plan for the days ahead is key. I believe this question is going to be as big as the Acts 15 ordeal over circumcision. In this passage, Gentiles were beginning to come into the Kingdom and the Church (which was mostly Jewish at the time) was trying to determine whether the Gentiles would have to obey the Jewish laws in order to experience salvation. A key meeting was held and a binding decision made that salvation was a gift by grace and that the Gentiles could be welcomed into the saving grace of God without observing the law of circumcision.

Today, we must ask how God wants to raise up women to influence the Kingdom and the world. We must also recognize how Satan’s plans depend on the continued oppression of women. Our understanding of these two issues will help us to determine the progress of the Church in the future war.

Undoubtedly, women are one of the Church’s most untapped resources. David Yonggi Cho, senior pastor of the 700,000-member Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, has said:

For 5,000 years in Korea, women had no voice at all. They were only to cater to the needs of men. Then Christianity came and set women free. Especially in the church, women are free. . . . In ministry, they are equal to men. They are licensed; they are ordained. They become deacons and elders, and they become cell leaders. . . . [If pastors will train women and delegate ministry to them] they will become tremendous messengers for the Lord. . . . [Although some argue that women should be silent in church] once women are called into ministry, they no longer belong to the category of women. They are messengers of the Lord. 4


I remember seeing a TV commercial that declared, “There’s never been a better time in history to be a girl.” Even though great oppression is occurring in certain areas against women, they are also enjoying more opportunities than ever to become all that God created them to be-to let their lights and gifts shine.

As we have said, the new millennium is revealing a new order in the Body of Christ. The law of order says that there is a sequence of events arranged in a definite plan and time that causes the proper functioning of systems, resulting in victory. Order is also linked with authority.

Women have become recognized in the Church as prayer warriors but not particularly for their ability to exercise God’s authority on Earth. During the past decade I have had the opportunity to work with great women of faith. Through my position among the leaders in the global prayer movement, our Lord has brought me into relationship with several gifted women who know how to wield great authority on their knees. This authority, through spirit-filled praying, brings heaven to Earth and changes the course of the world.

God is renewing and restoring the apostolic gifting in the Body of Christ. He is raising up leadership for the future. He is releasing an anointing for spiritual breakthrough against the kingdom of darkness from region to region. This is a season when our Lord’s apostolic order and authority are being established in a new, fresh dimension. Part of God’s order for this hour is the establishment of godly women with an authority and a sphere of influence that will revolutionize societies throughout the earth.

Many prophets are declaring that there will be a great move of the Holy Spirit among women. I believe that many women are being called to preach, teach and evangelize cities and nations. These women will find themselves released and liberated to go forth proclaiming, “The kingdom of our Lord is at hand!”

So what role will women play in the future transformation of society? And just where do women fit in the apostolic reformation of the Church that is now occurring?

Spiritual Mothering

When apostolic authority is established in a territory, the vision of today is thereby passed to the succeeding generations. Most of us think of the gift of apostle, the first gift God recognizes as necessary for His order to be established on Earth, as being a fathering gift. This is definitely true. However, there is another dimension of transgenerational vision and apostolic gifting that includes spiritual mothering. Without both mothering and fathering the next generation of believers becomes dysfunctional. Mothers have many times determined the course of history. God is raising up spiritual mothers in this hour.

I have always had a heart and a great respect for women who endured and overcame their circumstances. It is easy for me to relate to the Scripture in 2 Timothy 1:5 when Paul encourages Timothy “to remember the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother . . . and I am persuaded is in you also.” I look back at the difficult circumstances of my youth and it is with great joy that I reflect on the faith of a godly grandmother and the endurance of a mother who imparted future strength to me.

Passionate Conception

The Bible gives us many examples of women operating in faith who changed the direction of the human race. Women of faith receive strength to conceive the seed of the future.

The first woman of faith we find recognized by God was Sarah:

By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised (Heb. 11:11, emphasis added).

Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was 90 years old. She overcame her physical inability because she judged God to be faithful to His promise that she would be the mother of nations and that kings would descend from her (see Gen. 17:15,16; 18:10).

The Hebrew word yacham (“conceive”) means to get hot. There is a passion that God is about to release upon His Church. We are going to see the passion of God rise up in His women of faith. Although Sarah’s womb was dead, it got hot as God produced within her the faith to lay the foundation of our covenant future. This is God’s time for passion to hit women-a godly, holy passion that will cause the foundation of the future to come into being.

These are days of supernatural conception and birthing, and women understand and model conception and travail better than men. I believe God is asking the question today, “Where are my Sarahs? “He is saying, “I plan to conceive My purpose to bring forth My inheritance in the nations in this hour. I need Sarahs filled with faith who can conceive and bring forth this plan.”

Overthrowing Enemies

Women who have been disciplined and prepared have faith and boldness to overthrow an enemy bent on destruction. Esther was such a woman (see chapter 2). Even though she was an adopted orphan, through preparation and discipline the favor of God rested upon Esther, as she was willing to be used by a holy God to save an entire people. By receiving the spirit of adoption that the Lord Jesus Christ has offered us, we will be prepared for what is ahead in the future. Even if you feel totally abandoned, know that the Lord can raise you up and prepare you for that special moment when He will use you for the advancement of His kingdom.

We are seeing a generation of Esthers arising-godly, obedient, grace-filled women who are being positioned to overthrow the enemies of the future.

Transforming Cities

Women of faith bring transformation to cities. In 2 Samuel 20 we find the story of two nations at odds. This story has rebellion, anarchy, betrayal-many of the same issues we see between nations in the world today.

The rebel Sheba had led an uprising against David that threatened the entire kingdom. One of David’s mighty men, Joab, pursued Sheba to Abel of Beth Maachah, the city where Sheba was holed up. Joab’s men surrounded the city and, bent on destruction, began battering the walls to bring them down.

