Receive My Voice

“Many have cried out: ‘Lord, I long for the new, I long to go through. However, I don’t have the strength to advance because the season has pulled the plug on my strength, and I feel I cannot stand and advance.’ But hear Me! I will energize your blood and cause My Spirit to touch you and go into places in your heart that have not been touched. I will cause the joints in your body to begin to have new energy and cause them to move in ways they have not moved. Do not despair because by My Spirit and new energy will come upon you.

The warfare that you’ve been contending in, the conflict that you’ve been standing in, will not overtake you. Stand still! In the midst of your stillness, I am beginning to release new mantles; you will stand face to face with Me, and then your enemy will see My reflection in your face. I AM rising up within you a sound that will come through you and cause the enemy to shake. Where the enemy has held your gate closed–the gate will come open. You will say, ‘A new day has broken.’

Some of you are saying, ‘I hate this storm that I am in the midst of riding out.’ But hear Me again! Because you won’t spread your wings and catch the wind of this storm, you are having trouble coming above its fury. Catch the wind! Catch the wind! My Spirit is blowing. Do not fear this economic strategy and structure that the enemy is voicing in the nations. Catch My wind in this economic storm! The dips and the lows will cause you to soar high. Throw your chest into the adverse winds and allow the wind to catapult you to a high place.

There are things that have been chasing you. Turn now and face that adverse wind. I will come with grace in the adversity and catapult you to a new level. You will see every movement in the field–the snakes, the rodents, and the treasures. Soar, see, and be catapulted into an enlarged place.

The Potter’s wheel that you have been on has been a necessary season for you. I AM doing a chiseling work to give you a new identity. Receive what I am creating. I AM placing My mark, My design, on your next season. One smooth blow will release the diamond that has been hidden in the rough. Look at the design that I have laid for your future. Look at the Craftsman’s hand because as I come down upon the chisel, you will see the breaking away, and what’s been hidden will be seen. Do not be afraid of that blow to come! I AM sending forth a sound into your inner being that will break up the dams that have held back your waters of Life. These waters will aid Me in your forming.

I am causing new languages to arise in My people. This will thwart the enemy’s plan to defile My purposes in you. If you will trust Me to do this one thing in you that has stopped you from being transformed into a mind of prosperity, you will succeed and failure will leave you. One small hit will change the course of your life and your direction. Your compassions have grown hardened. I must release this blow. I must cause the very depths of you to roar and to roar again. I AM creating a movement within you so you can digest what I will be doing in the four months ahead. Let the depths of your being roar with My sound. This sound will create the ability for you to absorb what occurs in the next four months.

Your inward being must embrace My THUNDER! This is a season that you shall hear thunder in the Heavens. As I thunder from the Heavens, know it is the voice of the Lord that is coming to you. For the thunder would create fear in the hearts of many. But for those of who fear the Lord, you will hear this thunder as a new sound from Heaven. This sound will cause you to come into the new place! My voice is coming to break you from all that would hold you in an old place. The thunder of the Lord is My manifest sound in the Heavens!

Do not fear what the enemy would do. For I Am thundering a new place for you and a new protection for you! Many would even run and hide in the day of storm. But you shall run into the storm and have victory over the storm! Let My thunder roll and break every place of fear from you. This will cause you to come into the new season where My light and My sun shall break forth out of the storm, out of the thunder. A new day is arising and the sun shall come and rest upon you. Do not fear this season of storm. This is your season to break through. Overcome the storm and rise up in a whole new place.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries


8-Day Prayer Focus

“A Time to Evaluate the END of One Season and the New Beginning of the NEXT: An 8-Day Prayer Focus”

Blessings to you as you progress into the new! The Lord impressed me to send an “8-Day Prayer Focus” each month of this calendar year. From a prophetic perspective, this is a Feast of Tabernacles Year. In this year of “8”, the Feast represented by 8 is the Feast linked with Rosh Hashanah–the Feast of Tabernacles. This is the point in time when we enter the new season each year. This past year, the Feast of Tabernacles was from September 26-October 4. I think you should look back to see what was happening and stirring in your life at that intersection in time. You will probably find that the Lord was initiating or preparing you for some sort of ending and beginning at that time.

Each month of every year is linked with a blessing. The blessings of each month this year should be evaluated from the concept of “New Beginnings.” In the Feast of Tabernacles we are called to rejoice and remember our wilderness deliverances. After seven days of celebration, on the Eighth (8) day, we “Rest.”

This Eight (8) Day Pray Focus will assist you in entering into a new place with the Lord, or “going beyond” the place you have been halted or stopped in the past. All 8’s are linked with GOING BEYOND into a new level of GRACE!

Enter Into Your NEW!

The word NEW is an interesting word. All Eights (8’s) are linked with some “new” beginning. I love Isaiah 43:18-19 which says: “Stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by! I am doing something NEW! It’s springing up–can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.”

A new thing can be happening, but in the midst of a beginning, we can fail to perceive the change. In this year of Eight (8), 5768 and 2008, we must remember and contextualize everything within the understanding that we are entering a “New Beginning.” Remember, an END always precedes a Beginning. Therefore, the question becomes this: “How are you reacting when an END comes and a NEW BEGINNING starts?”

I love the story of Lazarus’ death. This account is a perfect example of how to perceive an END and a NEW BEGINNING. Jesus is notified of Lazarus’ sickness and decides to not rush to meet the need. As a matter of fact, He chooses to go to Judea rather than Bethany, the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus! His disciples have a very hard time grasping the reality of the situation. When He arrives in Bethany four days later, you find Martha standing and questioning the Lord over why He was not there when they needed Him. The Lord tells her, “Martha, if you would believe you would see the GLORY of God!” (paraphrased).

Mary then approaches the Lord with the same question, but her posture is one of falling at His feet as a sign of respect, honor and submission. Mary’s appeal to the Lord touched the core of His emotions, the very heart of God. This caused Him to groan deeply and release great compassion that led to resurrection power. This was a catalyst that created a chain of events that escalated the need for Him to complete His mission and get to Jerusalem and accomplish the redemptive plan of the Father for you and me.

All 8’s are linked with RESURRECTION POWER. The series of events that we see Mary creating is key to our lives this year. In all of your situations, circumstances, and endings, let a worship posture be exhibited. This will move the heart of God and release a catalytic change in the earth realm and atmosphere around you. “When it’s time for the NEW, your FOCUS should be: Am I PREPARED to wait until a full manifestation occurs?

To EVALUATE all new beginnings, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the situation or circumstance you find yourself in causing you to question God’s heart and love toward you and making you RESIST your new beginning?

2. Is the enemy using your reaction to stop you from moving into God’s best?

3. Are you kicking against the pricks and attempting to move in a way that Holy Spirit is developing checks in your spirit? Are situations or circumstances creating roadblocks to STOP you from entering into a WRONG “new” beginning?

4. Is the situation or circumstance that is happening in your life initiating a chain of events leading to a new beginning? Sometimes one event in your life is a catalyst for many other things. Perhaps you have not seen the end of the thing that has begun to get you to your new place!

5. Is your situation or circumstance creating an offense that keeps you from advancing?

Prayer Focus

Here is an “8 Day Prayer Focus” to assist you as you press into the NEW this year. This focus is built around the Hebrew month of Shevat, the month of Asher. Remember, you can repeat this as many times as you wish. Also, you do not have to complete this Prayer Focus in only 8 days. The purpose is to help you become NEW!

DAY 1: Read and memorize John 14:12-13, “…ask anything in MY NAME and I will do it!” Stop and celebrate over these verses. This is a season of going beyond! We must see a manifestation of the Lord and His Glory in our midst so we can see our future. To manifest means to “reveal or cause something to shine or illuminate.” The Lord is saying “I will cause your way to shine!”

Rejoice each day as you speak this word forth into your atmosphere. Read these verses three times a day. STAY AVAILABLE TO THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE WORD! Don’t stop at your last blessing, but keep looking for new manifestations of God’s blessings in your life. Break any mindset that says, “This is all there is…I cannot see the Lord blessing me in new ways!” Also, don’t think that you are the source to produce your more! This is actually “a works” mentality that is rooted in poverty.

DAY 2: Read Matthew 24:32-36. Watch the NEW BUD that is coming forth! See what the fig tree teaches! How will what has dried up and not blossomed in the past begin to bear new fruit in your life? This month, press into the blossoming that will produce the fruit and the oil for your future. List on a sheet of paper what you wish to see blossom in your life. Review what has dried up and ask the Lord to show you a new “bud.” Also read Isaiah 35 and Haggai 2. Be willing to be shaken and pressed so the latter glory will be greater than the former. Feel the weight and pressing of His glory that will produce the oil for your future.

Finally, read Psalm 92. Declare that a new anointing will begin to manifest in you in the next several months. A nine month process is necessary for the olive tree to blossom, for its harvest to mature, and to be harvested for the production of oil. Decree that this month your blossoming begins. Expect the pressing and pouring out of your new anointing. Rejoice over the Latter Glory.

DAY 3: Read Genesis 22 and Isaiah 59. This is a season to connect generationally! This will produce a sustaining inheritance in the Lord. Our generations possess the gates. Ask the Lord to roll up all the blessings of your generational bloodline that have never manifested and cause those blessings to begin to manifest. This is a year of manifestation! In many of the first chapters of each book of the Bible, there is either a death or a birth.

DAY 4: Read Genesis 1, Exodus 1, Joshua 1, 1 Samuel 1, Matthew 1, and Acts 1. Certain things need to end so you can see your beginning. Let go of things in your bloodline that God exposes. Certain people will die and it will end a season for you. Others will be born. Honor those who have gone before you. Honor your father and mother so that you might live long and prosper. Receive the next amount of revelation to “possess the gates of your enemy.”

DAY 5: Read Genesis 15, Psalms 9 & 11, Isaiah 11, and 2 Corinthians 5-6. Memorize and meditate on Matthew 3:15. Ask the Lord what “one thing” you need to do to unlock your next phase. Jesus had to be baptized by John. Let your right standing come forth! The Lord is longing to crown you with righteousness. If we refuse to wear this crown, then the accuser will begin to attack and condemn you later in the year. Dominion comes when we wear this crown (Psalm 9). We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, but you must wear the crown of that righteousness. Our righteousness must become experiential.

Stand in your righteousness. Set your face to obey and to do what will keep you in right standing so the enemy can’t accuse you later for not doing something you should have done. Ask the Lord to reform the foundation for our standing. Some of you are having to make shifts because the foundations you stood on in the past seasons are too shaky for you to stand on in the next season. Some of you made great shifts back in July and September. Now allow the Lord to solidify your stance so you walk in the fullness of what He will cause to blossom.

DAY 6: Read Genesis 24-26. This is a time the Lord desires to remove stones from our wells, create new wells, and bring us into an enlarged place. He longs to water the roots of our future. The Spirit of God has been taking us through a process of pulling out old root systems that will not produce the necessary fruit for the next season. This month there is a new watering and refreshing which goes down deep into root systems that have not been watered. Look for those you are aligned with this month that can fill your pitchers for the future.