Then a wise woman cried out from the city, “Hear, Hear! Please say to Joab, ‘Come nearby, that I may speak with you.'” When he had come near to her, the woman said, “Are you Joab?” He answered, “I am.” Then she said to him, “Hear the words of your maidservant.” And he answered, “I am listening” (2 Sam. 20:16,17).

Faith has a voice and wisdom that can produce change. I really like this passage because it never gives the woman’s name.

This lady recognized that her city was headed for destruction. So she said to Joab, “I am among the peaceable and faithful in Israel. You seek to destroy a city and a mother in Israel. Why would you swallow up the inheritance of the LORD?” (v. 19). This statement stopped Joab and made him rethink his course of action. Why should he destroy a whole city just to overtake one rebellious individual? So he said to the lady, “Deliver Sheba into my hands, and I will depart from the city.” The woman responded, “Watch, his head will be thrown to you over the wall” (v. 21). Then the woman in her wisdom went to her people, and they cut off the head of Sheba and threw it out to Joab. This caused the army to withdraw from the city.

Wow! One woman’s wisdom and influence prevented the destruction of an entire city. God is now raising up unknown women who are filled with faith and who carry the Word of God in their mouths. They will become like two-edged swords, ready to speak wisdom that will alter the plans of destruction for our cities.

There are many more biblical examples of women who exercised authority that resulted in historical change. Lydia in Acts 16 is a great example of women operating in the marketplace who caused the evangelization of a nation to occur. I also love Moses’ mother, whose faith saved an entire nation. Deborah was an established warrior who led an entire generation (see Judg. 4). Jael was just a normal young girl with a ready weapon in her hand who brought the final blow on the enemy of her people (see Judg. 5:24-27). Mary of Bethany displayed extravagant devotion in the midst of rebuke to practice servanthood upon our Lord (see John 12:1-8).

Women in past seasons have known they had a call to influence and transform society. Unfortunately, some attempted to enter into this authority outside the boundaries and timing of God, producing confusion and a measure of reproach upon the whole of the female gender. However, this is a time and season when God is preparing women leaders and spiritual mothers who will step up and enter into authority according to His perfect plan, His order and His timing. These are the women who will change the course of the world.

Arise, women of the faith, and transform your families, cities and nations!


In the Old Testament and under the Old Covenant, women were essentially relegated to the task of keeping the home. But God in His sovereignty would raise up women leaders from time to time. When He did this, these women often had an incredible apostolic anointing. They exercised great influence and in some instances ruled better than the men of their time. God is able to break into a culture that subjugates women to men, and He will raise women to positions of leadership, empowering them to accomplish His purposes on Earth.

Indeed, in the New Testament, we see Jesus doing a new thing: He changes the status of women! Our Lord caused society to recognize women in a different way. Let’s look at the incident in which a woman caught in an adulterous act was brought before Jesus:

The scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery. And when they had set her in the midst, they said to Him, “Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses, in the law, commanded us that such should be stoned. But what do You say?” (John 8:3-5).

Cindy Jacobs shares that she could “only imagine the thoughts that ran through Jesus’ mind” during this confrontation:

One immediate thought would have been that the Scribes and Pharisees had only quoted part of the law on adultery. Leviticus 20:10 says that both the adulterer and the adulteress shall be put to death. The woman alone had been “caught in the act”; the guilty man was getting off scot-free. Many other double standards had evolved in the society since the law had been given. Of course, the eternally present Son of God and lawgiver knew. His next statement ripped the covers off the hidden places of their hearts: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first” (John 8:7).5

Jesus demolished the double standard that had been established by tradition and culture. This was not just matter of a woman being judged for her sin; this was a societal issue concerning gender! Christian tradition has it that this woman later became an incredible influence within the Lord’s ministry to the society that surrounded her. The same thing happened after Jesus spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well. Once she met the Lord, her testimony helped to transform her entire city (see John 4:39-42).

If the people of God are to march forward in this season, we must see and expect the redemptive power of God that came to Earth when the Lord Jesus visited. He literally liberated women! Yet in society we keep going back to the old ways. We simply cannot go back in this season. Know that the enemy is afraid of the woman! The first redemptive promise found in the Word of God is that although Satan would bruise the heel of her seed, her seed would crush the head of Satan (see Gen. 3:15). This is an incredible redemptive promise.

The enemy has so many believing women cowering in fear. Consequently, they have lost sight of the fact that their seed will one day crush the enemy’s head. Ladies, now is the time to ask the Lord to make your ministry strong. Shake off the bruising you see and feel, and confess that the heels of your physical and spiritual sons and daughters will soon crush the enemy!


Many women struggle to understand all they are in Christ. They have been told over and over, “Here’s your role.” The enemy has used this religious spirit to steal women’s hope and confine them to a place the Lord never intended.

One reason I have such a heart for women is that I grew up in a home where my mother was abused. My dad fell into corruption, and I saw a man who had so much potential instead take an abusive path. I watched him violate everything he knew to be right.

I remember the first time I took a stand against this behavior in our home. I ended up receiving the abuse as well. This began a cycle of destruction set against both my mother and me. Eventually I asked the Lord, “Why is this happening?” I had to come to an understanding of why there was such enmity between the woman and the seed of Satan.

Male and female roles and relationships are so clearly defined in the first couple of chapters of Genesis. Truly, whatever seeks to demean, enslave or dominate women is contrary to God’s original plan and purpose for humankind. Man and woman are created equal in all aspects. They are one in Jesus Christ.

Man and woman, who are made in God’s image and likeness, share a unique position and relationship in God’s created order. God gave two commands to the first couple: Be fruitful and rule over the earth (see Gen. 1:28). These commands were given to both the man and the woman. And yet, as Jim Davis and Donna Johnson tell us in Redefining the Role of Women in the Church, “there has been a persistent tendency . . . to apply the command to procreate to woman, but to exclude her from the command to exercise dominion, or rule, over the earth.”6

Somehow Satan has managed to deal devastating blows to male-female relationships in the Church. Rather than collaboration in unity and harmony to accomplish God’s purposes, we have instead had separation and domination. Many of God’s people have indulged in evil practices, including adultery, divorce, polygamy, abuse, unfaithfulness and the breaking of covenant.