Let revelation and supply strategies be poured into you. At times, even that old religious structure can be your supply. This is a month that water will be poured out and turned to wine. Read John 2. Jesus had pots of water that were used for the purification ritual brought to Him and then He shifted everything. Look at all your alignments this month. New energy will arise in you. Your identity can be shifted and reformed suddenly! Also meditate on John 4.

DAY 7: This is a day of celebration. Meditate on your favorite Psalm. Spend this day celebrating. Do not let “joy robbers” stop you from experiencing God’s best. The Spirit of God will see to it that you celebrate. If you feel like your celebration is dwindling, just ask Him to release an anointing of gladness for three more days. This will sanctify you and cause you to press past that old season. This month the trees clap their hands. The wind blows in the mulberry trees. Read 2 Samuel 5.

Ask that your root system would be reformed and that the roots deep in you would be watered and flourish. Watch the trees. Watch some blossom prematurely. Watch others go into their place of nourishment. Watch how the winds blow through the trees this month. Watch the direction of the winds. Watch where the winds blow! Catch the wind that will allow you to come from behind–you can catch up quickly. Your bills will not overtake you this month. The strategy to catch up will overtake you, and you will move into that new place of victory. You will surprise the enemy this month! The Lord is saying, “I will give you cautions well in advance so you can shift the direction of your path.” Read Psalm 16!

DAY 8: The tribe of Asher is associated with the month of Shevat. Asher was linked with pleasure and happiness and with words like delicious and fat. His mother was Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid. Read Genesis 30:13 and Genesis 49. During movement and war, Asher was positioned between Dan and Naphtali (Numbers 2:27). The boundaries of the inheritance given to Asher (which contained some of the richest soil in Palestine) and the names of its towns are recorded in Joshua 19:24-31 and Judges 1:31-32. The wealth offered to this tribe could have been its downfall.

Pray for the economy this year. Great fluctuations and shakings will occur in the earth. One of the promises to Asher was that he would dip his heel in oil. Watch the oil structures this month and every nation aligned with oil, every state aligned with oil, and every place that is an oil reservoir. If you understand the effects of oil, how it effects the commodities, and know how to operate financially in that, you can do well! The automobile industry must begin to make a shift this month because of oil. We need to see new inventions this month, so watch for their announcement. They actually mean something this month.

Your anointing begins to be produced in a new way this month. Beware of falling into religious structures; trust for an anointing to come forth that will overthrow all old structures that have stopped you in the past. Memorize and meditate on Isaiah 10:27.

Anna, the prophetess, was of the tribe of Asher (Luke 2:36) and recognized the Christ child. Therefore, ask the Lord for a new dimension of discernment. Read Hebrews 4 and 5. Ask the Lord to bring us past milk. Let us digest the protein the Lord is giving us this month. Declare that we will step through the gate of life into a new type of nourishment. Go out with joy, delight and happiness!

Read Daniel 1. Remember Daniel and his friends ate vegetables. They were healthy and their faces radiated! Watch what you eat these next three months. Many fast at this time of year. There are many ways to fast. Let the Lord choose your fast at times (Isaiah 58). You must shift in certain patterns or else these patterns will remain with you the rest of the season ahead. Be willing to change so you are not captured in an old, familiar place. Let God tell you the one thing you need to do.

I was with one of my children’s friends and noticed that he had lost weight. He said that he lost 30 pounds by not drinking soft drinks or eating fast foods for the last three months. Don’t get in bondage in any ways this year–just ask the Lord to shift your appetite. It’s not really about eating, but about appetite and faith! Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you! Lay your hands on your esophagus and stomach and decree healing for the esophagus, stomach and digestive system of your body. Also, declare the Body of Christ will be able to digest new revelation. Ask the Lord to allow you to spiritually digest what you could not in the past season.

2008 is a Year of Gates! In this year of going through the gates, seek the Lord for His blessing each month. Find the places where the revelation of Heaven intersects with a gate in the earth realm. Revelation creates the entry way for your next opportunity. May the Word of God come alive in you in a new way. Receive a spirit of revelation. I decree that this is just a beginning of new manifestations in your life. You will see many things happen. May you see new prosperity, digest new revelation and receive a new anointing. May you create new inventions.

In Jesus’ name I send you into this Year of the Gates, the Year of New Beginnings and into all your blessings that will manifest and blossom.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

The Next President of USA

Friends, these are the prophecy spoken by Prophet Kim Clement concerning the next President of United Stated. Read carefully, and ask Holy Spirit for guidance.

February 10, 2007-Scottsdale, AZ

God’s Spirit says, I’m waiting, I’m waiting for the response from My people throughout this land. Can somebody see victory? Can somebody see honor? For God says, let Me remind you I will place at your helm a President that shall pray to Me, says the Lord. He will pray to Me. And God says, in the next two terms there will be a praying President, not a religious one, for I will fool the people, says the Lord. I will fool the people, yes I will. God says, the one that is chosen shall go in and they shall say, he has hot blood. For the Spirit God says, yes he may have hot blood, but he will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way and the economy of this country shall change rapidly, says the Lord of Hosts. God says, I will put at your helm for two terms a President that will pray but he will not be a praying President when he starts. I will put him in Office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and My power, says the Lord of Hosts……

April 4, 2007-Redding, CA

The Spirit of the Lord says, hear the Word of the Lord tonight: this Nation has waited and waited and they have said, revival, revival, revival. God said, there is more than revival. We have revived and brought back but a spirit of resurrection is upon you. For God said, I am breathing, I am breathing upon the people of this Nation. I am breathing upon the churches that are going down and I am bringing them up, says the Spirit of God. I am breathing upon the political powers that be. For God said, I will not forget 911. I will not forget what took place that day and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York who will once again stand and watch over this Nation, says the Spirit of God. It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering My name. But God said, when he enters into the office he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit for I shall fill him with My Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land. And God says, even a greater move of the Spirit shall take place and your enemies will finally be subdued by the year 2009…..

June 17, 2007-San Jose, CA

God says a President that I will bring into the White House they will say he is ungodly, he does not know God. Even as Jesus disguised himself for the great feasts, so I’ve disguised this man’s heart. When he comes to the White House not only shall he be Mine but he shall pray as a man that has never prayed in the White House. That same man shall put his feet onto this platform. They will say how did this take place? Laws shall change. Young men and young women will have access into the kingdom and with authority into politics and with authority into the industries that now have been controlled by darkness because of this man that shall rule for two terms. Do not fear there will be no unnecessary stuff. There will be things that men shall question. Fear not for he shall sit in that seat and suddenly My Spirit shall come upon him and baptize him with a fire and with anointing says the Spirit of the Lord. No more war. The time for war has gone. The time for Peace has come. The House that you call White shall receive a man, a knight, who fought for you in your nights…..

October 5, 2007-Seattle, WA

Pray, pray, pray for America. Smile saints, smile for 2008 for who I place in your White House shall know the Spirit of God in a way. A very unique thing I will do, I told you before, there will be joy and celebration for the man I place in the White House shall not be filled with My Spirit when he goes in but when he settles down I will baptize him with fire and the Holy Spirit. Pray, pray, pray for America. The land of the brave, the land of the free, the Spirit shall be free…….

October 19, 2007-Fredrick, MD

From the soil comes the sound of martyrs in the ground. In vain, no, no, no. From the sound I hear the prayers of those in pain. Will My blood save this nation? The death of one who gave his life on the soil; not in vain for they will see what I will do in 2008, I’ll open the gate. I’ll send you the one that will watch over the nation just like he did when New York came apart; I sent a man that would stand the ground. You’ll hear the sound of a child in the White House because I’ll open the door. I’ve opened a door that no man can shut. I will laugh at your enemies. As I raise your children up, they will come into the presence of the Lord. I will laugh at your enemies for in the White House I will place prayer will be his delight, America’s might. When prayer becomes your delight, that’s when America will no longer fight……..

November 18, 2007

America you are at a place now where men are laughing, but God says the greatest place ever. The greatest opportunity has been granted now for Me to invade the media and to show you how when you choose My president. I will place a man there that shall have no inclination towards spiritual things and many a Christian shall say alas we have a Democrat who is actually a Republican. God says fear not for it shall be a while and then in the seat I will take him and fill him with My Spirit. He shall rise to the occasion and begin to pray and peace shall come to this nation, respect and honor shall come to this nation. A move of My Spirit as this nation has never seen for the harvest you have been waiting for shall come.

From the entire prophetic message above, we can recognize the person that Prophet Kim Clement mean about. Yes, Mr. Rudy Giuliani former Major of New York City. So, we need to pray and pray and pray …


Next President of United Stated of America

Word of the Lord for 2008 and Beyond (ACPE)

Word of the Lord for 2008 and Beyond (ACPE)
January 01, 2008

This Word is the compilation of the prophetic words and consensus of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE). This year, the council met at the beginning of the Jewish calendar, September 12-13, rather than at the January time period, in order to have time to distill and hear the Word of the Lord before the turning of the Gregorian calendar. (Note this in light of several of the prophecies that have already come to pass since this word was given in September of 2007.)

While this is a prophecy for the year 2008, it is difficult at times to put a prophetic word in a certain chronological time structure as the lives of individuals and the choices they make can also have an affect on the timing of what God has shown to us. Some of these prophecies are more appropriately given for the “next season” of our lives rather than simply a one-year time frame.

2008: The Year to Possess the Gates

Blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. Genesis 22:17

The one who breaks open will come up before them; They will break out, Pass through the gate, And go out by it; Their king will pass before them, With the LORD at their head. Micah 2:13

This year the Holy Spirit keyed off of the number 8 to us. The number 8 represents new beginnings. God wants us to go through new doors (or gates) to go to a new level in everything we do. The Lord cautioned us that while many want to experience the new wine (i.e., new moves of God), there are some who want to “wear their old robes” or that which is comfortable to them into this new season of time. This will not work. It is critical that we all are willing to give up old practices, structures, the influence of relationships that tie us to the old if they refuse to allow us to move into the new things.
As we met as prophets, this was probably one of the most fertile times that we have had in the release of not only the word of the Lord, but spiritual instruction on how to get into the “new things” and “new gates”. This includes the shutting of old gates and doors, seeking the Lord for how to move into the new in a proper way, and asking God for wisdom for the move.