I first came to know the Lord when I was 11, but it was not until I was 16 that I really began to seek Him. It was then I recognized Satan’s hatred of women. I can’t say I ever had any bitterness toward my dad, because I had experienced the love of God and I knew the Lord also loved my father. But I knew another force was controlling him. Through him I could see the power of Satan. I saw in my father more than just abuse; I saw wrath.

I repeat, Satan hates women with great wrath. One way you can always determine the level of the antichrist spirit and his operation is how you see women being treated in a region. Similarly, how you see women being treated in the Church displays the level of the freedom of God in that region. The two are in direct correlation with each other.

Because of the abuse and destruction in our family, our family had to be realigned with Father God. Part of that realignment occurred because my mother did not just write off all men; instead, after my father’s death, she remarried a godly man who helped to break the power of dysfunction that was in our family.

I mentioned earlier how the apostolic call to the Church is both to spiritual fathers and mothers. Larry Kreider, in his book The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, explains the three keys to spiritual parenting: (1) initiate a relationship, (2) build a relationship and (3) release your children into their own relationship so they, too, can produce spiritual children. Kreider also explores God’s nurturing mother heart. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to break down the dysfunction in a family’s life, whether it be a spiritual family or natural.7

God is calling His people to a balanced spiritual life that includes spiritual mothering as well as fathering. I believe Satan hates the realignment of fathers and mothers, both spiritual and natural, even more than he hates the female gender itself.


In her book Women of Destiny, Cindy Jacobs writes:

Of one thing I am certain: God is calling women today in a greater way than He ever has before. Major prophetic voices are prophesying all around the world that this is the time to find a way to release women into the ministry.8

It is of utmost importance that we understand the role of women in the new place to which the Lord has called His Church. The women He is raising up in this hour are what I call NOW women. This designation has nothing to do with the feminist organization (the National Organization of Women), but rather, refers to women who have been called and prepared for such a time as this.

Past apostolic movements in the Church did not bring the gifts of God in women to their fullness, usually because women were not considered by men to be equal in their giftings. This did not stop the gifts of God from moving through women; instead it caused their gifts to be developed outside the four walls of the local church. As a result, we have seen Christian women’s organizations spring up all over the world to help release women in their giftings, the largest being Aglow International.

In this new move of God, this will not be the case. We are coming into a new dimension in the Body of Christ in which the women of God will be given great authority and great influence in the Body.


This is a NOW season on Earth. What we do NOW will dramatically affect our future. It is a new season for women, as the Lord is beginning to call forth NOW women for His purpose. This is the time for NOW women to rise up. (This is also a slogan of the feminist movement. But God has a way of revealing His truth, even when the world and the devil try to pervert it.)

What does a NOW woman look like? The account of Jesus’ first public miracle-turning water into wine-provides some insight:

There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding. And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:1-5).

This is an incredible Scripture passage. Jesus looks at His mother and basically says, “What does this wedding have to do with Me? I’m not ready to display My glory.” Notice His mother’s reaction: She didn’t seem to listen to Him. The mothers that God is raising up in this hour just know when it’s time for something to happen. NOW women initiate the new thing.

Mary said to the attendants, “Whatever He says to do, do it.” Here is an example of a woman initiating the new thing. Based perhaps on what His Father wanted to do as revealed by His mother, Jesus submitted and began to give instructions to create the wine that would bring fulfillment to the wedding. He told the servants to get water pots and fill them up. Then He said to them, “Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast” (v. 8, emphasis added).

Mary initiated this NOW event. Many times women are called to initiate the next move of God on Earth. Have this mind-set about you even though society may not see it this way.

After Jesus changed the water to wine, the host said to the bridegroom, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now” (v. 10, NIV, emphasis added). The best is yet to come, and women are going to be on the front line, initiating the best in the days ahead. Remember, this was Jesus’ first sign that He demonstrated to Palestinian society. It was the first time they saw His glory revealed-and it was initiated by a woman.


We’ve already discussed Sarah from the standpoint of birthing what God wanted to do on the earth. But let’s look at her from the standpoint of conceiving. In Hebrews 11:11 (interestingly, 11 is the number of judgment) we read:

By faith Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age, because she judged Him faithful who had promised.

NOW women conceive the new thing. As we have seen, the Hebrew word yacham (“conceive”) means to get hot. Passion comes alive, and from this conception begins to occur.

If there is one thing wrong with the Church, it is that we’ve lost the passion to be able to properly conceive the new thing that God wants to do on Earth. However, we are now on the verge of one of the greatest women’s movements ever. This new movement will not be perverted, and it will not be out of sync with God’s purpose and timing. It won’t be conceived by the flesh, and the enemy won’t motivate it. The Lord is raising up passionate women who are filled with faith and who are about to conceive this new thing.

Early one morning on the way to a conference, Cindy Jacobs suggested we stop at a Krispy Kreme (a great donut shop). If you know anything about Krispy Kreme, you know to look for a neon sign in the window that says “Hot.” When you see this, you know that the donuts have just come out of the oven, and that’s when they taste incredible! On this day we saw the sign flashing in the window, so Cindy and I pulled into Krispy Kreme. There were huge lines because everyone there had come to get in on the very best. That’s what God wants to do in the Church! He wants that “Hot” sign to come on in the Church, and when it does, this will draw people from all around. They will be lined up, trying to get in! And it will be the women who have the ability to conceive and release that passion.


The Gospel of Mark reveals another characteristic of NOW women. After we learn that the stone had been rolled away from Jesus’ tomb and that He had risen from the dead, we read:

Now when [Jesus] rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons. She went and told those who had been with Him (Mark 16:9,10).