Biblical patterns for the number 8
Here are some significant aspects we were shown about the number eight for this next year from some biblical patterns:

1. David was the eighth son–new DYNASTY for Israel. (This includes the word legacy as a key word.)
2. Circumcision takes place on the eighth day–new life through covenant. A new holiness movement will require personal circumcision or the cutting away of sin issues in our lives, and then the church will see a national move of holiness.
3. Eight souls on the ark–new beginning of the earth, new revelation of God’s judgment and His grace.
4. Eighth note on the piano begins a new octave. Look to God for the release of new sounds and songs.
5. Seven colors in rainbow spectrum–eighth color begins the new spectrum.
6. Eighth day is the beginning of a new week.
7. Josiah began his reign at age 8 bringing a new reign in the midst of idolatrous predecessors. He began to seek the Lord for himself in the eighty years of his reign, which later resulted in his purging Israel of the altars of Baal. Look to a new reformation generation arising who will purge their lands of sin and bring biblical reformation. Solomon also began to purge the idols from Israel in the eighth year of his reign.
8. Jesus appeared to Thomas–the doubter–on the eighth day after His resurrection. Many doubters will convert and be visited by God in special and unique ways.

8 in new beginnings
Genesis is the book of beginnings in scripture. Here are several prophetic emphasis from it that are applicable for us today:

1. The anointing to create
Creative and innovative ideas. God is going to release upon His people many ideas that will lead them to prosper spirit, soul, and mind. This creativity will also help us to “work smarter, not harder”. The curse of toiling under heavy burdens with huge moments of frustration has caused delay and exhaustion. Seek the Lord for new ways to do things that will release the finances you need, and streamline your life without working to simply get by on a day-to-day basis.

2. The anointing for dominion
This is the anointing needed to fulfill the biblical mandate found in Genesis 1:28 to “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion.” Seek the Lord for a way to be fruitful in evangelism and fill your cities with the doctrine of Christ. (Acts 5:28) New evangelism outreaches will fill our cities along with visitations of God upon young revivalists. Young people will study the lives of Leonard Ravenhill and E.M. Bounds once again with the fire for winning souls burning in their hearts.
Each sector of society will begin to be touched by the power of God in new fresh ways from government, education, the medical fields, media, the arts, and other areas. No longer will the church bemoan what is going on around them in society but ask themselves the question, “What are we going to do about it?” and “What is my assignment in seeing this happen?”

3. The anointing for creative miracles
The frequency of the miraculous will increase–particularly unusual creative miracles. In this season we will see not only churches filled with miracles, but whole cities. “Cancer-free zones” will be the medical talk of the day as some churches and cities have such frequency of seeing cancer healed that it catches the attention of many, including the secular news.

Possessing the Gates

The Transfer of Wealth
While many have believed there is going to be a great transfer of wealth, there is a frustration on some that have “believed but not yet seen”. In seeking the Lord about this, one revelation came that there has been a demonic “spirit of delay” sent against the Body of Christ–particularly to those in the marketplace. Chronos under Strong’s definition #5550 also can mean delay.

Therefore, it is important to understand that while God means to release the wealth, Satan is releasing his strategies to keep the same wealth “locked” that we are working to “unlock”. God wants to open locked gates in ’08. In order to possess the gate of wealth, as an example, to develop plans to eradicate systemic poverty, we need to develop new structures of intercession to do the spiritual warfare necessary to transfer wealth.

Among other things, here are some forms that will take:
1. New prayer movements with a focus on marketplace intercession.
2. More business hiring intercessors to pray for their businesses.
3. Focused intercession and training for specific targeted sectors of wealth and business. Intercessors need to be trained to understand business so that they can pray intelligently.

New and greater emphasis on Intercession
God is going to pour out new wine upon the intercessors and new prayer structures across the face of the earth. Many 24/7 prayer movements will spring up in universities’ campuses. Christians will ask for prayer rooms in their places of employment. It is time for us to “come out of the closet” and let our prayers and voices be heard in society. Teachings that were done in the 80’s and 90’s on prayer and intercession need to be revisited with a new eye and taught to the church.

Cyrus Anointing
God is going to anoint in a profound way some of His children with a Cyrus anointing to fulfill Psalm 107:16: For He has broken the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron apart.

Spiritual Eldership
God is anointing leaders who will run for political office, become the presidents of corporations, the principals of schools and others who will sit in the gates of influence in society like Boaz did in biblical times.

Open the floodgates
Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. “Test me in this,” says the LORD almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it”.
It is time to possess the floodgates that will open the doors of favor and influence and finance. As long as we are obeying the mandate to tithe, God is going to flood us in several areas that will help us open these doors. Ask the Lord how to incorporate the word of the Lord for ’08 to open your personal floodgates of blessing and influence.

Here are some key words for you:
Revelation. God wants to pour out new revelation on how you are to function in this season of your life. Be flexible in your life at this moment for God’s changes and adjustments to occur in your schedule and way of doing things. Wisdom. God will give you wisdom not of this world, but His heavenly wisdom if you seek Him with all of your heart: wisdom for the shift, for new ways, for new assignments, and how to apply the revelation to go to new levels in your life.

Other Important Words of the Lord for ‘08
This is a season for things to come “full circle” in our lives. Things left unfinished in your life will get finished. Relationships that were broken will be restored. Broken dreams will be healed and come to life again. It is time to dream again! Go back and revisit the prophetic words that God gave you in the last season and past years that were not fulfilled and refuse to let go of them until you see them go into fruition. War over the words and believe them. (I Timothy 1:18, 2 Chronicles 20:20).

Word of wisdom concerning the President and upcoming elections
God spoke to us specifically that we had fallen down in our intercession for President Bush and that He wanted us to pray that he will finish as the “Burning Bush” that God showed us was his destiny before the elections. He admonished us to pray for him as the authority that God had put in place as our president. (I Timothy 2:1). In seeking God for the next leader, we have failed in our intercession for our current one. God wants President Bush to finish well as He spoke to us two years ago.