Jesus chose a woman to be the person to whom He first appeared. This woman would be a prototype of the believer spreading the good news of salvation to the world. So just because you’ve been demonized in the past does not mean you’re not a forerunner for the future. You, too, could revolutionize the world! Mary Magdalene went and told the mourning and weeping disciples that Jesus was risen indeed!

NOW women announce the new thing. Not only do they initiate and conceive it, but NOW women also announce the new thing. Jesus’ handpicked disciples were too filled with fear and unbelief; they were not ready to announce His resurrection. As it was, they didn’t believe Mary Magdalene when she made her announcement. But she knew she had seen the Lord. Women are about to become the next trumpeters of faith throughout this land.


The story of Rebekah at the well in Genesis 24 reveals a different dimension regarding NOW women that God wants us to understand at this time. If you remember, Isaac had been given Abraham’s heritage. However, Isaac could not perpetuate this inheritance by himself. Consequently, Abraham sent his servant to find a suitable bride for Isaac. In Genesis 24:10 we find that “the servant took ten of his master’s camels and departed, for all his master’s goods were in his hand.” That means the servant had access to anything his master had, so he chose camels laden with gifts to begin his search for Isaac’s wife. What the servant was really looking for was the release of the inheritance of God on the earth.

When the servant arrived in Mesopotamia in the evening, he made his camels kneel down outside the city of Nahor by a well of water. The time of day is important, as evening was the time when the women of the city came out to draw water. Knowing this, Abraham’s servant arrived at the well at the right time so that he could watch for a suitable bride among the women. Then the servant prayed to the God of his master and asked for success on this day in his mission:

Behold, here I stand by the well of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say, “Please let down your pitcher that I may drink,” and she says, “Drink, and I will also give your camels a drink”-let her be the one You have appointed for Your servant Isaac. And by this I will know that You have shown kindness to my master (Gen. 24:13,14).

These men positioned themselves to receive a NOW woman. This is a very important point. Abraham’s servant was looking and listening carefully for a woman to fulfill God’s prophetic command at that time. And when the NOW woman said the right thing, he knew she was the one.

We have a concept in our society that men always lead. Yet many times it’s the women who fulfill the destiny of God. When we hear the right thing coming from a woman, we need to begin to acknowledge that woman. Are you recognizing how great a role women play in the course of society and in the course of God’s inheritance? There is a perfect timing for everything, and this is a time that women and men must position themselves properly.

Rebekah came out to the well with her pitcher on her shoulder even before the servant had finished praying (see v. 15). This is an hour when you need to get to the well to which God is calling you. And you need to have those vessels ready to fill up what needs to be filled.

When Rebekah appeared, the servant ran out to meet her and asked if he could have a little water to drink. Rebekah said, “Drink, my lord,” and lowered her pitcher so he could get a drink (v. 18). She also offered to give water to his camels. This lady was at the right place at the right time and said the right thing. As a result, she ended up marrying the richest man in the region. Many times when you come to the right place at the right time, there are all sorts of blessings waiting for you there.

Earlier, in Genesis 24:5, the servant questioned Abraham, saying, “Perhaps the woman will not be willing to follow me to this land.” But Rebekah was ready to make a move. She chose to move forward into the inheritance of God, and she ended up fulfilling the destiny of God. Because Abraham’s servant was positioned correctly to receive this NOW woman, all of God’s generational blessings were opened to Isaac and his descendants. NOW women have great influence, and men are now being positioned to receive them.


The life of Abigail exemplifies influence as well as another attribute of NOW women. In 1 Samuel 25, we learn that Abigail was married to Nabal, a very wealthy businessman and landowner in Carmel. David and his men were camped in the area, and they sought refreshment from the household of Nabal. David’s men came with a right spirit to this man, but Nabal replied foolishly and denied their request. Often women live with foolish men, but that should not stop them from being who they’re supposed to be.

When Nabal rejected the opportunity to refresh David and his troops, he also rejected the opportunity to receive promise. David’s encampment had actually been forming a wall around this foolish man’s territory and protecting everything he had. Consequently, when David asked for blessing, he thought that Nabal would gladly reciprocate.

Given the wealthy man’s scornful response, David decided to go in, take what he and his troops needed and kill all the men in Nabal’s household. So Nabal’s wife, Abigail, “made haste and took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep already dressed, five seahs of roasted grain, one hundred clusters of raisins, and two hundred cakes of figs, and loaded them on donkeys” (1 Sam. 25:18). She bypassed her foolish husband in order to save him and his household from the wrath of the renowned warrior and his men.

When Abigail went out to meet David, she bowed her face to the ground and said:

On me, my lord, on me let this iniquity be! And please let your maidservant speak in your ears, and hear the words of your maidservant (v. 24).

It doesn’t matter who your husband is; a NOW woman can intervene on behalf of a foolish man. Abigail positioned herself correctly; she humbled herself and interceded for her husband. Notice the results: David received her intercession and bade her go in peace.

When Abigail told her husband the next morning what she had done, “his heart died within him, and he became [paralyzed, helpless as] a stone. And about ten days after that, the Lord smote Nabal and he died” (1 Sam. 25:37,38, AMP). Abigail later married David.

God has placed many women in difficult situations and has given them the ability to intervene correctly. When a NOW woman intervenes correctly before the Lord, know that the Lord will intervene on her behalf.


Naomi is another example of a NOW woman. The name Naomi means “pleasant,” but the Word of God says she was bitter (see Ruth 1:20). Here is a woman who lost her husband and both sons while the family dwelt in a foreign land. Following their deaths, Naomi chose to leave Moab and return home to Bethlehem. After they had already set out for Bethlehem, she spoke with her sons’ widows (Orpah and Ruth, both women of Moab) and gave them a choice: They could remain with her and move on to a new place or they could go back to Moab. One daughter-in-law, Orpah, does the expected and returns to the familiar. The other, Ruth, does the exceptional and goes forward with her mother-in-law.

Ruth chose to keep covenant with Naomi. Together they would try to rebuild their lives. Once in Bethlehem, Ruth did everything Naomi asked of her, and one morning her mother-in-law woke up and said something like this: “We’ve got to make a change, and we’ve got to make a change now! Daughter, if you do what I tell you to do now, you shall secure your future” (see Ruth 3:1).

NOW women know the time for change. And if they move in God’s perfect timing, they will secure their future. Why is this important? Because if women begin to rise up as NOW women and begin to pray in accordance with what God is doing, we will begin to see these things manifest.

Naomi told Ruth, “Boaz, whose young women you were with, is he not our relative? In fact, he is winnowing barley tonight at the threshing floor” (Ruth 3:2). There’s a law of redemption Naomi had learned about long ago, and she recognized that the time was now to activate that law of redemption. There are things in each one of us that need to be activated in this NOW time. God is just waiting to redeem and bring to fullness your redemption, and NOW is the time to activate that.

Let’s look at the instructions Naomi gave to Ruth:

Wash yourself and anoint yourself, put on your best garment and go down to the threshing floor; but do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking. Then it shall be, when he lies down, that you shall notice the place where he lies; and you shall go in, uncover his feet, and lie down; and he will tell you what you should do (vv. 3,4).

First, Ruth was to wash herself and get cleaned up. Second, she was to get a new anointing. Third, she needed to put on her best garment. The widow’s outfit she’d been wearing since they left Moab was to be taken off since that represented the grief of the past season. Fourth, she needed to wait for the proper timing before moving ahead. Finally, she was to lay at Boaz’s feet. Ruth was required to fully submit to what God wanted to do.

So Boaz got up and blessed her. He acknowledged that there was a closer relative that had a right to Ruth before he did. But if that man did not perform his duty, then Boaz would do it and move in the law of redemption.

Do you see what this means for us? When you do that which God is asking you to do in His perfect timing, then one way or another you will receive your blessing. If we know the time for change and go through the scenario of cleansing ourselves, receiving the new anointing, changing and removing those garments of grief, moving at the right time and submitting ourselves to the full purpose of God, then we will receive blessing. Be sure you understand this: There is a way for women to receive what God is doing in the Body of Christ.


Women are often more intuitive than men to what is going on around them. Because women are intuitive and “know” when certain things need to happen, sometimes they get impatient.

John 11 tells the story of Mary and Martha and the death of their brother, Lazarus. We must understand that Jesus had already tried to tell His disciples that Lazarus’s sickness had a greater purpose about it. Lazarus passed away before Jesus reached Bethany, and many of the Jews joined with the women around Martha and Mary to comfort them concerning their brother. When Martha heard that Jesus was nearing town, she went to meet Him; but Mary remained sitting in the house.

Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21). So many times, we think we know more than Jesus, and this passage should serve as a real caution. The passage continues: “But even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You.” Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha said to Him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” (vv. 22-26).

That’s an incredible question!

She said to Him, “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.” And when she had said these things, she went her way and secretly called Mary her sister, saying, “The Teacher has come and is calling for you” (vv. 27,28).

The Teacher is now visiting the earth in a new way. The Holy Spirit is moving in a new way, and He’s calling for His women to come forward NOW.

As soon as [Mary] heard that, she arose quickly and came to Him. Now Jesus had not yet come into the town, but was in the place where Martha met Him (vv. 29,30).

Here’s something important to understand about visitation. Jesus did not need to go into Bethany for what He was going to do. Therefore, He called the women to come to Him outside the city gates so He could talk to them. Some women today are waiting for Jesus to visit them in their homes. Others are waiting for Jesus to visit them in their churches. Others are waiting for Jesus to visit them in their cities. Yet all the while He is saying, “Come outside the gates, and I will visit with you here.”

Then the Jews who were with her in the house, and comforting her, when they saw that Mary rose up quickly and went out, followed her, saying, “She is going to the tomb to weep there” (v. 31).

The neighbors didn’t understand what she was doing. They thought she was going to weep and mourn, but in reality she was going outside the gates to meet Jesus. Similarly, we see people today frequently misunderstand what God is doing with women.

Then, when Mary came where Jesus was, and saw Him, she fell down at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died” (v. 32).

In our sermons and studies, we tend to put Mary on a pedestal and leave poor Martha hanging out to dry. But Mary did the same thing Martha did. They both told Jesus that had He been there, their brother would not have died. Do you see how they shifted the blame to Jesus? Have you ever done that? We just rail on Him, telling Him that if He hadn’t done certain things, then we wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in.

The Bible teaches us to take credit for our own actions. I have a beautiful redheaded wife, and sometimes she will turn and rail against me. My daughter is a blonde, and she also lets me have it at times. Occasionally, I just sit there and wonder if they’ll ever get quiet so I can say what I need to say.

Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled. And He said, “Where have you laid him?”(vv. 33,34).

And so they went to the tomb, where Jesus raised their brother, Lazarus, from the dead.

Then many of the Jews who had come to Mary, and had seen the things Jesus did, believed in Him (v. 45).

NOW women need to be patient for the move of God. God is about to raise women up in an incredible way in this land, but women must wait for His timing. Many can want to know something before it’s time to know it. NOW women, if they are patient to watch for the movement of God and enter at the proper time, will see the glory of God revealed.


This is a time of awakening for the women of God’s people. Deborah was such a woman who woke up to God’s purposes. According to the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery:

The general concept of “awakening” captures the notion of either rousing oneself or being aroused in order to take action, as in the call of Deborah to “wake up” in song (Judg 5:12, NIV). Such calls to action are usually accompanied by urgency and intensity, as seen in the empathic repetition “wake up, wake up!” (Judg 5:12; cf. Isa. 52:1).9

During the time of the judges, each tribe of Israel thought they knew best how to secure and maintain their territory. All these separate interests and opinions produced disunion and jealousy. Governmental leadership was needed to bring unity to Israel, and God awakened Deborah to do just that.