An interesting word was released for the meeting in September ’07 that is particularly pertinent for the elections of ’08:
God has provided a righteous man who will begin to emerge towards the end of ’07 and begin to shine in ’08. We will not be left scratching our heads or feeling like we are throwing our vote away on someone who cannot win, but God will put His very apparent light of favor upon this man and we will know how to pray and how to vote.

The Lord also prophetically admonished us to press through to see the courts shifted and that we cannot fail in our prayers to see abortion overturned in the United States. (As of now, nearly 49 million babies have been aborted since 1973.) This is a “make it or break it” time, and we must not be weary in our intercession.

Admonition for Prayer Cover
God gave us a specific word that Satan will try to bring premature death to the Body of Christ. Please prayerfully cover yourself, your family, pastors, and those of influence specifically in your life.

A new generation of philanthropists will arise out of the Body of Christ. A focus will be on the poor and needy. There will also be a major emphasis on using wealth to gain influence to be a voice in society for righteousness. This will lead to Christians and Christianity in general to be seen in a new light by those who thought that God and the church were unfeeling and uncaring.

New Emphasis on the Teaching Gift
The teaching gift will once again rise to the forefront as the Lord brings an emphasis on knowing the foundations of biblical truths. This will mitigate against the Body of Christ going off course and falling into error.

Holiness Movement
Holiness will come to the church again. With this will come a great exposing of sin in the pulpit. The Lord warned us that many would come under governmental scrutiny during the last half of ’07 and ’08 and that we need to examine ourselves so we are clean in every area of the ministry, finances, as well as spiritual examination.

New Civil Rights Movement
A new generation of civil rights leaders are going to emerge in the nation who will be a righteous voice. Their anointing will be so strong that they will supersede and be stronger and have more influence than those who are unrighteous and align with non-biblical stances. They will speak against the unholy influence of hip-hop and new prayer movements will also arise in the black community.

Kingdom Government of God
The government of God will become a new wineskin for the future move of God. (Matthew 6:10) Reformation back to the original design of Genesis will be a major focus and God’s creative anointing will be on those who move in this direction.

Specific Focus on Nations
There were five international areas that we specifically felt God’s spotlight on in the coming hour:

1. China
2. The “Ring of Fire” (Pacific Rim nations)
3. India
4. Israel and the Middle East
5. South America and Venezuela

We felt there was going to be an extreme battle between light and darkness for a season with increased persecution of believers. On the other hand, great harvest and advancement for the Kingdom of God will also take place. We all need to pray specifically for these regions of the world.

Merry Christmas

God is Promoting You!

A Prophetic View on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
had a very shiny nose.
And if you ever saw it
you would even say it glows.

All of the other reindeer
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolph
join in any reindeer games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say,
‘Rudolph with your nose so bright,
won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?’

Then all the reindeer loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer,
you’ll go down in history!’

It may seem like I’m making this up, but I’m not. When the chips were down a few years ago, the Lord gave me a prophetic interpretation of the song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. He can re-interpret anything He wants to–after all He’s God, and He can do what He wants.

It was in the heat of summer, and I was going through a tough time. I was on a trip praying for some hard cases–without much success. Truly, like many of you, I wondered if God was with me, or not!

That’s when the Lord had me put on my headset and listen to “Rudolph,” which was already loaded into my iPod. Every night I’d go back to the hotel and listen to it–with a new set of ears.

Here’s how and why God did this–I THINK!

In 1993, they made a famous movie called, “Rudy.” It was about a guy who didn’t have it in him to even play football, much less excel at it. He was half the size of most football players, but had the spirit of five players combined in him.

Eventually, Rudy became famous for having so much heart and soul, and he was allowed just one play on the Notre Dame football team. That was all that was required. Just one play was necessary in order to be considered forever officially on one of the best college teams ever–Notre Dame.

Based on that movie, God changed the meaning of the Christmas song forever–at least for me–and hopefully now for you, too. (Amen)

Here’s what it means for all of us–re-interpreted (of course):

Rudy, the discerning reindeer
had the most discerning “nose.”
And if you ever saw it
you would really say “it glows.”

All of the other reigning ones
used to laugh and call him names.
They wouldn’t let ol’ Rudy
play in ANY reigning games.

Then one foggy Christ-filled eve,
Jesus came to say,
“Rudy, with your discernment bright,
won’t you lead My slaying of the dragon tonight?”

THEN all the other reigning ones loved him,
and now they shouted out with glee,
“Rudy, you’re so discerning,
you’ll go down in HIS STORY!”

God is speaking to His entire Church in this SEASON. He’s passing out discernment, especially to all those who have been laughed at all their lives for who they are.

Merry Christmas–God is promoting you!

by Steve Shultz

A Technological Leap Year


“What would happen if what takes twenty years to take a hold of in the world’s society, takes place in a period of seven years or less?”

As we entered into the New Year on January 1st 2007, I heard the Lord say something that amazed me. He said that this year was going to be like a “technological leap year.” Not in the traditional sense of what a leap year is, but this is what I understood:

During the next few years, there will be a “leap forward” in technologies, and what might take seven years to invent will come forth in only one. Or what takes seven years to get into homes might take only a few. God is going to bring a quickening to what would normally take years and years to discover the fullness of. In other words, we are in a season of a great acceleration in technology.

If you are a scientist, an inventor, or in the technology market, this may be the beginning of one of the most exciting times in history as God adds His hand to your work and the work of those around you.