Deborah judged Israel before she planned the war against Jabin. Most of the judges were men who procured justice, or right, for the people of Israel, not only by delivering them from the power of their enemies but also by administering the laws and rites of the Lord (see Judg. 2:16-19). Judging in this sense was different from the administration of civil jurisprudence and included the idea of government such as would be expected from a king (see 1 Sam. 8:5,6; 2 Kings 15:5).10

The Hebrew warrior Barak, who fought so valiantly and provided outstanding leadership to the armies of Israel, had to be shaken out of his weak acquiescence to the Canaanite bondage. Once Barak was jarred out of his despondency, Deborah called on him to assist her in changing the nation. When the time came to wage war against Jabin and Sisera, “Barak refused to go without a prophetic complement; namely, the presence of Deborah”:

Barak should not be judged as lacking faith at this point. He merely wanted the one who could give divine guidance and help for such an important occasion. He was quickly reminded by Deborah that the victory which God would give would not come as a result of his genius, but it would be a victory brought by the Lord.11

Before the mass of the people could be revived, there had to be a stirring in the hearts of those with the qualities of leadership, including Deborah. Deborah had characteristics that I see God awakening at this time in women all over the world. Descriptions of these characteristics are provided in Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s All the Women of the Bible:

She Was a Prophetess.

Deborah is one of several females in Scripture distinguished as being endowed with the prophetic gift, which means the ability to discern the mind and purpose of God and declare it to others. In the days of the Old Testament, prophets and prophetesses were the media between God and His people Israel, and their gift to perceive and proclaim divine truth stamped them as being divinely inspired. Such an office, whether held by a male or female, was a high one.

She Was an Agitator.

As one meaning of “agitation” is to stir up or excite public discussion with the view of producing a change, then Deborah was an effective agitator who stirred up Israel’s concern about its low spiritual condition. The land was debauched and well-nigh ruined, and under the rule of the Canaanites, liberty had been lost. The people were dejected and afraid, for their spirits had been broken and all hope of deliverance had vanished. But Deborah did more than prophesy; she aroused the nation from its lethargy and despair. Here was a fearless and unsolicited devotion to the emancipation of God’s people, and she awoke in them a determination to free themselves from their wretched bondage and degradation. Out went her call and challenge to the help of the Lord against the enemy.

She Was a Ruler.

[This is the type of apostolic leader God is raising up at this time.] Deborah was the fifth of the leaders, or “judges,” of Israel raised up by God to deliver His people from the bondage their idolatry had caused, and both in word and deed she fulfilled her rule as Judge, at a time when men tried to do right in the sight of their own eyes. As the position of woman in those days was of a distinctly subordinate character, Deborah’s prominence as a ruler is somewhat remarkable. All Israel was under her jurisdiction, and from the palm tree bearing her name. . . called “the sanctuary of the palm,” she dispensed righteousness, justice and mercy.

She Was a Warrior.

Having fought with words she went forth to throw off the oppressor’s yoke with swords, and what a fighter this patriotic and inspired heroine proved to be. Deborah sent for Barak, the son of Abinoam of Naphtali, and told him that it was God’s will that he should lead her forces and deliver the country. Long slavery and repeated failures made Barak hesitate, but ultimately he decided to lead the army provided Deborah, the brave-hearted and dauntless ruler, went with him. Barak felt he could face the foe if his ruler were at hand, and out they went to meet Sisera, a mighty man of war, who had terrorized Israel for many years. Great were the odds against Deborah and Barak, for their army consisted of some 10,000 men. Sisera commanded 100,000 fighters and had 900 iron chariots. When the eventful moment of combat came, the dauntless spirit of Deborah did not quail. True, tremendous odds were against them, but Deborah had God as her Ally and “the stars in their courses fought against Sisera” (Judg. 5:20, KJV). A fearful hailstorm overtook the land, and the Canaanites were almost blinded by the rain, and were ultimately overwhelmed in the swollen river of Kishon. Sisera escaped but was killed by Jael while asleep in her tent. Thus Deborah gained undying fame as the female warrior who rescued her people from their cruel foes.

She Was a Poetess.

[God is today creating the gift of psalmist in women.] The prose and poem of Judges 4 and 5 are associated with the same historic event, and reveal that Deborah could not only prophesy, arouse, rule and fight, but also write. It was said of Julius Caesar that he wrote with the same ability with which he fought. This observation can also be true of Deborah, who, after her victory over the Canaanites, composed a song which is regarded as one of the finest specimens of ancient Hebrew poetry, being superior to the celebrated song of Miriam. This song of praise, found in Judges 5, magnifies the Lord as being the One who enabled Israel’s leaders to conquer their enemies. Out of the contest and conquest came the moral purification of the nation, and the inspiring genius of it was a woman daring and dynamic in the leadership of her nation.

She Was a Maternal Figure.

The last glimpse we have of Deborah is as “a mother in Israel.”

The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel. (Judg. 5:7, KJV)

Commenting upon our Lord’s action in taking up little children into His arms and blessing them as being a father’s act in Hebrew custom, Bengel says, “Jesus had no children that He might adopt all children.” Perhaps it was so with Deborah who, as far as we know, had never experienced actual motherhood but yet became as a mother to all in Israel, and the source of this spiritual motherhood was her piety. Above all of her remarkable gifts was her trust in God, which is ever the source of any woman’s highest adornment. As she sat under her palm tree to rule in righteousness and translate the revelation of God, her heart was filled with that “grace divine which diffused itself like a sweet-smelling savor over the whole land.” Hers was a brilliant career because of a heart that was fixed in God.12


Miriam is an interesting study. Not only is she a picture of the NOW woman, but she also provides us with an illustration of proper apostolic-prophetic alignment. Miriam was a prophetess and one of the key individuals in the scenario of God gathering His people and leading them out of bondage in Egypt.

However, we find a situation in Numbers 12:1-10 in which Miriam questioned her brother Moses’ right to be the sole leader of the movement of God’s covenant plan. Miriam seemed to have a problem with pride in her gift of prophecy. Moses, by contrast, is referred to in the Word of God as “humble” (v. 3).

Miriam did not align herself with Moses. Together with Aaron she complained and murmured against Moses for marrying a foreigner. God became angry and summoned the three of them into His presence. There He affirmed Moses and rebuked Aaron and Miriam for their actions. Miriam was immediately covered with leprosy, and she might have suffered for the remainder of her life had her brothers not beseeched God to restore her. God did heal her, but, according to the Law, she had to remain outside the camp for seven days before she could be restored to fellowship.

John Walton and Victor Matthews point out that the camp waited for Miriam to complete her waiting period before they moved on:

“And the people did not journey.” The decision on when to journey depended solely on when the pillar of cloud lifted (see Num. 9:17). Our verse indicates, however, that the people had decided to honor Miriam by remaining at the camp until she could join them.13

This was very unusual that God would stop the entire movement of the people until Miriam was positioned properly. Prior to this, the fire and cloud had been the indicator for movement. But now God was using this woman and her proper alignment with apostolic authority as an indicator of how the whole group would move forward.


Women, you are more important than you know in God’s future. In his book Satan’s Subtle Attack on Woman, Dr. J. G. Morrison makes an appeal to liberated women to lead the way in devoted service and sacrifice for the One who has freed them from bondage:

The advent of Jesus Christ saved womanhood. Not only saved souls of those who accepted and believed on Him, but brought the whole human race to see, at least wherever the gospel light has spread at all, that woman’s place is not at man’s feet, but is at his side. . . . [Christian] women, do not forget your heritage. You are the spiritual descendants of the Sarahs, the Deborahs and the Hannahs of the Old Covenant. Your line is renewed again in the New Testament in Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ; Elizabeth who mothered His great forerunner; in Mary of Bethany, who anointed His precious head and feet; in Mary Magdalene, who was last at His cross and first at His empty tomb; in the host of women who in the early gospel days, gave their hearts, homes and deepest toil to the cause of the Master.

Your line is again renewed in church history, until for faithfulness, devotion, heroism, martyrdom and all else that pleases the heart of the great Christ, woman has . . . borne the brunt, shared the vigils, preached with life and lip and handed the cause on to the next age with its banners proudly breasting every gale of opposition! . . . Remember then, sisters, your marvelous heritage and your amazing responsibility.14

We will not win the future war of the Church without women coming into place for what God is doing in this hour. Now is the time, dear sisters, for you to understand your invaluable worth, to come into the alignment God has for you and to exercise the unique gifts and callings the Lord has for you at this strategic time in history. If you will do so, great victory lies ahead for the Church of Jesus Christ!

© 2001 Chuck D Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytema
All right reserved.

Give Me Space


Prophecy 4 you

“Little by little – this is how I will advance you into the fullness of your destiny. I can reverse your losses and secure your future, but you must work with Me in new ways! I will establish your boundaries and renew your vision, but you must see as I see.

I am re-knitting your emotions. Fragmentation that you have experienced in the last season should not keep you from experiencing My wholeness in your future! Do not fear, for I am proceeding and bringing you forth to a new place. The re-knitting of your emotions and realigning of your desires will set My motion in you. This will direct your feet from the wrong ways and cause you to see the pointers and signs for your right path. Do not resist the needle of mending, for I am re-knitting, finding holes and knitting again. Follow Me! It is mandatory that you learn the word ‘Come’ and follow Me. For many will turn aside to seek other ways this hour. But you must follow – even if the path is rocky and steep. Don’t try to keep Me from taking you to the ‘There’ that I have prepared to give you. Also, do not try to keep Me from going to the place that I need to go to prepare the way for you. I am not like you and do not want to rest in the comfortable place that you are now occupying. Submit your emotions so I can re-knit them. You will gain new strength to resist the enemy when you submit in a new way. You are striving in areas that are not My concern. Submit, resist, and then follow Me to the best that I have.

This is a day for cleaning out your old garments and getting ready to exchange your best for His best. For now you will go to war for your inheritance and only wear the garments that will secure your future! The enemy is contending to withhold your next robe. He would love to leave you naked in the shame that has invaded your atmosphere from your past mistakes and hesitations. But there is a robe floating in the heavens above you that I long to bring down to clothe you for the days ahead. This robe will cover your shame and produce favor. The accuser is firing words and these words are knocking the robe from left to right so that it cannot come down for you to wear. Stand still and see Me work in the midst of your accusations. When you are the least expectant, you will sense My Delivering and Covering Power in your midst. The song of victory is within you. Do not lean on your own understanding or let go of this song of deliverance. Ascend with your song and this will be your weapon to gain dominion in the heavens above you. MY Word is very nigh and closer to you than you know. Fear not looking back for a moment to gain perspective on what is blocking you ahead. There is an anointing to complete and shut the mouth of the accuser. ‘ I Am the ‘Keeper of the Garment’.

Now is the time to war for the robe that you will wear. This is a robe called ‘Completion’ and is necessary for your building process. As the enemy is trying to stop your building process, I am now causing you to war to clear the heavens, so you can wear your robe of building into the field of operation that I have for you. The blueprint and pattern for the future is now entering the present. This mantle must be put on for you to build My pattern. This robe will not have any of your insecurities and weaknesses of the past. I cannot have your past iniquities assimilated into the foundation that I am asking you to lay. Foundations are shaking and the bridges that connect you to the past are falling. I am laying new foundations and building new connected paths into places that you need to go. Do not allow the enemy to knock you out of this building process or you will be held up for 16 years in a land, and another will have to build on what you have laid. Define your building sphere. Lay a strong foundation and then add your sons and daughters that will become My prophets for the days ahead.