A New Technological Age is Upon Us

During the last few decades, computers have been installed in almost every western household, and now the internet has literally changed the way we communicate and live our lives. What would happen if what takes twenty years to take a hold of in the world’s society, takes place in a period of seven years or less? What if there are new energy technologies and medical inventions that God gives knowledge about in not only how to create them, but how to install them in their respectful places literally in what seems to be a suddenly?

We are about to see such things happen, and it will feel so natural because they are inventions that God is bringing upon the earth through His grace to inspire a higher quality of life. That means that in their supernatural nature of how fast and how incredible they come forth, man might not even recognize the Hand of God in them.

Deuteronomy 8:18-19, “Well, think again. Remember that GOD, your God, gave you the strength to produce all this wealth so as to confirm the covenant that He promised to your ancestors–as it is today. If you forget, forget GOD, your God, and start taking up with other gods, serving and worshiping them, I’m on record right now as giving you firm warning: that will be the end of you; I mean it–destruction.”

Why Would God Bless this Generation With Such a Leap Forward?

God doesn’t want to release technology just so that man marvels in science and inventions; that in itself would not be enough to bring Him the fullness of glory. As a matter of fact, I believe so much of what is being released may not be credited to God because He is using any vessel that will get the job done quickly. God is releasing technology for the “end result.” He has a plan in how He is going to harvest the use of the results of the technology!

Let’s look at the primary entertainment industry devices: Internet, movies, and TV. God has allowed the technologies to develop into a place of maturity in technology so that they would be made ready to serve His purposes. He is not frightened by their misuse or the enemy’s domination of them because at any time, He can just exercise His right as the Creator God to inspire those who love Him and are partnered to Him to use the tools to do something amazing. They can begin to create with the tools the way they were intentionally meant to be designed with.

The Master Plan

“God wants to open up the whole realm of His own nature and put it on display.”

A revolution is coming! And part of this will be Christians released to begin actively cooperating with God’s desires over technology. If we can get Heaven’s heart and desires on what God wants to release right now, we will see miracles of a type that the world has not dreamed of–fulfilling the Scripture in 1 Corinthians 2:9, “No eye has seen no ear has heard….”

Some people forget that God is as smart as He is. He never lets anything be released and then be dominated without having His own desires or reasons for releasing them–He has a master plan.

What if God has a plan to send people into every field He can receive glory from? The thing about God sending us there is that it’s not about excelling in a career alone, and it’s definitely not about the subject of creating. It is however, about impacting society with the end result of His Love and His Grace being shown to individuals who would not find Him any other way.

God wants to show Himself in science to the scientific community, but not just of a natural understanding coming to light with Biblical truths. He also wants to showcase His Glory in science in a “supernatural way.”

God doesn’t want to just open the door for more entertainment projects to be birthed with a Kingdom message. He wants to open up the whole realm of His own nature and put it on display for the entire world to see through TV, Film, and throughout the internet.

The Kingdom Is Advancing Faster Then Ever Before

Many people will not be able to see the next installment of Kingdom activity because it will come in such a different fashion of how God has typically moved in revival. What if the roots of this revival were hidden in so many secular occupational places that have not seen a Move of God before? In other words, God wants to change society, and one of the great investments He is making on the earth in the next few years is in the arena of technology.

Everything from computer systems to farm equipment is going to see a “leap” forward as God gives the ability to implement technology on a whole new level.

Are you ready for a Technological Leap?

by Shawn Bolz

Welcoming Your Future

I was in my prayer closet today and God started telling me that He wanted His people to understand that there is a sound being released. On the day of Pentecost, it was not their praying that brought in the masses, but the Bible said that there was a sound that was released and it was that sound that drew the masses (Acts 2:1-4). If we don’t have a sound from Heaven, then we’re not going to draw anybody. The sound terrifies the power of darkness. It took unusual faith for the 120 people to wait in an upper room, in the hope that had never happened before. Waiting is part of the deal. Welcoming the promise and making your surroundings pleasant so that the future feels welcome, is also part of the deal. Just before the sound come from Heaven into the upper room, they had prepared the atmosphere for the promise to be born and they were together in one accord. There is specific moment when a sound from God released, and what’s amazing is, that divine “sound” has enter human being before it can affect humanity and the atmosphere that we are privileged to share with others, it takes an unusual kind of person to have unusual faith. I expect a miracle, not tomorrow, not next week, but today, at this very moment in time. Guess what? I deserve it! You deserve it! Is it arrogant to say that I deserve a miracle? NO! Because my miracle was set-aside for me long before I was even born, in something called the ETERNAL COVENANT of God, the Ancient Covenant. Long before I was even born, there was a Covenant called the Everlasting Covenant that God set-aside just for you and me. You deserve it, not because you’re good; you deserve it because Gad has made a Covenant with you. That Covenant is Christ Jesus. What’s in the Covenant? There’s deliverance, restoration, redemption, healing, mercy, everlasting mercy and kindness from the heart of God, and your destiny. If you really want to know what’s in the Covenant, open up your bible and whatever is written on these pages, you deserve!