For floods have come into the earth and caused the rivers to rise. Now is a time to look at the natural and act in the Spirit. Call in the flood of My presence, the flood of joy. I long to establish an oasis in every city, state and nation. Call forth the oasis of joy in the midst of dryness. The rising floodwaters have caused the ground to become pliable for remolding My plan. Foundations are shaking and routes are being rearranged. Many fields have been filled with beasts. The beasts of the field have been robbing the joy of My people and blocking them from entering into new places of harvest and increase. The rising waters are causing enemy structures to be exposed. Begin to move past what is holding you in captivity and keeping you from coming into the new field that I have for you. The new field is calling you. The new field is calling My presence in. Come into the new field that is beginning to awaken. The land is shouting out, ‘Rescue me! Rescue me!’ It is My time for you to enter into a new field. It is My time for you to branch out! You have maintained and established one field, but new fields are calling. New ideas are beginning to be birthed. New visions are calling. I am opening up new fields for you. Define your fields and enter in.

I am sending My presence into the dark hearts of captivity where Baals, Dagons, and Ashteroths have ruled. I will cause the headship of that which has been holding My harvest fields to break, tumble and roll. The heads of rule are changing. I am causing My presence to dethrone that which has been ruling the thoughts of My people. In the midst of dangerous times, call for My presence to flood that which has captivated and watch the headship of the enemy fall.

Sounds are beginning to blend, harmonize and multiply. The sound of My procession is beginning to be heard in the earth. Allow the sound to create confusion in the enemy’s camp. This is a time to confuse the enemy that is in the field. Do not fear your enemy that is in the field. I will go before you and then call you in. The trees of the field are filled with sound. They are filled with My instruments. I am waiting for you to go and remove the tambourines that have been hung in the trees and take back the sound that has been captured in the fields of harvest in the earth. These sounds will cause the iniquity and bloodshed that has lain dormant in the fields to be released. Where the fragrance of death has been, life will abound. Call forth the captured sounds throughout the fields of harvest. There are “Black holes” in people you have ministered to and you know others that have not been able to break out of their past woundedness. Send the sound into those black holes. My Children will dance in the light, for My sound will rise in the midst of the night. The harvest is plentiful and I am sending forth the sound. Praise Me! Send the sound onto every university and college campus in your region. The sound will cause the headship that is ruling to fall.

Send the sound into the marketplace. For all of those who are going into the marketplace ask Me for a rising up of My presence so that they have a greater favor and influence than any of those around them. I will prepare you in secret. I have secret passages that are opening for My people to come into. Even now there is divine training that you must have. Experiment with Me. Taste and see that I am good. Experiment with My power and watch Me develop authority within you. You have been held in one field and have created captivity in that field. I am beginning to create a procession that will cause other fields to be invaded. Lay down your expectations in one place and let My expectations rise in you. Let My expectations lead you. I am moving you into divine positioning.

This is a time of divine replacement so that I can create the sound of victory and cause the field to rejoice. I am causing some to vacate and others to be positioned. The divine replacement has begun. I am moving people. My “People Mover in the earth” has been activated. This is a time that MY chess game is beginning and I am strategizing over the harvest fields in the earth realm. I am releasing strategy and moving My pieces in place. The winning move is at hand. Be a part of this divine replacement that I have created in the earth. I will now set positions in places. Let My Spirit come down on you. I am anointing you with favor to move into markets and ministries.

Your King is waiting to come in! I must see you proceed into the places of darkness that you have resisted. For the King to come into the field, you must go forth and prepare the way. It is you that I am waiting on, not you waiting on Me. I am waiting on you, so be willing to go into the field. Be willing to embrace the change that I have today and you will see the change come forth on your way. I am the Deliverer who will come down to sit in your midst. Lift your head up. Let My light come down upon you. Decree that the lion who is lurking and waiting and sounding his accusations will not be able to devour. You will be so filled with praise that he will not be able to bite. He is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The lion that is waiting to devour you, the words that are coming against you, will not be able to overtake you.

Shout –by My blast your enemies will perish! Loose that shout! By the breath of My nostrils, your enemies will be consumed. Be anointed with the fragrance of the pomegranate and then blow healing, overcoming and success into that new field. The roaring of the lion, the voice of the fierce lion, the teeth of the young lions are broken. The old lions perish for lack of prey and the stout lion’s whelps are scattered abroad. Decree that the old lions of your past that have been rising up and trying to devour you, old lions which have been guarding the field and its territory, must now perish and let go of the field so you can enter in. The old lions, old fears, old insecurities that have been keeping you out of your field must let go of your new field. Strong lions have captured and marked the field and created a stronghold. Now go into the field and mark My boundaries and say, ‘My God is now entering my field.’ Re-mark the boundaries!

I AM causing the roar that has turned you back at the gate to be disbursed. I AM sending a blast into the field that I am calling you to go into. That blast is causing the enemy to go into confusion. Re-mark the four corners of your boundaries and declare that you are retaking your territory. Go back to your churches, your businesses, your cities, the universities, the schools and all the places I am calling you to and re-mark those boundaries. Declare that where the lion has roared, that his voice has been stopped and the Lion of Judah has claimed the field.
Tell those in the Washington DC area that they need to go in and re-mark that government field and say, ‘Where the lion is roaring, God’s voice will be greater!’ Go to your state capitols and the governments of your nations and decree that My voice will be greater than the voice of the enemy. Declare that My voice will begin to penetrate the darkness. The angel of the Lord has encamped around you and you are under My wing. Taste and see that I AM good. Blessed is the man who trusts in ME. Let trust rise up in a new way and you will begin to feel My covering over you.”

by Prophet Chuck Pierce