God’s Covenant with us is an unfailing source of consolation. During my early morning dedication. I felt instructed to look at Psalm 111:9; “He has sent redemption to His people; He has commanded His Covenant forever …” You are the recipient of the Covenant God made long before Christ come to earth, long before you were born. One of the greatest consolations for God’s people is the fact that there is a Covenant, and not only is God determined to apply the blessings of the Covenant, but God says I COMMAND My Covenant forever. When you say yes to Christ, you belong in the field of blessing. We don’t have to sit in some back seat somewhere. We’ve been given front row seats. God said, “Tell my people there is a mountain to be taken and Caleb already paid the price.” If you read the grand story of Caleb in the Bible, you’ll see that he was given a promise and because of the unbelief people, he held onto that promise for approximately forty years. The future lived in a man, waiting to born! The only thing that stopped the promise from appearing was the unbelief of the people of Israel. The promise did not feel welcome. When the time came for Joshua and the Israelites to take the land, Caleb made a bold statement which makes us realize that he had built up faith over this period to “take a mountain for his possession,” and that he understood the power of a Covenant promise. When God makes a promise, He is commanding His Covenant upon you. Caleb did in fact take the mountain filled with giants. Something you need to understand is that once someone in history has used his or her faith to do something, then that faith become accessible to you and me. Abraham already paid the price and now you have unusual faith. All of these, who were before you, have paved the way for you, and Christ Himself in a Covenant has made it possible for you to be victor. You cannot be a loser; you cannot lose with this Covenant on your side. Where there is a Covenant, there is resurrection. Resurrection means, “arising again, as for decay, disuse, etc; revival, the act of bringing back to practice, notice or use.” Therefore, whatever has taken place in the past, whether through Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Mary, Paul, Peter and so on, it has the potential to be revived and commanded by God into our present time. The specifics and dynamics may not be the same, but the faith to accomplish a similar act is within the Covenant and available for you. The reason that so many modern day revivals are redundant is because most people in the revival have no due what is being revived, and we are left with numerous church people enjoying months and possibly years of continual spiritual moments and certain miracles, but very seldom can we pinpoint exactly what happened. I am not belittling the tremendous revivals of the past, but we need a prophetic voice to specify what is being resurrected and for what reason.

The future is NOW, inside of you. The present is NOW, outside of you. The future wants to become the present. However, in many instances, our present is so full of unbelief, fear, anger, resentment and lack of anticipation, the future does not feel welcome. I know this sounds crazy but if you think about the future being inside of you wanting to become the present and wanting to be born, you will realize that you and I actually control what happens to a promise from God. A promise from God is the Future waiting to be born. Is our “present” welcoming the future? It’s time to make an adjustment to your present and clear it of all the cluttering forces of unforgiveness, resentment, fear, anger, etc, so that the future can have a place to feel welcome and appear. Christ was the future of a thousands years. He had been a promise through Moses and the law, and through the prophets. At the time of His appearing, Rome was controlling the Jewish people, and Israel was in disarray. Fear and corrupt religion were binding the eyes of the majority of the Jews, Christ was not welcomed by the present. He was born in a stable with animals around him. Very few believed that this was actually the future (God’s promise) that had been born. A jealous, religious bigot who ruled as “king” and Roman leaders all threatened because of His RIGHTFUL claim as King of Kings, threatened the few welcomed Him. He had that rightful claim through the Covenant.

You have to make an adjustment in your present by taking the future, your promise and destiny, and applying it to your present by proclaiming it, commanding it and adoring it. Treat it well and it will treat you well. Whatever is not in line with your destiny needs to be adjusted or removed. If something is standing in your way in terms of your future, get it out of your life!

Something is emerging on the earth today because of what was established long before the earth came into existence. You must constantly remind yourself of the antiquity of that Covenant. (Antiquity means the ancientness of it) It is not something new that was thought up twa years ago by some glamorous pulpiteer. Abraham or Moses didn’t think it up. This was thought up long before the earth was even designed. I want you to appreciate the antiquity of your Covenant, the ancientness of it. You have eternity in your DNA. In Ecclesiastes 3:11, “It says that God has placed eternity in the hearth of men. Eternity means past, present and future all in one. As a living being, you have eternity in your DNA, which is your information structure. It is not only your genetic information, but also your spiritual destination.

Your DNA drives you to the place that you know has been set-aside for you. I’m not talking about golden streets or some beautiful place where you sit on a cloud and pluck on a harp; I’m talking about a destiny on this earth; A destiny that does not belong to some ungodly man who’s going to spend it on prostitutes and bad living. I’m talking about a righteous and upright man or women who is going to take something for the Kingdom and influence society and their world with God’s wisdom, life and love.

There is no doubt in my mind that our offering is as ancient as the Covenant itself. Long before man was created, the offering was around. Before you and I were born, God gave His Son for us. He sowed into our future and He has reaped many sons and daughters – and that is His reward. We also have a reward. Recently, God has been challenging Jane and I to sow as we have never done before and we willingly submitted to His requests. Before we knew it, we had made two huge offerings but had we not understood the principle and the power of giving, we would never have acted. God revealed to us that once we had taken the step and multiplied our giving, that He would raise the standard and that we would never turn back. In other words, now that we had raised the level of our giving, we would never go back to the level we were before. PLUS, the reaping would rise to that level. It’s very exciting. According to Matthew 10:42, Jesus said, “He who receives and welcomes and accepts prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward, and he who receives and welcomes and accepts a righteous man because he is righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. And whoever gives to one of these little ones (in rank or influence) even a cup of cold water because he is My disciple, surely I declare to you, he shall not lose his reward.”

Apparently, according to our Lord, the reward is not just one-time thing but ongoing, weekly experience of favor, grace, provision and everything that God has placed in your reward. Jesus also suggests that the reward can be lost. “Whoever gives to these little (humble) ones … shall not lose his reward.” According this specific verse, our giving keeps our reward secure. I encourage you to sow and enjoy obeying God in the amount that you should give. He may challenge you as He did us, and now we are watching favorable things unfold before our eyes.

Welcome your future by adjusting your present.

Prophet Kim Clement